First Apartment

A short series of one-shots of Bughead in their first apartment - one story above the “read more” line, three more underneath!

“Okay, I should go”

“Do you have to?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” Betty sighed and leaned in to place a quick kiss on Jughead’s nose before pushing herself up to a seated position and placing her feet on the floor, “I’ve got to go back to my place before work starts. I left my computer there.”

Jughead groaned, grabbing Betty by the waist and pulling her back into bed, “Just five more minutes.” he mumbled.

Betty laughed and rolled her eyes, “Juggie, you said that five minutes ago. And again five minutes before that. If I don’t leave now I’ll be late.”

Betty sat up once more, and this time Jughead rose with her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed the back of her neck. Betty leaned into the comfort, releasing a small moan.

“Move in with me.”

“What?” Betty laughed, turning to face him. Her smile faded to shock as she registered the look of seriousness on his face. “Are you - are you serious?”

“Why not?” Jughead grinned, “You practically live here anyway! And you know how much I hate it when you leave. Besides… isn’t this what people do when, you know, they’re in our position?”

“In our position?” Betty smiled at his fumbling, eyebrows raised in jest.

“I just meant… I love you. And I don’t want to keep saying goodbye to you every morning. I want you to move into my apartment. I want it to be our apartment.”

Betty looked at his wide, puppy-dog smile in disbelief, “Okay. Okay let’s do this.”

“Yeah?” Jughead asked, eyes brimming with hope. 

“Yeah,” Betty smiled and leaned in, cupping his face in her hands and excitedly placing a kiss on his lips, “Yeah! Let’s move in together!”

Jughead grinned and tackled her back onto the bed, pinning her down and peppering her with kisses. “I love you so much right now it’s insane.”

Betty giggled, “I love you too. So, so much.” She practically squealed in excitement before kissing him once more. Suddenly aware of the time, Betty let out a laugh. “Well, I’m definitely going to be late for work now.”

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Best Friends Boyfriend - Chapter Five

Holy heck! The amount of support I got on Chapter Four was absolutely incredible! I am so glad you guys are enjoying what I am putting out, and I love the feedback you all give me, along with chatting with you guys on what you think of the chapters! Please let me know what you thought of this chapter, I love hearing from you guys! I hope you have another wonderful day, and I hope you enjoy! x

He couldn’t even begin to express the different emotions that were coursing through his veins. He was sat in the cab, awaiting until the moment it pulled up to his house.

He was angry.

Angry, because of how Olivia had treated you. 

She had been nothing but nasty, and violent towards you, for what? – Nothing in particular, only based on the idea that you and Harry had talked, and that was it. That was her only defense. She believed that you talking to Harry was going to lead you to taking him away from her, and she refused to allow that to happen.

He was upset.

Upset, because you were left alone, once again. He knew your life wasn’t easy. He knew you had been through a lot of things in your life; he didn’t know the little details, but he was sure he’d find out sometime, because he wasn’t done getting to know you. 

He felt upset, because out of the whole situation, he stupidly decided to actually listen to you, and leave you alone in your apartment, and go to Olivia.

After such an intense, and emotional moment, he decided to leave the girl he felt he was beginning to gain feelings for, knowing he shouldn’t. 

There was a possibility that you were pregnant – with his child, and he left you alone – and that was where the guilt began to set in, but he had to shake it off because next thing he knew, the cab driver had turned to face him, awaiting to be paid and tipped before Harry stepped out.

He noticed Olivia peering out the upstairs window through the curtain as she flashed him a small smile and disappeared from the sea foam white curtains from their bedroom window.

He sighed, trudging up the walkway, opening the front door to see Olivia cowering over at the stairs. 

“Hey” she whispered warily, as he gave her a slight head nod, and closing the door behind him. “I wanted to apologize for the way I acted back at-”

He sighed, putting up his hand and shaking his head. 

“Olivia, I don’t want to hear it” he uttered to her, keeping his place at the door, as she scurried over to him quickly, desperate to get some type of eye contact out of him.

“But, baby. You have to listen to me” she pleaded but he shook his head. “No, I don’t” he replied sternly. “I’ve listened to you a numerous amount of times, and I’m getting tired of it. Olivia, you hit her. I don’t care what you feel towards her, jealousy, anger, pity; it doesn’t matter – you hit her. The first time you slapped her, but this time you punched her. Olivia, I don’t think you understand how grave your actions could be, she could go after you for this, and it’s not even that. It’s the way you seem to handle everything, especially with her. I’ve never seen a side of you like this, you are never like this with anyone else. I thought maybe, that situation at the lake, was just a spur of the moment thing, maybe she said something, but what you did earlier today, proved me wrong.” he told her, shaking his head, as she gulped down and took her bottom lip in between her teeth.

