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When picturing kakasaku, what do you take into account as potential roadblocks to their relationship (aside from their own problems)? There is a disproportionate amount of focus on the student-teacher thing instead of the fact that for most of the manga, Kakashi acts in the capacity of Sakura's commanding officer rather than her instructor, which I feel would be more relevant in-story. Now I'm wondering if shinobi nations adhere to any anti-fraternization rules like in the real world armies.

I think the student/teacher taboo as a societal thing doesn’t really have a canon basis, because there is a canon student/teacher couple already:

So you have Hayate and Yuugao who progressed from sensei-student to lover relationship. Of course their relationship is mostly from the anime. You also have, in the manga, Jiraiya telling Konan to come and find him when she turns eighteen, because she’s going to be a real beauty. Now I’m sure this wasn’t 100% serious, but it isn’t treated like he’s said something shocking. So that’s the concept of a former student becoming a lover being treated lightly.

I actually think, rather than a societal taboo, it would be more of a personal taboo for Kakashi, because of his own relationship to Minato. Not only is Minato essentially Purity and Goodness in physical form, but Minato was there for Kakashi at a very critical time in his life, when his father died; Minato continually tried to help Kakashi and always had Kakashi’s well-being, not just his utility, in mind. Minato was the best sensei he could be within the context of their fucked up society, and was trying to reform the society when he died. By the Five Kage Conference, I feel that Kakashi’s realized just how badly he fucked up as a teacher, for all three of them but especially Sakura, and when he compares himself to his own teacher, then he’s going to seem even lower by comparison. So I think it would be natural for him to think, “you piece of shit, you were such a shitty teacher to her, now you’re going to mix romance into this?! would Minato-sensei have ever sunk this low?!?!?!”

However, from Sakura’s POV, I don’t see this roadblock as very large. Even when she’s twelve, she never idolizes Kakashi. Right from the start of Shippuden, she’s not afraid to casually drag Kakashi when she tells Naruto to leave him alone “because he can’t help his face being that way.” She certainly doesn’t have Kakashi on a pedestal.

Contrast the way Sakura conducts herself in relationship to Tsunade. Now that is a mentor/student relationship with an enormous power gulf. Sakura does have Tsunade on a pedestal, admires her greatly, aspires to be like her, etc etc. Or, compare the way Sakura treats Kakashi to the way Yamato treats Kakashi. Again, Yamato has stars is in his eyes when he looks at Kakashi that Sakura just doesn’t have.

So to me, KakaSaku, if they are kept in character, really has very little potential for abuse of power or manipulation. Sakura is the opposite of groomed by Kakashi. On the contrary, she doesn’t have enough of a teacher-student relationship with him. That’s a failing on his part initially, but it paves the way for sexy times later on. All’s well that ends well I guess, lol.

Since the Konoha forces are so small, broad anti-fraternization policies don’t make logical sense; there simply aren’t enough potential romantic partners in Konoha. Specific policies such as no sex on missions would be more reasonable.

Anyway. Other potential roadblocks:

1. The age gap. Of course it’s a thing. Lots of digital ink has already been spilled on this so I’m gonna skip it.

2. This may come under “their own problems,” but: Trauma. A lot has been said about Kakashi’s probable PTSD and other issues, but for some reason, just because Sakura begins the story with realistic “minor” past trauma of being bullied and teased rather than being a massively traumatized orphan like Naruto and Sasuke, her suffering doesn’t get acknowledged by many people at all. I mean, holy shit, reread the Chuunin Exam arc and keep in mind that this girl is 13 tops? She’s barely been trained by Kakashi, she’s just seen her crush get bitten and cursed, both other members of her team are now unconscious, she’s in a forest full of monstrous creatures, and the “rules” of the exam permit murder. Then she’s attacked. She has to hold her own. She gets some help from friends, but she is literally at risk of death every single moment until she gets out of the forest.


I put that by itself and bolded it because for some reason a lot of people like to sneer at Sakura that she’s a whiner, a crybaby, doesn’t know “real” suffering. What the FUCK, is what I say to these people. I would like to see how hunky dory you feel after going through what Sakura goes through just as a genin. Yes Naruto and Sasuke and Kakashi arguably have it worse, but so fucking what? It doesn’t invalidate her suffering! Why do people insist on playing misery poker? Trauma is not a game where only the person with the very worst past is allowed to “call” and receive sympathy as some kind of fucked-up jackpot.

And depending on where you depart from canon, Sakura has to go through a lot more trauma, right up through Sasuke putting her into a torture genjutsu where he murders her.

