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| 01. chocolate truffles clazzquai project | 02. cafe latte urban zakapa | 03. bomtanaba seo in guk | 04. brunch ga in & cho hyung woo | 05. love in the milky way cafe 10cm | 06. bon voyage k.will (ft. beenzino) | 07. coffee bts | 08. strawberry days younha | 09. coffee shop b.a.p | 10. the day before nell | 11. chocolate boy & orange girl milktea | 12. with coffee led apple |

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anonymous asked:

Can you recommend any places to visit in Japan? I'm from Australia and I'm going for 3 weeks at the end of June :)

Within Tokyo: 

Harajuku > Laforet, Pom Pom Purin Cafe, Mees Pancakes, Moshi Moshi Box, Dog Harajuku, Pin Nap, Tokyo Bopper, Closest Child, General Takeshita dori, Santa Monica crepes, Nadia, Romantic Standard, the Barbie shop, 6% Dokidoki, Kiddy Land, Daiso, Meiji Jingu

Shibuya > 109, LUSH, Nude Trump, Parco (sometimes there are character cafes at the top of Parco), Loft, Tokyu Hands, Tower Records, Tsutaya, Syrup, Alice cafe. 

Shimokitazawa (good for resale/vintage shopping) > New York Joe Exchange, Grand Bazaar, Flamingo, Broken Doll. 

Koenji > SPANK! And also good for resale and vintage clothing 

Shinjuku > Studio Alta, Maruione Annex, Okadaya, Closet Child, the Robot restaurant, Alice in wonderland cafe. 

Ikebukuro > Giant Pokemon store, Sunshine City, Milky Way cafe, Parco. 

Ueno > Museums, art galleries, the zoo

Akihabara > Maid cafes, ??? I don’t ever go here except to change trains but I know people enjoy it if they like gaming and anime and cosplay so… 

Nakano > Nakano broadway (anime, comics, collectables, cosplay stuff) 

Day trips from Tokyo & random things: Kawagoe, Yokohama, My Fuji, Fuji-Q Highlands, Disney Land, Disney Sea, Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower, Kamakura, Asakusa (sensouji), Odaiba.

Places other than Tokyo I have been and liked: Osaka, Kyoto, Hakodate (seriously beautiful in June/July), Sapporo, Nara, Hiroshima, Takayama.