“I just think that it’d be better if we-”

“Don’t even say it” she uttered bitterly shaking her hand and taking his hands into hers. “See, this is what I was talking about!” she defended. “She’s trying to ruin us! She’s trying to make it seem like I’m in the wrong, but she knows what she’s doing! Harry, she’s getting into your head. Please, don’t let her get into your head. I love you, and you love me. We can’t let her ruin something like that” she told him, squeezing his hands and he looked down at her.

“See, that’s the thing Olivia – If you loved me, you’d trust me and know that me and her have done nothing. I’ve been faithful to you this whole entire time, not once did I make a move on her, and vice versa. She was a friend to me, and your actions caused that friendship to slowly diminish. Along side of that, she didn’t ruin anything. You did. he told her sharply, shoulders stiff, and her hands went lax. Her grip falling out of his as she rolled her lips in between her teeth. 

“So you’re really going to let her come in between us, huh?” she whispered bitterly, staring at him as if she were about to throw daggers at him. 

“She’s not coming in between us…Olivia, I just – I can’t be with someone who’s violent with people. You’ve done so many things, to not only ruin your relationship with her…but with me” he told her and she shook her head. “I did nothing, but defend this relationship!” she told him shaking her hand and he sighed. 

He sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose with his fingers and exhaling a breath. “Okay, I see there is no point in arguing about this, because I see you aren’t going to drop it and see my side, so I’m just going to leave for the night, I’ll stay somewhere else…pack your bags, and do whatever you have to do, but I don’t want to see you here in the morning, okay?” he asked her and she scoffed. 

“You can’t really be doing this” she told him, urgency and annoyance lacing her voice. “I can, and I am. I mean it Olivia, I do not want to see you here tomorrow” he told her, turning around, and heading out. 

He didn’t know where he was going to go, but the one thing he knew, was that he couldn’t be near Olivia anymore.

“Hey mate, sorry for the late night show up without notice” Harry chuckled softly. “Mind if I stay the night?” he asked him, looking up at him cautiously and Niall nodded. 

“Of course mate, and no worries! I was just watching the telly, no interruptions” he smiled, patting his shoulder and ushering him in.

“What’s happen, mate? You look rough” he chuckled, heading towards the living room, turning the telly down and sitting beside Harry as Harry sighed, rubbing at his tired eyes. 

“Too much” he uttered, closing his eyes, taking in the silence for a moment before looking up at Niall.

“I think I sort of just broke things off with Olivia” he told Niall bluntly and Niall’s eyes went wide. “Whoa, mate… I thought you really liked her, what happen?” he asked and Harry sighed. “She’s just been such a different person lately, not the girl I first met, and it all has to do with her room mate” he told him and a brow quirked up on Niall’s end. “The roommate?” he questioned. 

“Mhm. Remember that girl, from the bar that one night? I left with her?” he asked Niall, and Niall furrowed his brows, trying to jog back to what night Harry was talking about and suddenly his eyes lit up and he nodded. 

“Yeah well, it turns out, that girl, was Olivia’s best friend, and Olivia was the blind date I had the next afternoon” Harry told him, and Niall’s eyes went wide.

“Holy shit, mate! That’s like some ‘Lifetime Movie’ shit” he laughed and Harry chuckled lowly. “Oh, it get’s worse, this is actually where the trouble started.” Harry continued. “I was invited to this small family BBQ at the lake with Olivia’s family, and her roommate was there, so we were catching up a bit, nothing serious, just chatting by the water, and Olivia came on over, taking her roommate away and next thing escalated to next, Olivia slapped her, and her roommate was forced to leave. Now, fast forward to earlier today, Olivia walked in with me in her roommates apartment, talking about a situation that I’m not going to go into much detail about right now, but Olivia actually ended up punching her in the face. Literally, the poor girl was left with a huge bruise on her jaw, and I did the stupid thing. I listened to her after things died down, and went back to Olivia, thinking I’d patch things up, but instead I finally ended things, and I don’t know how I feel about it. On one end, I feel relieved, because finally I won’t have to deal with the drama, but on the other, I feel a bit sad, because I feel that me and Olivia could have had something potentially great, and I know I shouldn’t, because what Olivia did was horrible, but for some reason, I can’t help but feel horrible for her roommate. Like I have this feeling of protection over her, and I don’t know why…” he told him, shaking his head, feeling as though he sounded ridiculous as to what was coming out of his mouth. 

