Mind-Controlled Weapons

Finished the coloring on this one! :)

I wasn’t really fond of the full-eye-yellow look you see in the flashback during the series so I just added it to the pupils. Also improvised and added some “Haggar” stripes to sort of show that he might be under her brainwashing mojo? Definitely looking forward to season 2! 

Unpopular opinion

I love the hbp movie.

To me, it is really a transitional chapter. It’s the year where they go from teenagers to young adults. It’s almost like a suspension in time, between the Hogwarts years and the darker times of war. They are still at Hogwarts but Harry has already started gathering information about Voldemort’s horcruxes, and the whole Wizarding World seems to be holding its breath, waiting for Voldemort’s big move (big move that will turn out to be complete control taking of the Wizarding and even Muggle world - or at least England).

I think the movie really captures this idea of an awkward transition, of a time in which no one really knows what to expect or how to behave. It constantly alternates between light/funny moments (this movie has more casual funny moments than any other), and darker moments (including the scene with the Death Eaters at the Burrow that was not in the book).

But above all, we have funny scenes inserted in dark or sad episodes, which, in my opinion, is what gives the movie its awkward, ambiguous tone.

The dark red and dark green filters, as well as Nicholas Hooper’s amazing soundtrack also contribute to reinforcing this strange, dark yet comical atmosphere, and give the movie a heavy, melancholic tone.

It just feels like every character is trying to keep things light and casual even though they can all feel the weight of the war hanging over their heads. This results in them trying too hard, and thus in the humour feeling out of place, like a splatter of bright yellow paint on a black canvas. (Even Dumbledore tries to lighten the mood by asking Harry about his love life before plunging into memories of Voldemort). It feels forced, and makes our laughter (the audience’s as well as the characters’) feel sour.

((Now, you could tell me that this whole “transition from more innocent to darker times” thing had already started in ootp, and you would be right, in a sense. Even though Voldemort did not feel like as much of a threat to the world then because Fudge kept doing everything he could to keep everyone in a state of denial, Umbridge’s “reign” at Hogwarts was an introduction to the dangers of the corruption of ideologies. Only, then, it was institionalised. There were rules. Umbrige made sure to make everything official, which made it harder for anyone to disobey her, but ultimately made it easier to get rid of her. Laws can be changed. It is, however, much harder to get rid of ideas. Of course, the danger of Umbridge was her ideas, too, but since her ideas were written and systematized, they were easier to dispose of than Voldemort’s chaotic ideologic craze.))

Now back to hbp.

I would like to bring up the issue of Aragog’s death, and more importantly yet, of Aragog’s funeral. This isn’t a particularity of the movie since this scene is also featured in the book, but I feel like it’s important to talk about it. To me (and it might just be one interpretation amongst others), Aragog’s funeral symbolises the end of Harry’s childhood, and the beginning of a new, more serious, and more dangerous era. Aragog represents a time, where their biggest concerns were three-headed dogs, gigantic spiders, basilisks… In other words: monsters. Old-fashioned scary-animal monsters. Now I am not saying those monsters were not terrifying already, but they were real and identifiable. And even if Voldemort was often not far behind, he was alone, week and an “easy” target. Again, I am aware that I am greatly simplifying things here, and that it was not that easy, but what I mean is, they had one adversary. One danger, easily recognisable. Now, there are no more monsters in the “frightening creature” sense, but one great, powerful, impossible to isolate monster : a widespread corrput ideology, lead by Voldemort, yes, but that goes way beyond just one wizard. That’s what is so frightening about an invisible enemy : even with all the courage in the world, even with very skilled fighters, how do you fight an enemy that is everywhere and nowhere at the same time? And in the end, this is Voldemort’s greatest weapon : mind control, not the magical kind, but the simplest form of mind control there is : a widespread ideology, and widespread fear.

Aragog’s funeral thus represents the burial of past times where the monsters were still actual monsters, and a transition to what lies ahead, which for now only manifests itself through fear and a heavy, expectant feeling of darkness and powerlessness.

