Announcing Triles Week 2016!

August 14-20 will be a week full of creation, reflection, enjoyment and all things Triles!

Our little corner of the Degrassi fandom is creative, passionate and close knit, so it is my honor to put on a week to celebrate it all.

I will be announcing the day themes at the end of this week so that you can get a head start on your fanfiction, fan art, fan videos and anything you want to post! All expressions of Triles obsession are welcome!

However, I am still looking for (and hoping for) suggestions as to what you want to be included in Triles Week. Any suggestions for themes are more than welcome!

#TrilesWeek2016 is gunna be great! :)

GleeDegrassi-BigFan (Harper)

Adam X Reader

Request: Hi if you don’t mind could you please do a cute Adam imagine thing!!! I would really appreciate it xxx your writing is so good

Request: Hey ADORE your blog btw!! I love your writing you’re amazing! Anyway I was wondering if you could do an Adam x reader oneshot where the reader gets hurt on a hunt and he has to take care of her because Dean and Sam can’t stay because they got a new case and it’s all fluffy and cute? Thx sooo much ilyyyyy 😊

Request: Hello friend could you please just do anything with Adam fluff? He is my favorite! :D You’re the best.

Request: could u do one where the reader n adam get together at the end n it’s like super cute and fluffy ok thanks bæ

You didn’t realize how you managed to not pass out. After being stabbed by a demon three times, it was a miracle you even had any blood left. You had gone on a hunt with Sam and Dean, and while they were busy fighting off their own demons, you’d been tackled by one, held down, and stabbed by another. 

As the knife plunged in the second time, Sam saw what was happening, but he couldn’t get to you. He pushed his knife across the floor, and right into your hand. You sat up as quickly as you could, causing the knife to yet again puncture your stomach, and stabbed him in the heart. 

You twisted around, almost blacking out from pain and you stabbed the demon that had been holding you down. Then you crashed to the floor. The knife was still in your stomach, and you knew that if you pulled it out you may bleed to death, so you left it in.

Sam and Dean grabbed you quickly and carried you to the Impala, then sped back to the bunker. Sam carried you inside carefully, and placed you on the couch as Dean ran around finding the supplies to heal you.

When Dean returned, Adam was on his heels. The youngest Winchester-Milligan, whatever, stared at you in shock, then rushed to your side. He was your best friend, and he couldn’t lose you.

“Y/N, I’m going to pull the knife out.” Dean told you, and you nodded. “On the count of three. One-” Then he pulled the knife out and you screamed in pain. Adam grabbed your hand and you squeezed it, making his hand turn red. 

Then Sam and Dean got to work. They tuned everything out and simply fixed you. They disinfected the wounds, stopped the bleeding, and stitched you up within an hour. Then you passed out.

You woke up to a dull pain in your stomach. Groaning, you tried to sit up, but it made your vision blurry with pain, and you crashed back down. You realized you were in the living room, and Sam and Dean must not have wanted to move you. 

“Shit.” You muttered, remembering everything that had happened the other day. 

Your head throbbed slightly, and you desperately needed something to eat and drink. You tried sitting up again, but had the same results and fell back down, hissing in pain. 

“Are you awake?” Adam asked, running into the room.

“Sadly.” You muttered, looking at him.

He took one look at your sad face, and burst out laughing. You glared at him as he calmed down his giggles. “You look so sad.” You managed to say.

“Shut up!” You groaned. “Can you get me something to eat? And drink?”

“Yeah, what do you want?”


“What is this? A restaurant?” He replied, crossing his arms over his chest.

“Please! I got stabbed yesterday!” You reminded him.

“You’re lucky I pity you.” He muttered, then left the room.

You saw the remote and reached for it, but the sudden movement sucked the breath out of you and made you cry out in pain. You heard something drop in the kitchen and Adam returned, a wild look in his eyes. 

“Are you okay?” He asked, running to your side.

“No! I can’t reach the remote.” You said.

“You realize that I just dropped a carton of eggs to get over here, right?”

“I didn’t tell you to drop the eggs.” You said, shrugging, or trying to anyway.

Adam sighed and handed you the remote, then left the room. You flipped through the TV for a little bit, then saw Sam and Dean enter the room. “How you feel?” Dean asked.

“Like shit.” You answered.

“Do you need anything?” Sam questioned.

“No, I’m good.” You said.

“Good. Because Dean and I gotta finish the hunt from yesterday.” Sam said, putting his jacket on.