There sat Niall, gobsmacked, as to everything that just came out Harry’s mouth, and he had no words, he didn’t know what to say, because truly, he didn’t know that any of this had been going on. Their relationship looked so happy and giddy from the outside, but the inside of the relationship – yeah, that was a mess. 

“Well, I know you want me to be honest, so I will be. But, mate. It sounds like you have a serious case of feelings for this girl who’s Olivia’s roommate, or was, at the point” he told him and Harry looked up at him with wide eyes, shocked at his statement. 

“Don’t look at me like that, H” Niall laughed shaking his head and placing a hand on his shoulder. “I can tell, you have feelings for Olivia, you care for her…don’t know how you could after what she did; but that’s besides the point. But the way your eyes lit up, when you mentioned her roommate, mate, that’s real feelings” he told him softly and smiled. “I think, If I were you, I’d try and sort everything out, and see if something could potentially work out with this roommate girl”

You had been feeling a bit off for the last three days, every since the situation with Olivia arised, her barging into your apartment, noticing you and Harry together, and throwing herself at you, along with her first across your face. 

You were about to grab a cartoon of milk from one of the many aligned refrigerators when you felt a sharp cramp, sulk at your side and you hissed in pain, doubling over, reaching for your cart for some support. 

Not moving, not even breathing, you snapped your eyes shut hoping maybe that would make the pain go away. You felt a hand on your shoulder, a soft and fragile hand but you didn’t have the ability to move, because you felt that if you did, you would collapse, and that was the last thing you needed in the middle of the Dairy Aisle at Tesco.

“Alright sweetie, I’m Maria. Let’s get you seated over here on the floor, you’re going pale my love” she told you gently but you shook your head. “I can’t move” you panted out, shaking your head. “If I move, I’m going to pass out” you whispered, beginning to hear the ringing in your eyes and you swallowed deeply. 

“Okay, you’re alright. Just lean against me” she directed you, suddenly a man coming over and helping you lean against the kind woman who decided to stop, once she realized something was wrong with you.

Finally, moments later, you were sat on the floor, head against this woman, who you had just met, but you made you feel strangely comfortable.

“I feel woozy again” you told her quietly, and she quipped to her side, noticing your face going pale, lips turning a shade of blue, and the last thing you heard was, call 911!

Once Harry had gotten the phone call, his knees had went weak. He never expected that he’d be getting a phone call from the hospital, saying that you were emitted and that he was the one you were asking for. Thanking the nurse that called him, he threw his phone into his pocket, rushing to his car, and making his way to the hospital that you were in.

He didn’t know why, but his heart was pounding, and his hands were sweating. His body was jittery and the only idea that went through his head was that Olivia could have potentially done something, and if she had, he would never be able to forgive himself, because in the back of his mind, he felt that all the problems going on between you and Olivia – were his fault.

He had hoped you were okay, nothing too serious, because the idea of you hurting even more than you already had been, had him crushed. Crushed, because for some reason, he felt different about you. He felt like he had a need to protect and care for you. His heart leaped whenever he saw you and his stomach did a swan dive near you, and that’s never happen to him before.

Entering the hospital, he looked frantically from the front desk, quickly approaching to a younger looking woman.

“Hi, hello – uh I have a friend that was admitted in not to long ago, I think – and they, uh, they called me to come here” he told the woman frantically and she smiled softly. “Alright, dear. First, what’s her name?” she asked and he told her your name as she nodded. “Alright, so you must be Harry. Can I have some ID before we proceed?” she questioned, looking at him, knowing very well who he was, but hospital policy required they ask for ID, and he wasn’t about to start an argument, even though the only thing he wanted to do, was make sure you were okay. 

She looked over his ID, nodding her head and handing it back to him. 

“Alright, she’s on the eighth floor, room 8432″ she smiled, handing him a clipboard. “There’s going to be some information that has to be filled out for her, it says here none of it is put on file, so when you have the time, if you could fill it out for her, or with her, that would be of great help” she told him, smiling as he nodded and quickly thanked her, rushing over to the elevator.

He didn’t even bother tapping on the door, he quickly opened it and spotted you, laying on the bed, eyes shut, eyelashes fluttering over the tops of your cheeks, and you looked content. He smiled, heart relaxing when he realized nothing looked seriously wrong, but still, he felt uneasy, still not knowing why you were in the hospital.

He saw you gently stir, a soft groan escaping your lips as your eyes fluttered open.

“You came” you croaked, with a soft smile as he rushed over to your side, pulling the worn out chair closer to your bedside and putting your hand in his. “Of course I came” he told you, eyes casting over your body. “You almost near gave me a heart attack” he chuckled softly and you smiled. “Sorry” you whispered, wiping at your eyes. 

