A Long Overdue Conversation

A/N- The second part of Long Lost Sister. I recommend reading the first part.

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Long Lost Sister Masterlist


Sam and Dean stood there with their mouths hanging open. No, there was no way the young women standing in front of them could be Y/N. She’d been off at school when the ghouls had gotten Adam and their mom, hence why she was still alive; so how had she become a hunter?

“Well, I’d say it was nice to finally meet you, but that would be lie.” Y/N gave a small nod and started to head back up the hill toward the road.

“Wait!” Sam sprinted forward and grabbed her arm, stopping her in place. Sam turned her back around to face himself and Dean. “You can’t just walk off.”

Y/N gave him a confused look, “Why not?”

“Why not?” Dean asked. This kid wasn’t serious was she? “Because you just announced that you’re our sister. You don’t think we were just going to let you skip off now did you? Especially if you’re hunting.”

Y/N huffed and then paused seeing the serious expressions they both had, “Wait, you’re not serious, are you? Really? You’ve know about me for years and haven’t cared before.”

Sam and Dean shared looks. Sam released her arm and shifted nervously from foot to foot. “Listen, Y/N, I know how it probably seems to you-”

“Oh really?” Y/N laughed. She angrily crossed her arms.  “I came home from school because apparently both my brother and mother had been missing for some time. Then I learn that not only are they dead, and killed by monsters, but so was my father. Then on top of that I learn I have two other brothers, that knew about all of this and not only didn’t care to track me down, they couldn’t even spare a minute to fill me in. But yes, I’m sure I’m not seeing it right.”

Dean grimaced, they hadn’t been trying to hurt her. They wanted to protect her and people around them seemed to have an especially short life span. Neither of them wanted that for her. Sam tried again, “Y/N, I imagine that was a lot to handle and I’m sorry, you had to handle it all by yourself. Look we can explain our side of the story and we definitely have some questions for you, but right now we’re surrounded by a bunch of headless bodies and morning is just around the corner. Why don’t we clean this up and go somewhere to talk?”

“Why should I go anywhere with you?”

“Because if we stay here we’re likely to get arrested for manslaughter.” Dean snarked. Sam shout him the bitch face; could Dean have worst timing?

“You should come with us because we genuinely want to talk to you. We could have just let you run off when you wanted to, but we didn’t.” Y/N paused; clearly very apprehensive about going with them.

“Fine, but you get to do the cleaning. I’ll meet you at the bar down on third street.” With that she turned and headed back up to the road.

“We’ll be there.”

Dean looked at Sam like he was crazy, “Dude, you don’t think she’s actually going to show do you? She’s going to run.”

Sam shook his head, “I don’t think so man. At the very least she has a lot she wants to tell us off for. I think that’ll be enough to get her to actually show, and who knows, she might even be interested in what we have to say.”

When the brothers arrived at the bar an hour later Dean still wasn’t convinced they were going to find their sister inside. Y/N had been more than eager to get away from the two of them, not that he blamed her; so the thought that she would come back to hear them out seemed like a long shot. Sam on the other hand was convinced that she would be waiting there for them. Dean just hoped his brother wasn’t wrong.

They entered the building and immediately noticed Y/N at the bar, throwing a shoot back. The pair headed over towards her. Y/N noticed them coming and turned back to the bartender.

“Three beers.” She fluttered her eyelashes at him and he smirked, raking his eyes up her body before placing the three drinks in front of her. Dean felt his blood boil as the bartender obviously checked Y/N out; he’d only known her an hour and he already felt protective over her. Y/N winked at the older man, “Thanks.”

“No problem sweetheart,” he leaned closer to her, bracing himself against the bar and Sam coughed, altering them to the Winchester’s presence. The bartender straightened up again, and moved back down the bar.

Y/N grabbed the beers and stood up, moving toward one of the booths in the corner. Before he could stop himself Dean he was asking, “Are you even old enough to be drinking?”

She winked at him, “According to my federal agent badge I’m 27. Also, I got us free drinks. You’re welcome”

“I’d rather pay for them then have the bartender undressing you in his mind.”

Y/N rolled her eyes and slid into the booth. Sam and Dean sat down on the bench opposite her. The siblings sat in an awkward silence for a few minutes, sipping at their drinks, unsure of who should go first. Sam decided to get it over with and ask a question.

“How did you start hunting? How did you even find out about hunting? Adam didn’t have a clue until, well, you know.” Y/N looked down at the mention of her brother, picking at the label on her beer.

“There was a werewolf in town. Hunters came around asking questions. One of them recognized Dad from a picture I had up in the house. They then accidentally filled me in on the truth; they assumed that if I was John Winchester’s daughter I knew about monsters. They also told me about both of you, what happened to Adam and how you two idiots almost ended the world, the first time. You guys seemed to have done that quite a few times, huh?”

“You know about that?” Sam asked, slightly embarrassed.

“Yeah, I know about all of it. You guys are kind of hunting legends. Hunters talk about you all the time and if they’re not, all you have to do is ask. They have no problem educating others on all the good- and bad you guys have done.”