Now let’s go back to the movie in itself, and talk about the remarkable performances of both Tom Felton and Alan Rickman. Half-Blood Prince is a time of change for everyone, but especially for Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape. They both transition from the bullies everyone hates into deeper, more serious characters. They become the two most important characters of the story, because they know one of them is going to have to kill Dumbledore, and because this task is making them realise the seriousness of their respective situations. They both grow in that movie. They go from your every-day bully to become the “man with a mission”. And even though this is percievable in the book, the movie offers an other perspective, as we move from Harry’s point of view to an omniscient one, and things such as their facial expressions are a better indicator of their emotions and of their evolution than Harry’s limited and biased impressions.

Let’s start with Malfoy:

We’ve never seen this side of Malfoy before. We’ve seen him scared, but never like that. In previous movies, his fear always has a comical intent, but this is different. It’s not the fear of an imminent danger (monsters in the Forbidden Forest, a troll, malicious fireworks, etc), but of what someone can do.

This is not only fear but anxiety, panic and despair. His face translates a thousand emotions, and it tells us more about Draco’s character than any description made through Harry’s eyes ever will. His face shows fear of failure, fear of reprisal, and the gut-wrenching thought of “I know I need to do this, but is it really the right thing to do?”

“Am I really a killer?” “Can I really do this?” “Will I do this?”

Until now, being with the bad guys was good for him. He benefitted from his family’s status and wealth, he was feared and thus respected at Hogwarts. He is only now realising that maybe this isn’t the life he wanted, that it’s too real. Suddenly it’s no longer a game, and he’s not sure he wants in anymore, but he doesn’t have a choice, not now, not with all the pressure that’s weighing on his family.

I have so many feels about Malfoy in this movie I could go on for hours, but let’s move on to Snape.

He seems to come to about the same realisation as Draco. It’s no longer about a childhood grudge, it’s time to grow up. It’s funny to see how alike Snape and Malfoy are. They both seem like your typical bully, and yet they both end up being dragged into something much bigger than them. They both hate and torment Harry, they both swore to kill Dumbledore, and yet they end up on opposite sides. And we see how much their respective roles, in this movie in particular, weigh on them. They both have a war going on inside of them. They both know they have to kill Dumbledore, yet neither of them wants to. Of course, they have different reasons for this : Draco knows it’s too big for him, because he’s only a child, because he’s not a killer, he can’t be a killer, not at this age, not for this reason. Snape, on the other hand, is not afraid of the task itself, but he doesn’t want to have to make this sacrifice. He knows that, now more than ever, as a double agent, he may be the most important tool against Voldemort, but he also knows he can’t do it without Dumbledore. We don’t see that side of him much, but for the past few years, Dumbledore has been everything to him. He doesn’t have any family or friends, and he’s always playing this game of deceit, in which Dumbledore is the only one who knows who he really is. And having to kill the only man who knows him, who understands him, it’s torturing him. And Alan Rickman shows that part of him, a part of him that, because of Harry’s hatred, we don’t get to see in the book.

Look at his eyes when he does it.

You can see so many emotions in them, in only a few seconds. Hesitation. Resignation. Sadness. Disgust. Regret. And the emptiness. He’s so quick to block the emotions out because he must keep pretending. He must keep playing his part or Dumbledore’s death will have been for nothing.

And then in this scene for a second it looks like he almost wants to tell Harry that no, he did not betray Dumbledore, that killing him was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do, that he’s on his side. Not because he cares for Harry at all, but because he just needs someone to know. He can’t keep acting alone, he can’t keep lying to everyone, it’s exhausting, but he needs to, he needs to keep everything secret or this will all have been for nothing.

As a last point I would like to talk about this scene, with the raising of the wands.

It’s extremely visual, and far more personal and true than a funeral with some guy from the ministry and a marble white tomb. It’s the saddest scene of the movie, to me, because we can see how much they all care. Of course, McGonagall and Pomfrey’s expressions are the most heart-breaking, but seeing every single student and professor pay their respect like that, and the fact that the lights of their wands are able to make the Dark Mark disappear, this gives out an extremely powerful message, and it carries out Dumbledore’s idea that love is the only weapon against evil.

