(starcast) ‘i’ll remember today’ … onew, potential scene stealer

just yet…

the epithet ‘actor’ could be too much for him

he has to overcome other’s prejudice

this unfamiliar place, of course, makes him awkward

however, the actors feel differently

“onew has the potential to be an actor. we don’t expect technical acting from him. this friend is like a blank paper. we’re looking forward to what he draws as an actor.” — lee seung joon

“prejudice against an idol? rather it’s something to be encouraged. onew sings and dances well in addition to acting. he’s a junior who is really hard working.” — jo jae yoon

“so you are onew” — director kim han min 

“nice to meet you” — park chul min

great actors of chungmuro are gathered here at this place. this is ‘the scene stealer festival 2016′. this year 22 scene stealers received trophies.

kim young-ok, ko chang-seok, kim byung-ok, kim won-hae, kim eung-soo, kim in-gwon, kim hee-won, ra mi-ran, ryu hyun-kyung, moon jung-hee, park chul-min, sung ji-roo, shin hye-sun, ye ji-won, oh jung-sae, onew, lee byung-joon, lee seung-joon, lee han-wi, jang young-nam and jo jae-yoon….

among these names, there’s an unfamiliar name of an actor. it’s onew. onew won the rookie award for kbs-2tv ‘descendants of the sun’.

“scene stealer festival is an award ceremony to award the best actors. however, it is different for the ‘rookie award’. each year, it is a place to encourage an actor with potential who loves to challenge.” — secretary general lee dae hee

dispatch accompanied onew to the festival. this is ‘the scene stealer festival 2016′. from preparation to award ceremony, it will be exclusively revealed through starcast!

onew is walking with his eyes closed. he’s busy with overseas promotions these days. still, for this day, he’s rubbing away sleep from his eyes. he’s partly excited and partly tense about meeting great actors.

“me, right now?”

“i’m smiling but”

“i’m nervous”

“i feel intimidated when i see the list of winners. should i say, it seems like a place for great senior actors? i know i’m still lacking. therefore, it makes me more tense and nervous.”

it’s been a while since we saw onew in a suit, right? the chic black jacket suits him well. he’s even wearing a bow tie, he looked like an actor.

“bow tie”

“does it look good?”

preparation got over. we talked to onew for a while. as an actor, onew was serious and cautious.

q. this is the ‘2016 scene stealer festival’ award ceremony.
“honestly, i don’t know what to say for the acceptance speech. i came to greet the seniors and learn from them.”

q. seniors that you want to especially see at the ceremony?
“i have worked with sung ji roo, jo jae yoon, lee seung joon seniors. they always gave me advice during shooting. i want to meet them quickly.”

q. you met them in ‘descendants of the sun’, right?
“jo jae yoon senior remained in my memory. sometimes, he encouraged me cheerfully other times seriously. when i become a senior, a confident actor, i want to be like him.”

q. a character you want to challenge next?
“in ‘dots’, i appeared with various emotions such as funny, serious, sad. for my next role, i’d like to try a light character.”

q. lastly, something you want to say to your fans?
“i want to show you all a good side through dramas and movies. of course, i still feel burdened about acting. even so, i should overcome it. i want to communicate with fans by acting enjoyably.”

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