Another preview of a coordinate that I’m wearing during Sakuracon! This one is more Fairy-key/Creepy Cute.

  • Lavender seifuku from Bodyline
  • Pastel bats sweater from Hello Cavities 
  • Hat from H&M with a pin by Candy Bats
  • Necklace and Ring from Dreamy Stardust 2014 Lucky Pack and Milky Lavender Night tights by Holley Tea Time

☆ News ☆ All 3 of my original art printed on fabric came in the mail today. I was and still am so excited I wanted to share this moment with all of you. 

The Twinkle Heaven print came as I hoped in color its so pretty. The Milky Lavender Night print is pure true black and I’m so happy with this new fabric choice. Also my wishing bunny fabric for my tote bags and zipper pouches came all in today. I used a new fabric choice on all my prints. Really happy with the quality of all the fabrics and I’m so excited to start working on these items.  All items should be in my shop within the next 2 weeks. 

Wonders of Provence…, by millionanthony

++ Obviously, must be seen on black and full screen, please click on the image!! ++ Valensole, South of France I am lucky enough to live in a wonderful area in the south of France. This spot is about 45min drive from my house and is a well known spot for any landscape photographers… you may probably understand why ;-) © Anthony Million See My World Through My Lens