In conclusion this movie is amazing and it brings a new dimension to the characters and to the story itself that the book, due to the lack of visual elements as well as the absence of the sound factor (no soundtrack, no intonation of the voice - which can be described, of course, but this can’t be compared to actually hearing it), has a harder time conveying.

Edit : tumblr wouldn’t let me use gifs so I put in links to youtube videos.

What do you mean, they were space slaves?

Party: Bard/Rogue(Me), Cleric of healing/animals (also me), Dragonfire Adept, Samurai, Fighter, Ranger, cleric of the undead/evil, sorcerer, wizard, and a paladin. (We overcompensated and then the DM gave us new pcs, it’s a mess.)

Setting: Space, specifically on an alien spelljammer. We’ve broken past the elves that control the outer reaches of the atmosphere, and we’ve encountered a spidery ship that immediately latched on and started attacking us. About twenty humans with glazed eyes and shuffling walks come out of the cargo bay and start to attack us. Everyone but my characters immediately start attacking them.

Me: Guys. They’re mind-controlled. They don’t have weapons.
Samurai: They’re threatening us.
Me: They’re shuffling across the ship.
Dragonfire Adept: To attack us! Destruction!
Me: Guys. Seriously. They’re slaves.
Ranger: They’re a threat.
Me: (Fighter and Death cleric) please don’t kill them. Help me fight the actual aliens.
Fighter and Death Cleric: K

(After the battle)

DM: So, when you defeat the last of the aliens, the remaining humans in the hold suddenly slump over.
Me: Mind control broken.
DM: shh. As they wake up, you see they seem confused, but their eyes are no longer glazed and they move normally. Some of them thank you for breaking the spell on them, others seem to be nothing but husks. There’s a whithering man seated on a chair made of stone.
Everyone else: NOOOOOOO!

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could you give us a summary of the snaps maybe???im suuuper confused on whats going on and why this happened


what this series of snaps was attempting to do was a smaller-scale imitation of that patented Homestuck Thing where a collection of seemingly-unrelated plot threads are tied together and resolve each other. chekhovs guns are fired. a characters obscure hobby turns out to be the exact skill needed to save the day. that sort of thing. obviously homestuck did not INVENT it but it was a hallmark of hussies writing (esp in problem sleuth) and the reason why people were so disappointed with post-game over homestuck was that it disappeared entirely in favor of deus ex machinae and ignoring old plot threads lol

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my dad and i have a theory that rey never actually mind-controlled that one trooper who was supposed to be her guard. more that the trooper saw this as a good excuse to leave his post early because he was already 110% done with the day. 

Riot Control

Somehow the protest had turned into a riot. Everywhere Tadzio turned, people were running, throwing down placards, shouting. A goth girl with pink spikes in her hair took off her sweater and tied it across her face. Two guys in hard hats threw a garbage can through a shop window. The crowd surged and ebbed around it. In the crunch of plate-glass shards Tadzio saw a flash of blood and angered eyes, someone - a cop? - swinging a chair leg as a club.

A white-eyed old woman crashed right into Tadzio, hanging on his jacket. “The cops!” she shouted in his face, flecking spittle. “They’re going to memory-staple us!”

Then Tadzio heard the buzzing. He looked up to see a phalanx of minidrones flying up the avenue. Bottles and stones flew up at them. One spun off, tumbling messily through a second-floor window. 

But as the drones passed, the crowd behind them slowed, wobbled, and then collapsed. A chilling moaning sound rolled down the street.

Tadzio had barely thought to run when they passed over him. There was a smell like bitter almonds. The old woman wailed.

And then Tadzio remembered. 

The time he’d stolen from uncle Kurt. 

The time he’d let his sister take the blame for breaking the piano. 

The time he’d called Hana a nigger.

A lifetime of painful, hateful, embarrassing memories, all coming up at once. Each one enough to make you wince.