“What’s that?” you asked, nodding over to the clipboard in your hand. “Oh just some paperwork that needs to be filled out, no worries, that isn’t important right now” he told you. “What happen, hmm?” he asked you and you sighed. 

“I don’t know. I’ve been in and out of it” you replied. “They gave me an IV and that’s made me a bit drowsy and sleepy, so I’ve been in and out of sleep, I still don’t know whats wrong. They took some blood tests a while ago, so I guess there should be results some time soon. I don’t know, I was at the store, and then I got these weird cramps and suddenly felt as if I was going to pass out – and this really nice lady came over, and helped me and the last thing I remember was her shouting that 911 had to be called, and that’s all I could really remember.” she told him and he nodded, running his thumb over her knuckles. 

“Well, I’m glad you’re safe” he whispered as he pressed a kiss to her forehead and you stayed still. “I don’t think this is appropriate” you whispered, referring to him being so touchy and kissing your forehead. “Olivia would-” “Olivia doesn’t matter” he replied. “But she does, Harry. She’d be so mad if she found out-” “I broke up with her” he whispered, looking up at you, to see your eyes go wide. “Harry…” you whispered. “I told you – don’t allow Olivia and I’s problems to get in between you two” you sighed, closing your eyes, feeling the strange feeling of guilt sink over you.

You knew you shouldn’t have been guilty, you did nothing wrong. But there was something in you that felt wrong. The situation was a mess to begin with. He was a one night stand, then started to date your best friend, then gave you a bit of smooth talk, talking of his interest towards you, but knowing he couldn’t pursue anything – along with a period of time where you two didn’t talk, because you thought he didn’t want too, but it was all Olivia, trying to ploy her way in to make things more difficult. It just made you feel guilty because you never liked to be one to meddle into relationships and you never liked being the one where the fault was placed, and you felt that if something occurred between you and Harry, it’d bite you in the ass sooner than later.

“It wasn’t the problems between you and Olivia – she’s changed anyway. She’s not the same girl she was when I met her, and what she’s done to you has just proved what type of a person she really is, and I don’t want to be surrounded by that. Sure, we had some great memories, I care for her, but I can’t keep dragging myself through something like that, especially when she hurt someone I deeply care for as well” he told you, looking up at you, eyes sinking into yours, a soft smile gracing his lips. “I don’t want you ever thinking that you’re less than you are, because it’s far from true. I’ve seen you, and the way you interact with people, and the way you seem to think of yourself, and you deserve to know that you are worth more than you think. I just think you don’t give yourself enough credit as to how amazing you really are” he told you and you couldn’t help the small smile that graced your lips.

There was a sudden tap at the door, and both your heads snapped up to see your doctor enter into the room, looking over your charts and he smiled down at you. 

“Hello, hello” he smiled, reaching a hand out to Harry and giving him a firm handshake. “I’m Doctor Stone. So, you Missy” he gestured towards you with a chuckle. “Your results came across negative” he assured and you released a breath of relief. 

“Alright that’s good – so what was with the cramping, and the uneasiness?” you asked him and he chuckled lowly. 

“Well, that is the explanation for the one sample that came out positive…” he told you – neither you or Harry catching on. 

“You’re pregnant” the doctor told you and you looked up at him with wide eyes, sinking down further into your bed as you felt your heart increase in speed, not really sure of what to comprehend of the situation. 

“There was some bleeding, which is a small concern, but nothing major, so we’ll want to keep a watch on that. You seem to be a little over seven weeks, so we’ll start you on some prenatal pills, and we can book your first OB appointment” he smiled, rubbing your calf gently above the blankets. 

“Congratulations, I’ll give you two a bit. A nurse will be in later to check up on you again, and give you your prescription that should be picked up tomorrow morning when you’re discharged” he explained, waving to the two of you and heading out. 

The room was silent, neither you or Harry saying a word. Your thoughts were confirmed, you were pregnant.

The clogs were working in your brain, you weren’t sure where to start, or what to think. You were having a child. You couldn’t even begin to imagine how much your life would change, what Harry would do – would he leave, or would he stay? – What would Olivia think, or do? Oh god, what would Olivia do.

Suddenly, a tear escaped from your eye, quickly wiping it away, but soon after another came down your cheek, soon multiple tears streaming down your cheeks that you couldn’t seem to control.

“Hey, hey, hey” Harry whispered, quickly sitting beside you in the hospital bed, bringing you close into his arms, holding you tightly, with your face pressed into his chest. “I can’t believe this is happening” you cried. “It wasn’t suppose to happen like this” you croaked. “I was suppose to be married, a-and I was suppose to be successful, with a good job, and now I’ve just simply managed to ruin your life because I can imagine that last thing on your mind is raising a child and I-” he shook his head, squeezing you tighter, interrupting your ramble and pressing his lips into your hair.

