Body rigid, left behind,
Buried under, souls entwined.
Leave it all, in the distance,
Digging graves, hide the grievance.

Tortured under, horrors loom,
Peel the skin, fill the room.
Blood splattered, on the walls,
Sins aplenty, victims fall.

Madness holding, pulling near,
Fright of demons, feel the fear.
Would the welcomed, be afraid,
Of all the deathly forms displayed.

Come into the fractured mind,
Mirrored halls filled with grime.
Misled heroes, down the tombs,
Nightmares welcomed, as are you…

-H. Murcia 7:14PM 12/8/2016


Louis and Harry at Niall’s charity match (Another angle)-May 26th 2014 (x)

:19-:24 Just look at them move backwards together perfectly in sync and then of course they both reach to touch their heads at the same time.

Criminal Minds S12