Hans needs your help! Please share!


Hans is a 9 year old Miniature Pinscher. Around Thanksgiving, he began exhibiting some worrisome symptoms that gradually worsened. Three weeks later, he went for an emergency vet visit after he spent the night gasping for breath.

After having bloodwork and xrays done, we found that Hans had nearly 2 pounds of fluid (approximately 25% of his body weight!) resting around his heart and lungs. He was prescribed a few medications to control the symptoms (Enalapril and Prednisone).

A few weeks later, Hans’ symptoms reemerged after coming off of his medication. We had a bile acids test done on his liver, and the results came back abnormal (i.e., his liver is not functioning at a normal level, and allowing proteins to leak, which causes this accumulation of fluids).

In order to find the cause of this liver abnormality and provide the best treatment for Hans, the next step is to have an ultrasound guided biopsy done on his liver. Since Thanksgiving, all of the tests and vet visits have totaled at just over $600, which we have put on a credit card. The biopsy is estimated to cost us approximately $500, and we will be having it done in the second week of March. We are trying to raise $1,100 in order to pay off our credit card, and pay for the biopsy.

We love our sweet boy, and he is young enough that we want to find out the cause of his condition instead of just throwing medicine at his symptoms. However, we are both recent college graduates with student loan bills and only one income, making providing the best treatment for Hans financially straining.

We appreciate any and all donations. Thank you!



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Officially “launching” the ∘˚˳° Walkabout Collection ∘˚˳° 

A super fun textile collaboration between Togetherness and Min Pin that is inspired by the weird awesomeness of our home state of Western Australia.

These cool limited edition pieces will be available at both our stalls at the upcoming Etsy Night Out pop up market this Friday night (28th of November) at the Rose Street Market location in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Yay! Hopefully see you there!