“Stop talking like that” he whispered, holding you tightly in your arms. “You have not ruined my life” he reassured. “Sure, this wasn’t planned. We didn’t think of having a baby, but it will all work out. You won’t be alone” he told you sternly as you sniffled, drawing yourself closer to his chest. “I will be here with you, every step of the way, and we’re going to have this child together, and we’ll raise it together, and we’ll give it the best life possible. Alright? I don’t want you thinking negatively, and I don’t want you thinking that you’ve ruined my life or any of that gibberish. Things happen, when and how they’re suppose to happen, and we’ll get through it. It won’t be easy, but I promise, we will be okay” he whispered.

You released a quiet breath and nodded, staying close to him, not wanting to let go, because right now, the feeling of his arms around you, fingers caressing your back, felt like home, and you haven’t had that feeling in a long time.

“Alright, there we go…” Harry gestured, helping you adjust carefully onto his bed, adjusting the comforter comfortably around you and putting your bags down by the closet. “We’ll sort your clothes out later, for now, just relax. I’ll bring you something to eat, and to drink and we can watch the telly or something” he told you and you sighed. 

“Harry, I’m not dying, it’s just bed rest” you told him and he shook his head. “Nu-uh. The doctor gave me strict orders to make sure that for the next 24 to 48 hours, you’re laid in bed, relaxed and not much movement. We don’t want anything going wrong with you or our little bub, so stay put and I’ll be back” he smiled, walking out the door, shutting your door. 

Our little bub.

He called your baby, his little bub. For some reason, that small statement of his made your heart flutter – maybe after all, he would be invested into this, and maybe things would be so bad. 

You knew there were things to work out; such as how you’d raise the baby together, how you’d co-parent, where the baby would stay and when. What things you both would instill into the child and so on, but right now, that was all too soon. 

All the mattered, was how invested he seemed to be with your little baby, and it did nothing but make your heart soar.

“Olivia, please leave” Harry pleaded leaning against the door as Olivia stood at the doorstep. “I have a lot of things on my mind, lots of things are going on, and I don’t have the time to argue with you, nor do I want too” he told her tiredly, shaking his head at her. 

“Oh, I bet you do have a lot of things going on. Explain this” she spat, thrashing the magazine against his chest, that displayed you and Harry exiting the hospital together, his arm around your waist, helping you towards the car.

“Little bitch, see I told you she knew what she was doing. We suddenly go on a small break, and she already manages to do something to get you crawling over to her and have her in your hands, and not mine!” she told him, voice growing with anger and jealously. 

“Olivia, please-”

“No.” she told him. “I cannot believe you actually fell for it. Just so you know, she’s only with you for your money, and your name. She will probably never treat you as well as I did and-”

“Harry? Where did you put the padding for the bed?” you croaked out, standing at the top of the stairs and he stilled, Olivia’s eyes going wide. 

“She’s in our house?” she seethed, hand shoving Harry to the side as she approached the stairs. 

“Olivia!” he shouted, following after her quickly. 

“I really can’t catch a break, can I?!” she shouted up at you, leaving her distance from you are you sulked away at your spot on the stairs. 

“Olivia, please.” Harry pleaded and she turned around, eyeing him and then you. 

“You really can’t keep your hands to yourself can you? You see me and him have a rough patch, and next things next, you’re all over him. Huh? Is this pay back or something? For what I did to you in high school? Well reality check bitch, that was years ago!” she shouted and you stayed quiet. “But good try, trying to ruin what me and Harry have because I can guarantee you, he won’t last long with you because-”

“Olivia!” Harry shouted, eyes burning into hers and she stilled. 

“Harry, it’s okay” you whispered, looking over to him and pleading him with soft eyes, to not say anything he’d regret. 

He took in a large breath and pinched the bridge of his nose. 

“I”m going to ask you nicely. Please leave, this conversation is over.he told her and she rolled her eyes. 

“No, I won’t. I won’t leave until I know why she finds the need to stay in our house” she told him simply and eyed you.

“So, little whore. Tell me. Why do you find the need to be staying in our home?” she asked in a snarky tone.

Harry looked up at you vulnerably, knowing you didn’t want to say what you were about to say, but also knowing, you didn’t have a choice. 

“I’m pregnant, okay?”

Creepypasta #1150: The Killer Awoke Before Dawn

Length: Short

The killer put his boots on and went downstairs. He drank coffee before his kitchen window, enjoying the peace and quiet, then decided he couldn’t face another family-filled Saturday morning of noisy cartoons, spilled milk, and scattered Cheerios. When the sun rose so did his garage door, and he made his escape.