So without getting into who had it worse, they both have traumas to deal with. That’s going to provide both challenges and points of commonality.

3. Kakashi seems to me to be an introvert by nature, and Sakura an extrovert.

That’s it for now Anon, hope some of it was interesting.

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How about Shikaku Nara?

  • First impression: Shikamaru from the Bad Future
  • Impression now: He’s so cool?? Why tf did he have to die, he wss awesome. 
  • Favorite moment: Sassing Shikamaru over breakfast, and pretty much telling him that he could befriend Naruto if he wanted, because he was too tired to have an opinion. 
  • Idea for a story: Danzo decides that as Jounin Commander Shikaku is too close to everything and his intelligence makes him too dangerous to let him live, so he sends 13-year-old Sai to kill him. Sai fails, and Shikaku has no idea what to do with this emotionally stunted child assassin so he just…takes him home? Clearly this cannot end well (at least for Shikamaru and Shikaku’s sleep schedules). 
  • Unpopular opinion: His relationship with Yoshino kind of bugs me? Idk, the Nagging Wife stereotype is not my thing.
  • Favorite relationship: With Shikamaru. Or with Inoichi and Chouza.
  • Favorite headcanon: He was one of Minato’s best friends and was specifically forbidden from having anything to do with Naruto, which is part of why he never got mad at Shikamaru for skipping class to hang out with Naruto. At least that way the kid had some support. 

I can relate to akira so much in this pic, it shall now be my aesthetic ( ಥ_ಥ)
For anyone interested , this is drawn by artist : Ron/Fuente , Lovechro on Twitter who made a doujinshi/fanbook of an AU where Minato is a singer and Akira is his #1 fan
It was made before the dancing games are announced btw


Naruto 30-day challenge

Day 11: A character you love

Namikaze Minato 💕

Minato is smart, cool, collected, and selfless. I absolutely love his personality. Had his reign as hokage been longer, he would have prevented much of the chaos Konoha has gotten itself into. Personally, I think Minato is the best hokage.
He is the epitome of “grace under pressure.”
His selflessness, fairness, and compassion shine through ✨❤️

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Sleep headcanons for bleach+naruto (like, do they cuddle, are they "stay on your side of the bed" people, who starts on their own side but wakes up pressed against their s/o, who cuddles at first but can't sleep if touching too much, who wants to go to bed the same time as/before/after their s/o, who wakes up first, who wants to stay all day in bed, who has to read before they fall asleep, who wants to talk, who will punch you if you talk, do they hog the blankets, snore, drool, etc. Thanks!!!

Yooooo I’m sorry for evaporating off the face of the planet. I’m tired, busy, and attending far to many concerts to be considered healthy. I have a few scenarios started and… ugh. So uninspired; so if you requested a scenario, it’s coming… slowly. I have two half done/started and a premise for a few others so hopefully I’ll get them out soon? Idk if I half-assedly write it I feel shitty about posting it so hopefully the writers block will make like my faith in American politics and disappear. Also I love puppies.

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When he does actually sleep, Kakashi, doesn’t move much. He usually goes for a flat on his back or side sleeping position, not curled up but also not really that comfortable. Sleep is a privilege and he treats it as such. Which sucks if you like naps or sleeping a lot because he can’t justify wasting time sleeping that much. Ironically, he isn’t a morning person or an early riser. Just because sleep is a luxury doesn’t mean he wants it to end any sooner. Might cut you is you wake him up before the appropriate time.

Naruto is just as hyperactive asleep as he is awake. He flings his arms and legs around like he’s having a ninja battle with his blankets. He will kick you and punch you; on accident of course. Likewise he isn’t the best to cuddle at night. Lots of accidental bruises.

Sasuke is a lot like Kakashi. He doesn’t move a lot; unless he’s having nightmares. Which happens often. You can wake him up, he wouldn’t mind and he’ll pull you into his chest and rests his chin on the crown of your head. It helps him sleep better knowing you’re close.

You all knew I was including Genma. He’s cuddling with you wether you want to or not. He’s basically a human furnace, which is great in winter; if he didn’t snore loud enough to wake all of Konoha. He will adamantly deny snoring. He also likes waiting to go to bed together; it’s like part of his routine and he can’t sleep otherwise. Snoring aside he’s a pretty light sleeper so if you snore he’s definitely going to tell you about it. Hypocrite.

