If you’ve ever wondered about the meaning of Glamour then look no further.

Niles: Did you find something?
Daphne: Do you think they’ll take soy sauce packets?
Gertrude: Who keeps ringing the doorbell?
Daphne: Shh! It’s trick or treaters. (The doorbell stops ringing, and Niles looks through the peephole.)
Niles: OK, they’re gone.
Gertrude: Well, why didn’t you let them in?
Daphne: Because someone forgot to get Halloween candy.
Niles: Although, someone else could have picked it up since she was already in the store.
Daphne: But, that would override the duty list that someone insisted on implementing. [Smiles at him. They kiss.]
Gertrude: If this is what you two call a fight, you’re not fit to be married.
Frasier 10.5 - Tales From The Crypt


Cole Porter’s

Kiss Me Kate was the gala centrepiece for the opening night of the BBC’s second TV station, BBC Two, on 20 April 1964. Stars included authentic Hollywood legend Howard Keel, Broadway star Patricia Morison, dancing prodigy Irving Davies. Local talent Millicent Martin, star of That Was The Week That Was was also present. Like the rest of the evening’s programming the show was taken off the air by a power cut but it went out the following night. Click the pictures for original captions.

The John Wilson Orchestra brought Kiss Me Kate to The Proms for the 2014 season. Listen on the Radio 3 web site for thirty days and watch the performance, appropriately, on BBC Two in December.


Millicent Martin performing “I’m Still Here” at the 1977 Tonys