Tadzio crumpled to the ground, overcome with shame.

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Head cannons from the verse of your choice

Okay so, I know I said I was going to do Mr. And Mrs. Mystery AU headcanons, BUT I was pondering at work and I realized- hold on, there’s an AU that I LOVE but I never get to talk about and has been sitting in my brain for MONTHS and I’ve never gotten to play with it. I’m sure I’ll post more Mr. and Mrs. Mystery soon. Like I said, I’m not very good at coming up with headcanons for verses/AU that aren’t MINE so… I hope this is something along what you were looking for, anon.

Classic Mystery Gang Spy AU

The gist- Carla gets sent by Ford to take down a master thief named Mr. Mystery, who leads the entire organization into the real threat: Bill Cipher as a cheesy Bond villain.

  • Stanley’s trail leads her to an even more sinister organization run by Bill, who is attempting to weaponize mind control in order to take over the planet. (I SAID IT WAS CHEESY AND DUMB JUST ROLL WITH ME HERE) And the long and short of it is they have to team up to take down the REAL BAD GUYS. ANYWAY it ends with the end-all be-all team up with Ford, Stan, Carla, and Fiddleford infiltrating Bill’s base to take out a mass-hypnosis machine.
  • Carla’s specialty is infiltration and subterfuge, she’s the woman you send to a gala ball in a backless dress and with poison in her earrings to take out a corrupt dignitary. She gets sent to go after Stan because she’s good at blending in and he wouldn’t recognize her as a threat until it was too late and she could apprehend him. She doesn’t know Stanley is her boss’s brother until she actually sits down and talks to him. Her code name is Hotpants.
  • Stanley goes by Mr. Mystery, and he may not be the most SUBTLE thief in the world, but he’s the hardest to catch. He and his twin brother had a falling out years ago, and he’s been running away from both his brother and the law for almost all of them.  He ends up on Bill’s trail because there are rumors that a very large, very valuable hunk of pure gold is being used to power the hypnosis machine.
  • Ford runs an agency called PORTAL, an underground group dedicated to fighting the world’s more quiet threats. These include but are not limited to- supernatural occurrences, alien abductions, monsters, ghosts, criminal organizations, corrupt political minds, and long-lost brothers who won’t stop stealing priceless artifacts. He knows more about the world and the things in it than anyone else, and he’s probably one of the best spymasters in the entire world. He sends Carla to locate his brother and bring him to custody. Codename is Sixer.
  • Fiddleford is the tech whiz, the eyes and ears of the spy world. He sees all, hears all, and explodes all. He’s the guy that puts the cellphone in the heel of your shoe, or the poison darts in your wrist watch, and he’s also probably the guy that bugged your house. He doesn’t go out into field work very often, but when he does, he’s decked out in more gadgets than you can shake a stick at. His wife always packs him a bag lunch. Codename is Hadron.
  • Bill is an illusive, mysterious megalomaniac hellbent on world domination who dabbles in both time travel and attempts at hacking into the human brain. He’s basically Doctor Evil and his evil second in command is Thistle Downe.
  • Thistle does hypnotize Carla at one point but Stan punches him in the face and him and Carla have a very tender moment.
  • Carla saves Stan’s ass like. Eight times. 
  • Ford and Fids have a lot of really great nerd broments.
  • Stan and Ford end up trapped together in one of Bill’s horrible little pits of despair and they end up having to fight together and work together to get out of it, all the while airing all their petty grievances and shouting at each other and it ends with them doing that constipated beefy man-hug that we all want to see so badly.
  • Ford and Stan are the ones who destroy Bill’s facility, they escape at the very last second and get evacuated from the exploding wreckage by Carla and Fiddleford.
  • Bill escapes in a giant triangular satellite.
  • Stan joins his brother’s agency after they reconcile, and becomes a spy himself. He and Carla share an action-finale kiss in the cargo hold of a plain.
  • The sequel involves time travel.
  • This is what I think about at work to get me through retail hell.