“That must have been a lot to process,” Sam smiled at her sympathetically.

“As I got more and more into hunting I learned more. The hardest part was accepting what happened to my mom and Adam.” Y/N smiled down sadly at her beer, bringing it back up to her lips again.

Sam felt bad for her. Sure, Dean and him had had a hard life, but at least they had each other, Y/N was left all alone. All her family, except for him and Dean was dead. Sam knew how that felt. It was how he felt when Dean died and especially when Dean went to Purgatory. A part of him blamed himself and Dean. How would things have worked out if they had gone to her after he got freed from the cage, or even after they found out the ghouls had killed the rest of her family? She had become a hunter anyway, even though they had kept their distance to avoid that.

“We’re sorry about it. About all of it, and I’m sorry if us staying away made that worse in any way. We were trying to keep you safe, just like Dad was before us. Hunting is dangerous. That’s why he never told you what he did and that’s why we stayed away. The ghouls were handled and we thought you were safe; that you were away from it all.”

Y/N scoffed, “I was alone. The only family I had ever known was all dead. Doesn’t seem like it was best for me.”

Dean leaned forward across the table toward her, “Kid, being close to Sam and I… well life doesn’t turn out so great for the people we care about. Their either all dead or they’ve suffered through a lot of pain because of us. We wanted to save you from that. Trust me, we did what we thought was best. It wasn’t because we didn’t love you or want to meet you; it was just the opposite. We wanted to keep you safe and the best way to do that is for you to be as far away from hunting and us as possible.”

“I think what Dean is trying to say is that at the time it was the only thing we knew to do. Dad had so perfectly managed to keep you and Adam from the life before we hoped maybe we could keep you from it by staying away.” Sam continued. He looked over at Dean who just nodded. “But now that you’re in the life, now that we’ve meet you, well we’d like to continue to get to know you. Why don’t you come with us? We can hunt together, we even have a house, of sorts, you can have your own room and everything.”

Y/N sat there with a shocked look on her face. She’d meet her brothers maybe two hours ago tops and now they were inviting her to move in with them? “You want me to move in with you and hunt with you?”

“Well you’re sure as hell not hunting by yourself anymore.” Dean exclaimed and Sam stepped on his foot under the table.

Y/N raised her eyebrows at Dean, “Excuse me? I don’t need your blessing, thanks though.”

Sam quickly jumped in, trying to smooth over the rising tension, “I think what Dean meant is that hunting can be dangerous, and while you’ve proved yourself more than capable I think we’d both feel more comfortable if you’d didn’t hunt along. And preferably with us. Not to mention having you live at the bunker with us gives us all a great opportunity to get to know each other better.”

“So what do you say?” Dean grinned at her.

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Hunting Together

A/N- The fourth part of Long Lost Sister. I recommend reading the rest of the series.

Series Summary- Sam and Dean meet their sister, Adam’s twin, on a hunt and things don’t go all that smoothly.

Disclaimer- I don’t own the Supernatural universe or the images/gifs used, they were found on Google.

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Long Lost Sister Masterlist


Y/N pulled her clothes out of the dryer. Years of hunting had caused Y/N to forget about the finer comforts a house brought with it and she was still getting used to life at the bunker. It had been two weeks and during that time the brothers had pushed off all hunts. Y/N knew it was because they had been hoping to connect and bond with her, but so far things had been slow going.

Y/N dropped her clothes off in her room and headed for the kitchen in search of dinner. The boys were already in there, and Sam was in the process of making a salad. He smiled at her as she entered and Dean was sitting at the table, ripping into his brother’s food choice again, “I’m just saying salad for lunch and dinner; what are you doing to yourself man?”

“Says the guy that can eat a cheeseburger for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day of the week.”

“Yeah, but cheeseburgers are actually good,” Y/N announced, entering the room and grabbing her brothers’ attention. Dean turned to her with a proud smile before turning and smirking at Sam. Even Sam couldn’t help but chuckle. He was happy Y/N was talking and joking with them, even if it was at his own expense.

Y/N took a seat across the table from Dean, “Speaking of which, I was thinking of making my amazing burgers, want one?”

Y/N raised her eyebrow, “Amazing burgers?”

Dean smiled proudly, “Amazing! Even Sam likes em.”

“Alright, I’ll try one, but you better not be fooling me. It better be the best burger ever.” Dean smirked, ready to rise to the challenge.

“I’ll take one too.” Sam called over his shoulder. Y/N and Dean gave him crazy looks.

“Seriously, weren’t you just bashing on my burger eating?” Dean questioned his younger brother.

“I merely pointed out you eat them a lot. I on the other hand don’t, and like you said your burgers are great!”

“A huh.”

Y/N took a big bite out of the burger. She had to give it to Dean, they were pretty good. “Okay, theses seriously might be the best burgers ever. They’re amazing!”

Dean smiled into his burger. He’s been struggling with how to connect to the youngest Winchester, but he was happy he managed to impress her. “Yeah, stick to my cooking, Sam’s is crap.”