Outside, he focused so intensely on yard work that he didn’t hear the Voice until he was mowing, later that afternoon. The Voice was a breathy whisper in his head, drawing its words out slowly as if dredging them up from a dark pit.

“Kill them,” said the Voice.

He ignored it. Pouring more gas into the lawnmower, he grumbled about how it was slightly too small to finish the yard on one tank.

“Killll themmmm,” said the Voice.

The lawnmower roared back to life. The killer replaced his earbuds, searching his phone for something loud and upbeat. But music didn’t help. Nothing drowned out the Voice. Its sinister whispers hissed over every beat.





Once the lawn was finished, the killer returned the lawnmower to its spot beside the bicycles. Back inside, he stumbled over discarded toys, but he refused to let the mess rile him. A shower came next, and he scrubbed viciously at his grime-covered body. Even so, he still felt unclean by the time the water turned cold. The Voice had thrummed with each pulse of the shower head.

“Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.”

If only he could hide in the bathroom forever.

Instead, he toweled off, put on comfy clothes, and rejoined his family. Saturday night meant ordering pizzas, pouring juice, and watching bright, happy movies for the umpteenth time. He sang along with the animated characters, thankful his wife didn’t notice when the Voice occasionally made him insert “kill” into the lyrics.

After letting the kids stay up too late, he carried them to their rooms, stubbornly ignoring the Voice while his trembling hands tucked them in. Then he slipped into bed alongside his wife.

Now his anxiety grew. This was the worst part of the day, when the Voice knew he was trapped. And sure enough:

“Do it. Do it now.”

He squeezed his eyelids tighter. The Voice did not appreciate this. Its whispers became shouts, which soon swelled into unrelenting screams.


Eventually he broke. Sitting up, he yelled back at it.

“No! I can’t!”

The Voice immediately quieted, transforming into a snakelike, mocking tone.

“Why not?” it asked.

“You know why.”

“No. Tell me.”

“Because… because I already killed them.”

“You did?”

“Yes,” sobbed the killer. “Weeks ago. I thought it would make you go away.”

At last, silence fell. The killer sank back onto his pillow, staring at the ceiling. But just as he was finally drifting off, the Voice slithered back into his head.

“Kill them,” it whispered, starting all over again.

Tears ran down the killer’s cheeks. Dawn was an eternity away.

Credits to: IPostAtMidnight

Cayenne Confessions

Ethan Dolan x Reader

Summary - Ethan and you were best friends and incredibly close. What happens when Grayson points out some feelings both of you never addressed?

A/N - Nobody ever reads the author note tbh but I want to thank you for 100 followers in one week, that’s insane. Sorry all of my fics are pretty short. Feel free to request if you have anything.

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                “Why the fuck did I think it was a good idea for me to do that video?!” Ethan screeched as you sat in the living room listening to the hell happening down the hall. Grayson’s laugh echoed through the halls as the noise of Ethan pouring milk and showering splattered the tiles of the bathroom. “Cayenne pepper getting to you bro?” Grayson chuckled as you saw him for a split second in the long corridor. You scrolled through your phone reclining comfortably as the boys finished up the video for this week. It was obviously not very good on the receiving side for Ethan as he had been in the shower for nearly fifty minutes now. Getting up you knocked on the bathroom’s cracked door. “Grayson is E dead in there?” You heard Ethan sigh and Grayson snort as he opened the door. “No.. although we do have to go get some new milk.” He sauntered out leaving you halfway into the bathroom with Ethan in his boxers using his towel in an attempt to make it burn less. “Sometimes I don’t even know why the hell I do the shit I do..” Ethan mumbled as he grabbed his shorts slipping them on and then turning to you. “Y/n, my amazing best friend would you be eve-” You didn’t even let him finish that sentence as you knew him too well and knew what was coming next. “No I am not going to go buy more milk - I wasn’t the one who used it or needs it!” You smirked and trotted back to where you were on the couch, Ethan following close behind pleading as if he just lost his job and whole life. 

