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name: -
nickname: sandy
zodiac: aries
height: 5'6" (according to google that’s like 165 cm?)
orientation: lesbian
ethnicity: white
fav fruit: cherry
fav season: fall & spring
fav book series: gosh I haven’t read an actual book series in forever and I tend to prefer stand-alones, but I remember a few years ago I really liked the Shatter Me series by Tahereh Mafi. that series helped me find my writing style since I adored her style and wanted to copy it lol
fav flowers: all of them…….
fav scent: fresh, natural scents, like flowers or rain or autumn air
fav color: cold colors, like blues and purples and greens, tho if I had to choose I guess it’d be like a light indigo
fav animal: dogs
coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: tea
fav fictional characters: tohru honda, yuki sohma, anthy himemiya, manami sangaku, nico robin, komugi, colette brunel, lloyd irving
blog created: january 2011, how have I been here for 6 years

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