i get sad when people say they stopped shipping Larry because it became too much of a “conspiracy” for them. Like, it’s a forbidden gay romance in a multi-million dollar pop band, the fuck did you think you were getting into?

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        I know I already posted a picture of this, but I don’t care. I was at the University of Alabama’s 2012 Spectrum Concert tonight. This is the third time I have been to this concert. It was something I will never forget. The performer’s faces… They shined with happiness. It reminded me not to be tired of music and performing.

        Yeah, I might not want to have a career in music, but I do love performing it. I won’t leave my music playing behind after I graduate high school. I am going to keep going. I have days that my band director makes me really upset, but I’m not doing anything for him.. I am doing it for me. It is what I love. Band has changed me in a good way. It is how I met a lot of my friends. It is my family outside of home. I am so glad that I got to come to this Honor band again. I might not have wanted to, but I am glad that I did. 




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tell me the parade story

I was in the Alabama Million Dollar Band for two years of college. And when you’re closely connected to a top tier football team in the South, you have a lot of fun experiences.

One example happened during a home game. The band tradition is that after we play some cheers on the library steps, we get into parade formation and march into the stadium. One drunk person with no tickets saw this as an opportunity, asking me if I would sell my trumpet and uniform to him for $60. We were already in parade formation.

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whats your favorite bob dylan song

Idk! I love percy’s song. Also ballad in plain d. Motorpsycho nitemare is really funny. So is 115th dream. Leopard skin pillbox hat also funny. I like to ramona. And visions of johanna. Girl from the north country with johnny cash. To be Alone with you. The man in me is amazing. Meet me in the morning. Sara. Million dollar bash with the band. When i paint my masterpiece from rock of ages! First somg i ever knew was jokerman and thats a goodie. Duquesne whistle is a good new one. All very different songs so its hard to choose. I forgot the lonesome death of hattie carroll and only a pawn in the game and actually the whole times they are a changin album

Today during the Bama-LSU game
  • Me: YAAAAAAAA ROLL TIDE!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *aggressively shaking my shaker, not paying attention to where I'm shaking it*
  • Band Director: *gets hit by my shaker*
  • Band Director: *turns and looks at me*
  • Band Director: *lowers headset mic from his mouth*
  • Band Director: *give me death stare*
  • Me: *tries to hide*
  • Me: *fails to hide*

the fans: *literally develop a DIY project to promote a song of a multi-million dollars worth band because the music is damn good the management of said band itself won’t do their job*

press: obviously, the fans are to be blamed because one direction couldn’t do better than this