               “Ethan for the last time in bloody hell. No not unless you or Grayson goes with me at least.” You looked him straight in his hazel eyes and he smiled. “I’ll go with you then!” He stood up and shot out his hand for you to take. Pulling you off the couch and rushing over to your shoes you both made your way to the door. “Grayson! We’re going to Target real quick to get some more milk for E’s back!” You shouted loud enough for the neighbors to hear. “Okay lovebirds! Don’t spend too much time making out!” He responded as you both made your way out of the house. Your face went red at the thought. Ethan and you had never really spoken about that even though you were incredibly close and always got asked if you were a couple. As much as you would deny it you did have feelings for the older twin. I mean honestly, who wouldn’t?! You were snapped out of your train of thought as Ethan shuffled you into his black car and began to start the engine up. “You want the AUX cord this time Y/n?” Ethan raised an eyebrow at you and you just took it out of his hand connecting it to your phone. It was a good ten minutes of silence except for the hum of music softly in the background as you drove to Target. “Hopefully this will help.” Ethan laughed as he put three cartoons of milk into the red cart. “Well I hope so also because if it doesn’t your just stuck burning for the rest of your day. I am not coming back out once we’re home.” You stuck your tongue out at him and he chortled as you made your way to the checkout center. You went to self checkout and paid for the milk and agilely made your way to the car with E. You put the milk in the back and both of you got comfortable in the seats up front. 

                  “Y/n?” Ethan’s voice almost non existent sounded through the silence. You looked at him and saw that his face was that of the color of a rose. “What’s wrong E?” Your mind began to race as you saw this. Is he having a fever? Does he not feel good? Maybe he likes me like I like him? Nah, don’t get your hopes up. “I uh.. I don’t want to ruin our friendship.. But..” Just that one beginning of a sentence made anxiety build up as you were worried he would leave you or say that he really didn’t want to hand out as much. “Y-yeah E?” You pushed him on as he messed around with his thumbs. “I really actually think I like you, as in more than friendship.” He gulped at the end of his sentence and your mind completely went into shock. How!? Me? Ethan Grant Dolan likes me of all people?! Finally after about two minutes you wrapped your mind about what he said and pulled his hand into yours. “Kiss me E.” You blushed crimson and he leaned in closing the gap between you both. The kiss was delicate, as if he was worried that if he made a wrong move you would collapse into a pile of ash. The kiss turned more heated as you both became more self aware of what was happening. You eventually had to pull away but you got to stare into those beautiful hazel eyes of his while he leaned his forehead against yours. “Maybe we should get out of the Target parking lot and go tell Gray?” Ethan whispered against your lips as enjoyed the surreal moment with the man you love.

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Can we submit a spoby prompt or do you prefer to write for Emison? If so could you write a prompt where Spoby are asking Emison for parenting advice when Eleanor is like a newborn?

I’ll write for spoby if it includes emison, so this was perfect ahah. I changed it to Spencer being pregnant, but i hope u still like it!!

“you’re belly is very, very round” Finn greeted his Auntie Spencer, pulling open the front door because he didn’t want to wait for his moms. She knelt down to his level, which was becoming more and more difficult with a baby growing inside of her, only a few months away from becoming a real part of the family, and lightly kissed him on the forehead.

“I know. I look a bit funny, don’t I?” She played along. Toby hovered awkwardly behind her, his hand not quite touching the small of her back.

“No you don’t” Toby whispered into her ear “you look beautiful” She gently nudged him with her elbow, smiling softly at his words. Finn giggled, moving away from the front door so they could walk in, covering his mouth with one of his hands.

“Ewwww” He chanted, running around the room. Spencer laughed, trying unsuccessfully to get him off the sofa. Toby chased him across the room as he jumped down, grabbing him under the arms and raising him up to the ceiling, sending him into a fit of laughter.

“And who is making all this noise?” Ali appeared in the hallway, a floral apron draped around her, splattered with what looked like strawberry jam, and a wooden spoon in her hand. She placed the spoon on the table upon noticing Spencer and Toby stood with her 7 year old son, and she rushed over to them. “Finny are you causing trouble again?” She asked, frowning as he suddenly stopped laughing and sheepishly shook his head.

“No mom” He promised her “I was just playing with Uncle Toby” She held her angry face for a few more seconds, before grinning and stretching down to hug him.

“I’m just messing with you. Now, can you please go and wake up your ma because cake is almost ready and I think we’d both be in big trouble if she didn’t get to taste it” Finn giggled, dashing upstairs to wake up Emily, leaving Ali with Spencer and Toby.

“She’s still in bed?” Spencer remarked as Toby kept a tight grip on her hand while following Ali into the kitchen. Ali nodded, dipping her finger in a big bowl of icing, pursuing her lips before adding another spoonful of sugar.

“I’m more curious what the cake is for” Toby joked, nosily taking a spoon and dipping it into the bowl. He nodded, his eyes lighting up “that’s good”

“The girls’ birthday is coming up” she told them “and they want a unicorn cake, so I figured I could get a head start while they were out with Hanna today”

“Oh, please. It’s going to the best cake they’ve ever tried” Emily appeared in the doorway, Finn close to her side, wearing silk pyjamas, her hair tied up in a high pony tail, and her face bare.