Rock Lee sleeps like his namesake. He doesn’t cuddle in his sleep, but he keeps you close. He is so hard to wake up you might as well do whatever it was you were doing with out him, but he’s an early riser so chances are he’s already awake. He also snores. Loud. Louder than all other shinobi.

Low key Minato is the best sleeping buddy, he’s always down for naps and likes to spoon. Either spoon, he doesn’t care. He’s a light sleeper though, if you move around he’s bound to wake up and when he’s up, he’s up. He’s one of those guys that can’t go back to sleep once he’s awake. But if he is awake before you he will prepare snacks/breakfast and wake you up gently with his adorable smile. The best wake up call in the world.

Temari likes to be the little spoon most of the time. She is not a morning person; wake at your own risk. Kankuro has many horror stories about interrupting her beauty sleep. When she does wake up though, she gets right to business and goes about her day.

Tenten likes to be the big spoon and sleep close to her partner, she also likes waiting up for them; it feels nice to go to bed with someone. She isn’t one to fall asleep immediately though, she engages in a little bit of pillow talk before she dozes off.

Gaara will only sleep if his partner is with him, and he will have them in a possessive type of cuddling position because it feels more secure. All about protecting his partner. He doesn’t sleep much though and he’s a light sleeper. He will always wake up before you and slither out of bed, he’s a sneaky one. Also a really quiet sleeper, no snoring just very quiet breathing.

Sakura definitely snores. Loud. She will deny it vehemently though. Also a blanket hog. A late riser, she will become easily irritated if you wake her up early without reason. She does like cuddling though, but after she dozes of it won’t last long, like Naruto, she also participates in the new Olympic Sport: Blanket Boxing.

Itachi doesn’t sleep much. When he does it’s light and nightmare riddled. If his partner is with him he likes to hold them close, even if it’s just them sleeping. Their presence calms him down, but only if he’s in the dominant position because he still likes feeling like he’s the one protecting them.


Rangiku is the worst person to share a bed with. She kicks, steals blankets, pushes, punches and snores. You will wake up on the floor, with bruises. She also insists she needs her beauty sleep, and gets cranky if you wake her up to early. She also has an extensive morning routine.

Kensei is an early riser. He won’t always wake you up but he will always make enough breakfast for you both. He doesn’t really snore that much and stays mostly still, maybe shifting a bit here and there. One thing he hates though is going to bed when his partner is mad at him or vice versa. 

Ichigo will always cuddle. It’s non-negotiable. He also waits for you to wake up before he gets out of bed, he’s perfectly content lying there messing with your hair. He thinks you make cute faces when you sleep.

Toshiro some how manages to look worried in his sleep. Don’t comment on it though, he gets snappy. Grouchyness aside he’s the best to cuddle in summer because he’s cold. He takes full advantage of this and smothers you in cuddles, eventually dozing off… Before you. He always falls asleep first.

Jushiro is the cuddle King. When he isn’t coughing. He’s sick though, so naturally, he rests and sleeps a lot. His partners company is always welcome when he’s feeling under the weather; they make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Shunsui is the comfiest body pillow, for the first like… hour. Once he’s asleep he smothers you in his chest, it sounds nice but. So much. Hair. He gets hair in your mouth, don’t complain he’ll only laugh at you. Is also prone to hangovers, so he sleeps late habitually.

Narusaku ficrecs-2

The following stories are about the narusaku family including different versions of the NS family apart from the Shinachiku AU:


As the title says, there are a lot of NS progeny in this au. Multi-genre series.


Another alternative narusaku family with an unexpected​ addition. Mostly drama. A dash of a really, really, really uncommon pair as well.


Yet another variant. Neji’s son is smitten, his crush is oblivious while big brother Minato is in a best friend​ vs sibling dilemma.


Yet again a different version. Fluffiness abounds. Contains KakaAnko family fluff as well.


Finally reached the Shinachiku AU. The story features the little guy time traveling to a world where his parents are not even together. The lil Uzumaki’s arrival creates big ripples, forcefully bringing his yet-not-parents closer than ever before.

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If Naruto & Sasuke had a traditional wedding, who do you think would stand in as their family? If anyone? (Also gimmie the whole wedding party)

-iruka standing in for minato
-sakura as naruto’s best (wo)man
-i don’t think anyone could really stand in for sasuke’s side except maybe kakashi??
-at the after party gaara gives sasuke the “i s2g if u hurt him” speech, orochimaru shows up (uninvited) and makes everyone slightly uncomfortable, ichiraku provides all the food, and sasuke gets drunk for the first time and sobs over how happy he is 2 naruto :-)