I’m not very active on here anymore, but I wanted to share my Palanquin D.va cosplay! I went to Sakuracon last weekend and had a blast!
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Photos taken by Jason Rochelaeu
Wig: Buttercup in spanish brown from @ardawigs
Contacts: Cafe mimi late from @uniqso


As we sat in the mediocre cafe for a late brunch I didn’t think twice, nor should I have. For one assumes within the advances of technology and the justifications of modern-day medicines, no certain oppressions in sunny Southern California still ring true via 2011. Disheartening to say the very least. I’ll paint the dismal picture:

We sat in our booth keeping to ourselves. Feet interlaced and minds shooting at each other like a round of tennis. Our glasses half-filled and our food slowly being consumed as we took breath from conversation. In a respectable approach, it was pretty obvious (as two women) we were more than just friends.

*In all honesty, I still am a little uncomfortable about my sexual orientation outside the realms of my bedroom and the designated LGBT community. A slapped-smile and years of discouragement will bring any reasonable individual to keep a front for the mass public.. but I digress, of course.

So I didn’t think twice when an elderly lady was seated directly across our booth. She sat alone and uncomfortably rested her eyes upon the two of us. Before her purse was pushed to the side nor menu placed in front, she clenched a-hold of the hostess for dear life and asked to be seated somewhere else. Befuddled, the hostess obliged and took her to another section of the restaurant, but not before the elderly woman made a snide sound in our direction in passing. BB’s head snapped towards mine as if she had been slapped. At first I wasn’t sure if I had interpreted the whole scenario correctly, it had all happened so quickly, but she confirmed. My face flushed and lowered as an automatic response. We became quiet then. All these emotions (preferably anger.. and shock) rose to the forefront. We continued eating and made our exit shortly after.

It disheartens the soul when one feels the need to judge.. you don’t know me and quite frankly I don’t feel the need to introduce myself no matter what generation you strive from. I have other pressing issues at hand, like what I should eat for dinner. But none-the-less the event still left a sting. It’s 2011 for the love of kittens and I still don’t feel safe comfortable when I step outside my community. I refuse to be oppressed in my own city, nor anywhere else I go. Pathetic. I’ve promised myself the next time something of this sort happens I won’t be silenced.