“Oh, just wait, I’ll come with you.” You said, attempting to get up.

“Are you crazy?” Dean demanded, lightly pushing you back down. “You’re staying here, we’re going.”


“Don’t make me drug you!” Dean shouted, giving you a warning look.

You pouted and sighed in defeat. “Kill a demon for me.”

“Don’t worry. And besides, Adam’s here. He’ll help you out.” Sam said, winking at you. You felt your cheeks go red, and you rolled your eyes.

“Bye.” You said, waving them away.

“Call us if you need anything.” Dean said, then they walked out of the bunker.

You watched TV and listened to Adam making you food in the kitchen. It was no secret that you had a huge crush on Adam, well, it wasn’t secret to everybody but Adam. He was either totally oblivious or just didn’t want to hurt your feelings. Hopefully the first one.

Adam returned a few minutes later with a stack of pancakes, a side of bacon, and a glass of milk on a tray. He placed it on the coffee table, then helped you sit up. Adam, then placed the tray on your lap.

“Thanks!” you said,then started shoveling food in your mouth. “You want a bite?” You asked with a mouth full of food.

Adam chuckled but grabbed your fork. “I’m a great chef.” He commented.

“And modest too.” You added.

once you were done eating, Adam cleaned your plate then joined you in the living room. You watched movies with Adam for most of the day, trying to ignore the horrible need to pee. But eventually, you just couldn’t hold it anymore.

“Adam, can you help me to the bathroom?” You asked.

“Uh, sure.” He said, and turned away from a moment so you did’t see the blush on his cheeks. Adam slid an arm under you back, and slowly put you in a sitting position. It hurt slightly, but you pushed it aside.

You wrapped an arm around Adam’s neck, and he stood up, pulling you with him. You almost fell down, but he was able to hold you. Then, you both slowly shuffled to the bathroom. Do you think you can get to the toilet?“ He asked, holding you in the doorway.

"I… I think so.” You guessed, and slowly let go of Adam. You almost fell right away, and you quickly wrapped his arms around you, pulling you towards him. You threw your arms around his neck, and closed your eyes and tried to ignore the pain.

“You okay?” Adam asked, his breath pushing against your face.

You opened your eyes and realized that your faces were only a few inches away. “Yeah. But I gotta pee so badly. Just carry me to that toilet, and look away.”

“Are…. Are you sure?” Adam asked, gulping.

“Adam, you’re my best friend. Just look away when I pull my pants down.” You said, starting to bounce lightly from needing to pee. 


“Get me to the toilet before I pee on you!” You shouted, and Adam quickly moved you into the bathroom. “Just, look away and close your eyes.” You said, then pulled down your pants. Adam’s breath caught in his throat and he strained his neck so he couldn’t look near you.

You managed to sit down and pee, then Adam helped you back up, all the while not loooking at you. You got your underwear on, then tried to reach down for your pants, but couldn’t pull it up.

“Um, Adam….” You said, feeling like an idiot. “Can you maybe, um, pull up… my… um, pants?" 

"Oh, uh, sure! Sure thing. I’ll just… You know. Pull up your pants. I’ll just pull ‘em right up. Here I go. I’ll-”

“Just pull them up!” You shouted, and Adam quickly leaned down and pulled them up until you get get them in your hands. “You’re such a loser.” You chuckled, buttoning them.

“Mhm.” He said, and you looked at him. His face was bright red.

He moved you to the sink and you washed your hands. Then Adam helped you hobble back to the couch. “Don’t tell Sam and Dean about the bathroom.” Adam begged. “They’ll never let me hear the end of it.”

“Why?” You asked, laughing slightly.

“Because, they um, know…. they think… Well, you see-” But Adam was cut off when he tried putting you on the couch. He let go of you too soon, and you fell back on the couch. But your arms were still around his neck and you pulled him on top of you. You both froze for a moment, you weren’t hurt, just shocked and embarrassed. “I like you.” He finished, staring into your eyes. 

“Hell of a time to tell me.” You laughed, then pressed your lips to his. “I like you too.” You confessed, and Adam sighed in relief.

“You wanna cuddle and watch another movie?” He asked.

“Hell yeah!” You said, and Adam quickly set everything up. He carefully laid next to you, and you rested your head on his chest. Maybe you’d have to get injured more often.

(I hope you like it!)

Request: Hi!! I was wondering if you could write a fluffy Adam one shot where the reader wants to date Adam but the Winchesters are extremely over protective of them.

