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Some headcanons for Sasuke, Naruto and Minato when they find out that their s/o is a bijuu... like Naruto... Does this make sense? Sorry for my english it's not my native language...

Sasuke, Naruto and Minato Finding Out Their S/O is a Jinchuuriki

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Sasuke Uchiha

• Sasuke would know his S/O is a jinchuuriki way before they would admit it themselves. We all know his sharingan/rinnegan would be able to see/depict his S/O’s chakra (he’s just cool like that). That being said, Sasuke, although he will not vocalize it, is relieved that his S/O would trust him that much to tell him such a great secret. He realizes it must have taken his S/O a lot of courage just to tell him that.

• He will not judge his S/O in any way for being a jinchuuriki. Infact, there will most likely be a newfound respect for his S/O, knowing that they are able to burden such a great task while keeping their chin up. There is something in this that Sasuke admires. It reminds Sasuke of Naruto and how he is able to trudge through all the hate he received as a child.

• In the midst of a really tense battle, Sasuke will low-key comment on how great his S/O’s chakra reserves are. Though, this may make Sasuke feel a little competitive towards his S/O, sometimes, because he knows you are capable of fighting with him equally.

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Minato Namikaze

• I’ll say this right off the bat, this man will love his S/O jinchuuriki or not. His S/O is precious to him, and he recognizes that his partner must be so strong for being able to harbor such a great thing. Because of how inherently kind Minato is, he feels like a part of him needs to protect you and make sure you are safe from the tailed beast possibly taking you over. He’ll try extra hard to be on the lookout for you.

• Minato may have suspected that his S/O had an unusual chakra before they’ve even told him. But once Minato finds out, Minato’s reaction would be very comforting – he would let his S/O know that they are important to him no matter what. I see Minato’s S/O being worried about what he might think of them, but rest assured he is one of the most accepting people his S/O knows.

• Minato will probably like to train with his S/O, and help his S/O hone their skills and chakra control. Minato is a very optimistic individual, so even in bad situations, he likes to find a way where he can make things into good. This is his way of making sure you don’t feel bad or start hating yourself for possessing a tailed beast, because he knows how difficult of a trial it is.

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Naruto Uzumaki

• Unlike the other two, this guy is completely oblivious to the fact that his S/O even had a tailed beast. Naruto’s face would probably soften once his S/O tells him. Naruto will immediately feel more bonded to his S/O in the sense that both of you know the pain, the struggles of possessing a tailed beast. It’s an elevated level of understanding and connection that Naruto and his S/O now share with each other because of this pain. It brings them together.

• Both Naruto and his S/O will also know that it comes with some perks (badass jutsus). Naruto will definitely teach his S/O how to take control over their tailed beast – Naruto will almost feel like he is obligated to. He wants you to realize that there is a whole other side to having a tailed beast. Naruto wants you to bond with the beast you posses.

• His S/O will automatically be friends with Killer Bee I imagine (and the whole jinchuuriki squad ofc). Overall, it will feel like a family to you. His S/O will be happy knowing that there are people out there who knows what it’s like, and that they are not dealing with this alone now.