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1964 - Rehearshals & backstage for The Night of 100 Stars charity revue which was staged at the London Palladium on July 23, 1964. The Beatles topped the bill with other performers including Jane Asher, Hayley Mills, Cilla Black, Millicent Martin, Susan Hampshire and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Photo 1) July 14th, 1964 - Actresses Jane Asher and Eunice Gayson, comedian Harry Secombe, unknown and actress Wendy Craig. Daily Mail /REX/Shutterstock

Photos 2, 3 & 4) July 19th, 1964 - Jane backstage at the london Palladium, rehearshing. Lynn’s scans posted at the (now inactive) We Love Jane Asher group at yahoo, which I reposted at the Lady Jane group at yahoo.

Photo 5) Jane on the phone, backstage at the London Palladium. Alamy website.

Niles: Hello, Mrs. Moon. Would you care for a bite to eat?
Mrs. Moon: Oh, that would be lovely - if I thought I could keep anything down. How could your father do this to me? You sleep down the hall from someone for forty years, you think you know them!
Daphne: I know you’re upset, Mum, but it’s not like you and Dad had a perfect marriage.
Mrs. Moon: That’s because there’s no such thing! You young modern people think marriage is some sort of promenade through paradise, when it’s more like a march through Hell with a man strapped to your back and a litter of nasty babies swinging from your teats!

Frasier 9.13 - Mother Load Part 2


Millicent Martin performs “I’m Still Here” from Follies on behalf of Side by Side by Sondheim on the 1977 Tony Awards broadcast. It’s interesting that she’s accompanied by full orchestra, since in the show she sings it with only piano. (Well, two pianos, I believe.)