Oh no, I fell asleep on the couch again, you groaned to yourself as sleep leaves you. Your head was buried under a small throw pillow, and you were laying on your back. Slowly, you lifted your head, and to your dismay, your muscles ached. You started to sit up, but your feet were stuck under something, or rather, someone.

Adam was at the other end of the couch, sleeping in a sitting position with his head lulled to the side. Your feet rested in his lap, and his hands sat on your legs. 

You remembered watching movies with Adam last night, and must have fallen asleep. You considered getting up, but quickly decided against it. In order to get up, you’d have to wake up Adam, which you just couldn’t do. He looked so peaceful. You decided to lay your head back down, and try sleeping again until he woke up. 

You had woken up about an hour ago, but remained laying down, when Adam finally woke up. You felt him stir awake, and he stretched as he opened his eyes. Not wanting to appear creepy, you pretended you had just woken up too.

“Hey.” You greeted him, making your voice deep with ‘sleep.’

“Morning.” He replied, smiling at you.

“What time did we fall asleep?” You asked.

“Ugh, I dunno. You fell asleep after Captain America.” Adam told you.

“Oh.” You said, sitting up. “Wait, when did you fall asleep?”

“Once the movie ended.” He answered.

“You didn’t have to sleep on the couch!” You exclaimed.

“Your feet were on me, I didn’t want to wake you.” He said with a sheepish smile.

You didn’t know what to say, so you just smiled at him. He was always so caring, it was one of the things that made you fall in love with him. You realized that you were just smiling at each other for a few minutes, and you coughed awkwardly, then stood up. You walked to the kitchen, and Adam followed your lead.

Sam and Dean were already sitting at the table, eating their breakfast. “Morning.” You greeted them.

“Hey.” Sam said.

“Mornin’.” Dean said, looking at you, then Adam. 

“Do we have eggs?” You asked, opening the fridge.

“Bottom shelf.” Adam told you. 

You found them, and pulled them out of the fridge. You turned around to get the pan, but Adam was already handing it to you. “Dude, stop reading my mind!” You joked, taking the pan from him. "Scrambled or sunny side up?“

"Sunny side up.” He answered without hesitation. “Toast?”

“Do you really have to ask?” You said, turning on the stove.

You worked in sync with Adam, making breakfast. He passed you the salt and pepper without you having to utter a word, you passed him a plate the second he needed one, it was perfect. You and Adam were so focused on making breakfast, you didn’t notice Sam and Dean watching the two of you closely. Dean’s eyes were narrowed, wondering if you were dating. 

Soon enough you had two eggs made, and sat next to Dean. Adam went to sit next to you, but Sam quickly changed seats, and Adam had to sit opposite you instead. You tried not to let your disappointment show.

“So, what are we doing today?” You asked.

“Nothing.” Sam said.

You and Adam instantly looked at each other. “Another movie day?” He asked.

“The list is in my room.” You replied.

“What list?” Dean questioned.

“Our movie list.” You answered. “Adam hasn’t seen some of the best movies ever, and apparently neither have I, so we made a list.”

“Oh, well Sam and I’ll join you!” Dean offered.

“Okay, but you may not like them.” You warned him.

“I’m sure we’ll be fine.” Sam said.

You and Adam shrugged, then finished eating. You went to your room and got the list, and found Adam sitting on the couch. He already had the blanket and your spot next to him was free. 

You moved to the couch, and were just about to sit next to Adam, when Dean jumped over the couch, landing in your seat. “Dude, what the Hell? I was gonna sit there.” You said.

“Sorry, maybe you should move a little faster.” Dean shrugged.

You rolled your eyes and sat on the other side of Dean. Sam joined you later and sat next to Adam. The next movie on the list was Frozen, which Adam had yet to see. The movie started, and Dean groaned once he saw it was Disney.

You kept glancing at Adam, to see his reaction to the film, and from what you could tell, he loved it. His eyes stayed glued to the screen, and he loved the songs. Sam and Dean, on the other hand, were driving you crazy. They constantly bashed the movie, making fun of Hans’ side burns, and saying that Kristoff was into bestiality. 

The movie came to an end, and you sat forward so you could talk to Adam. “Well?” You asked.

“It was great!” He exclaimed. 

“Favorite song?”

“Tie between Let it Go, and Love is an Open Door.” He answered.

“Favorite character?”