“Morning, sleepy head” Ali chuckled as she walked over and kissed her softly on the lips. “I missed you” she whispered, tilting her head so she could get a better look at her wife.

“Sorry” She muttered, moving to the fridge and taking out a cartoon of milk, taking a huge gulp and putting it back “the girls kept me up all night because they insisted on reading me a story about a fairy called Alice” She recounted, yawning as she spoke.

“Sounds liberating” Spencer mused with a grin.

“You’re laughing now, but that’s going to be you in a couple of years” Emily warned her, taking a seat next to Toby as he reached down to hug her.

“Uh, actually that’s sort of why we’re here” Spencer said, while being wafted by hot air from the oven as Ali pulled out a pink sponge in the shape of a unicorn. 

“Everything okay?” Emily asked, watching carefully as Finn ran out into the garden to play on the trampoline. She couldn’t help but notice the pair in front of her exchange a look before replying, Spencer playing with the diamond ring on her finger, a classic sign of her nerves. Toby shifted uncomfortably, his stance behind Spencer becoming stilted.

“Yeah” Toby said reassuringly “We just-we need your advice” Emily waited for them to continue, Ali leaving the cake alone for the moment to give them both her full attention.

“We have been arguing” Spencer told them as Toby suddenly went quiet “a lot” Emily was used to hearing about Spencer’s arguments with Toby, hell she had practically grown up with them, but he wasn’t usually in the room as she heard about them. And she usually managed to differentiate between Toby-her-best-friend, and Toby-Spencer’s-boyfriend. So, having both of them here telling her this was a little uncomfortable to say the least.

“About what?” Ali asked, aware that Emily was finding this awkward and taking her hand under the table. Spencer exhaled dramatically, resting both her hands on the top of her bump and looking down at it.

“How do you do it?” Desperation suddenly flooded her tone, and she wouldn’t drop eye contact with Ali “how do you decide the best way to raise your children? How do you not scream at each other when you can’t agree on the best way to handle a situation?” It threw her off guard, seeing Spencer so helpless and, frankly, fearful. Emily took a second to consider her question, but she couldn’t pin-point one exact time that the pair of them had ever sat down and just decided how to parent.

“We do argue” Ali comforted them “a lot. But it all comes down to compromise” Emily nodded in agreement, squeezing Ali’s hand in gratitude.

“Yeah, I mean there’s never any single thing that we agree on completely when it comes to Finn, Lily and Grace” she told them “like, I think it’s important to have Lily and Grace spend some times apart during the day, but Ali disagreed” She shrugged, and Ali smiled at her, kissing her on top of her head to let her know the fight was forgotten about. 

“And what did you do?” Toby asked warily, his hand resting on Spencer’s shoulder because the last thing he wanted was for either of them to start getting defensive.

“We compromised. They have two hours apart 2 times a week, Lily goes with Jason and Grace goes with my mom, and they alternate each week” And though Emily was intending on helping Spencer, her answered just seemed to make her more panicked.

“So I have to compromise?” Emily couldn’t hold back her smile, images of High-School Spencer flooding her mind, her reaction to being told to compromise in those days would have been to refuse to participate until they did it her way.

“Yes, Spencer” Emily said teasingly “you’re going to have to compromise”

“And, you know, the books aren’t always right” Ali admitted “sometimes you have to do what you feel is best and what follows your instinct rather than what some study showed a million years ago” Spencer physically grimaced, and Toby stroked her back lovingly, whispering some comfort in her ear. 

“Trust us” Emily reiterated “for the first few months of Finn I was convinced that we had to do everything by the book. But it actually became a lot easier when we started doing what we felt was right rather than what some chapter in a book told us was right” Emily couldn’t help but let her laugh escape at the horror clouding Spencer’s face.

“Any tips that don’t force me to completely change the foundation of who I am as a person?” She asked, only partly joking.

“Spencer, breathe” Toby reminded her, kissing her neck as Ali and Em looked at each other with a smirk.

“I mean, there is one other thing that got us through the fights” Ali said, Emily looking everywhere except at Spencer.

“What is it?” She asked pleadingly. There was a pause. 

“Sex” Emily finished for her “nothing like argument sex to make you forget what you were arguing about in the first place” Spencer paused, looking at both of them with a disbelieving expression on her face.

“It’s definitely a more fun way of screaming at each other” Ali joked, taking a sip of her tea and shrugging. Spencer laughed, shaking her head.

“I’m starting to think that’s the best advice you’ve given me since we met” She confessed, causing Toby’s eyebrows to arch suggestively, a smirk appearing on Spencer’s face as she innocently took a sip of her tea.

drink your thick milk kids