So proud to to meet our first Formula 1 driver (who was Mark Webber’s teammate at Minardi in 2002) in several race events, now he’s still racing in sportscars and oh, he’s 3x Audi R8 LMS Cup champ, as well as Fox Sports Asia F1 pundit!

Happy 41st birthday, Alex Yoong!

[Selfie taken during 2nd day of the 2017 Audi R8 LMS Cup Round 1 weekend at Sepang, 6th May 2017.]


On this day in 2002, chaos ensued at the first corner of the Australian Grand Prix. The Williams of Ralf Schumacher locked up and ran into the rear of Rubens Barrichello’s Ferrari. This crash caused 8 cars, including Ralf’s and Rubens’ cars to retire. This race also saw a small, Australian rookie by the name of Mark Webber get his first points, and Minardi’s only points of that year on his debut, and in front of his home crowd.

“in the years to come i would form a close bond with the spanish driver and some of my fondest memories of my f1 career are of epic encounters with fernando on some of the greatest racetracks in the world”

“straightaway my admiration for fernando alonso, who had raced for minardi in 2001, went up…”

“it wasn’t over, though: fernando’s renault came barrelling round and hit some of the debris. it sounded like a bomb going off, so as well as worrying about myself i was now concerned for him”

“fernando is a shy bloke and not super-confident in himself out of the car but put him in a race car with his heart rate up and you’d struggle to find a better racing driver anywhere in the world” 


Aesop went to the same high school as me (Northport High School), he even had the same art teacher as me, Mrs. Minardi. Minardi gave me this pic of him to give to him at his concert last February in NYC. The pic is from his senior year of HS in the art room.. He was/is a very talented and well respected artist (one of Minardis all time favorite students), Hes the one in the white shirt and Minardi is to the right of him.. Feel free to use this pic