“Olaf!” He exclaimed, rolling his eyes as if it should have been obvious.

“Alright, we just saw the movie, no need to talk about it.” Dean groaned.

“Hey, you guys wanted to join our movie day, this is what we do.” You said. “What’s next?” You asked Adam.

Adam looked over the list, lips pursed in thought. “I don’t really care. You can decide.”

Smiling, you grabbed the list. “Oh, I got it! I’m feeling musical today.” You said, making Sam groan. Adam instantly knew what movie you picked. 

“I’ll make some popcorn.” Adam offered, going to the kitchen.

Once Adam was out of ear shot, you turned on Sam and Dean. “What are you guys doing?” You demanded.

“Watching movies.” Dean answered, acting all innocent.

“Yeah, right.” You said, rolling your eyes. “What are you guys really doing?”

“We’re just making sure you and Adam behave.” Sam explained.

Your cheeks turned red. “Behave? What the Hell do you think we’re gonna do?!" 

"Look, we just don’t want Adam to take advantage of you, or you to take advantage of Adam.” Dean explained simply.

“Are you kidding me?” You hissed, jumping off the couch. 

“Where are you going?” Sam asked.

“To go help Adam make the popcorn. Or did you guys wanna come with me? Maybe I’ll take advantage of Adam and break his heart while I’m over there!” You stormed out of the room, and saw Adam standing by the stove. He looked at you and smiled, but it was instantly wiped away once he saw your mood.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Sam and Dean are annoying as all Hell.” You replied, standing next to him.

“What’d they do this time?”

“They’ve been hanging out with us all day because they think we’re gonna take advantage of each other!” You explained. Adam burst out laughing, and your anger disappeared, and you mixed your laughter with his.

“God, they’re annoying.” He muttered. “It’s probably my fault." 

"Why is it your fault?” You asked.

Adam’s face dropped and his face turned red, like he realized he’d just said something he didn’t mean to. “Uh, I mean, um. Shit.” He sighed, then looked into your eyes. “I told them the other day that I really, really like you, and that I was thinking of asking you out.”

“Really?” You asked.

“Yeah, but they told me that you might not have felt the same way, and that I could get hurt and make things awkward. And I didn’t want to do that, so I wasn’t gonna say anything, but I guess they think I was gonna and I’m sorry, and I think i just made things awkward and-” Adam rambled, but you stopped him by pressing your lips to his. Adam was frozen with shock at first, but quickly kissed back, running his hands through your hair.

You pulled away, leaving only an inch between your faces. You stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, then burst out in giggles. You’d been waiting to do that forever, and so had Adam, your happiness just oozed out of you.

“Sam and Dean’ll never let us be alone again, you know.” Adam said.

“Well, they will if we make them too uncomfortable to stay.” You replied with a mischievous smirk.

You stayed with Adam until the popcorn was ready, then walked back to the living room. Sam and Dean had spaced themselves so that there was no way you and Adam could sit nex to each other. And that was perfectly fine with you. 

“Adam and I are dating now.” You announced. Sam and Dean nodded, and offered you small congratulations, but they didn’t move. 

Adam sat between them, and put the popcorn on the table. Then, without any hesitation, you sat on Adam’s lap. Adam wrapped his arms around your waist, and rested his head in the crook of your neck. Sam and Dean scooted a few inches away from you, but still didn’t move.

As the movie started, Adam started whispering things into your ear; pointing out how Sam and Dean took turns watching you. You giggled and playfully pushed his head back. You hoped the disgustingly cute display of affection would make Sam and Dean leave, but it didn’t. You had to go even further.

You twisted your head so your lips were only inches away from Adam’s, and he quickly got the idea. Adam brought his lips to yours, and you shared a lovely, minute-long kiss.

“Seriously?” Sam demanded, making you and Adam pull away.

“Sorry, were we bothering you?” Adam asked innocently.

“We’re trying to watch a movie, stop making out!” Dean complained.

“Maybe we should, I mean, we are kind of taking advantage of each other.” You said. 

Sam and Dean instantly looked at the ground in guilt. “We just don’t want you guys to get hurt.” Sam said.

“And we won’t.” Adam assured them.

“So you guys don’t have to worry about us, and you can leave and let us enjoy the moie.” You said.

Sam and Dean rolled their eyes, but left the room, leaving you and Adam to your movie. You instantly snuggled under the covers, and Adam wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. You shared a quick kiss before returning your attention to the movie.

(I hope you like it!)