Sam shot Dean his signature bitch face. “Thanks man.”

Y/N laughed at the boys teasing, while she wasn’t ready to admit it to the boys, sitting here eating burgers and joking around felt good. It felt natural.

As they were eating Sam’s phone rang, “Hello? Yeah Garth what’s up? A what? Huh. Yeah, I’ll call you back.”

Sam hung up the phone and shot Dean a look, “Sounds like Garth was tipped about a shifter in Arizona. He wants to know if we can handle it for him? He said he’s up in Wisconsin working a werewolf case or he’d take himself.”

Dean quickly looked at Y/N before facing Sam. Y/N excitedly cut him off before he could answer, “Yes!”

Dean raised his eyebrows at her and shared a look with Sam, before he answered, “I don’t know. Maybe see if there’s anyone out there. Ask Garth to check his GPS, I mean he’s tracking all our phones, right?”

They knew a guy that was tracking all their phones? What kind of friends did her brothers have? “C’mon!” Y/N was itching for a hunt, “You guys can’t keep me from hunting forever. I’m going to hunt. Actually, I’m going to hunt this case. So, it’s up to you, you’re either joining me or you can stay here.”

“Oh, you’re definitely not going by yourself!”

The trio made good time to Arizona. Y/N had never hunted a shifter before, but Sam and Dean knew from experience that shifters loved the sewers. While researching Sam had discovered that the murders had all happened in a five-mile radius. The plan was to start by working their way through the sewers and hopefully find the shifter and its base.

Dean pulled the impala up to the manhole entrance to let Sam and Y/N out. “Alright, I’ll start at the other end and let’s all meet up in the middle. Hopefully we’ll drop a shifter in the process.”

Y/N sighed. The area they were trying to cover was huge. The three of them should all go on their own; they’d cover more area and stand a better chance of catching the shapeshifter before it knew they were looking for it. “Guys, I know this is the unpopular opinion here, but he should split up. Sam and I included. We’ll have a better chance of catching it.”

“Absolutely not!”

“Dean, I’ll be fine. I’ve been hunting by myself for over two years. I’m perfectly capable. In case you forgot, we meet by me saving your asses from a nest of vamps. Splitting up is the right move.”

Sam sighed, he hated to admit it, but she was right, “Dean, she’s right. I hate it just as much as you do, but if we want to catch the shifter we need to divide and conquer.”

Dean cursed under his breath, but nonetheless agreed. After reassuring them yet again that she’d stay safe, the boys drove off. Leaving Y/N to embark into the sewer alone.

Y/N slipped under the man hole cover and jumped into the sewer, splashing into the murky water below. The water was almost up to her knees and the smell was horrendous, but Y/N still pushed forward through the grime.

Y/N walked for miles under the city, without any success. She rounded a corner and noticed that to the right the water level seemed to be lower. She decided to follow it and turned right, following the walkway as it slowly sloped up. The ground continued to gradually curve right and the dark path started to lightly slowly.

Y/N entered a larger cavern and froze. In the middle of the cavern was not one, but two Dean’s struggling over a gun. Y/N drew her own gun and shot a crate in the corner grabbing the attention of both Dean’s. One had to be the shapeshifter, but the question was which one?

She raised her gun pointing it between the two, focusing it on the Dean holding the gun. “Drop it.”

Dean hesitated, but still dropped the gun where it splashed into the water below. How the hell was she supposed to know which one was the real Dean? “Y/N,” The Dean on the left said slowly. “It’s me, Dean. That’s the shifter.”

“Lift your pant legs. Now.” Both Deans did as she demanded. Her eyes flickered back and forth between the two of them. When they’d left Dean had stuck a knife in his boot, but neither Dean had it. Crap!

The Dean on the right raised his hands, “You’re looking for the knife, right? The one in my boot. I took it out to try and fend off the shifter. It’s in the water over there.”

The real Dean would know that, but Y/N hesitated; there was a fifty-fifty shot she would shoot the wrong Dean if she shot now. Y/N gripped the gun a little tighter. This is why she liked hunting alone.

Dean on the right spoke up again, “C’mon, I wouldn’t announce that I’m Dean. I know you wouldn’t fall for that. I’m the real Dean.”

Y/N breathed in deeply, raising the gun toward the Dean on the right. From the corner of her eye she watched as a tiny smile graced the face of the Dean on the left. The sound of a gunshot rang out in the cavern and the Dean on the left dropped to the floor.

Y/N ran over to the standing Dean and shoved her knife into his hand. He gripped it and Y/N’s shoulders relaxed when he didn’t react. Dean raised his eyebrow at her. “You shot and you weren’t sure it wasn’t me?”

“I had a pretty good feeling.” Dean laughed and suddenly Sam came sprinting into the cavern, splashing toward his siblings, gun raised.

“I heard a gunshot, are you okay?” He looked around and saw the dead shifter floating in the water.

“Yeah,” Dean said looking at the dead monster, slinging his arm over Y/N’s shoulders. “Y/N just shot me.”

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