Milk & Milkboy “My Angel Fly With Me” Fashion Show in Harajuku

Legendary Harajuku fashion brand Milk held their first fashion show in 6 years recently at Quest Hall in Harajuku. The show featured their upcoming collections for both Milk and Milkboy - including the Milkboy x Gremlins collection.

Milk was founded in 1970. Not only did they help put Harajuku on the map, but they are also one of the Japanese brands that invented what would eventually become Lolita fashion.

Hitomi Okawa is Milk’s original founder and she is still the head designer of the brand today. She designed the items in these new Milk and Milkboy collections.

Pictures and Video of Milk & Milkboy 2015 A/W Here

140524 the lost planet - genie (baekhyun focus) by milkboy