Milk Sake

there are very few things i have less time for than people who don’t read widely

i hopped on the gemsona bandwagon way too late and spent time dawdling on this short and simple ref even longer, but i’m very excited to show you guys what i have so far!

  • this is Milky Quartz!  although she tends to go by Milk for convenience’s sake.  i used to dig up huge chunks of milky quartz in my backyard all the time as a kid, so i’m very attached to it for both nostalgia and just that i’ve always admired and identified with its simplicity
  • she is small.  so small.  probably only a tad bit taller than Steven, for reference.  whether or not she is an actual gem child, i have no idea, although she does have quite the child-like demeanor at times (all the time).  her eyes, hands, and feet are kind of big for her stature though, and her smile has a habit of being ridiculously wide
  • as of right now, her gem is on her left foot, although i’ve considered moving it to the back of one of her hands
  • she is a very curious gem and greatly enjoys digging around and admiring Earth’s plantlife (humans would be just as fascinating i’d assume, but also intimidating)
  • i have not the slightest clue what kind of powers she’d have, or even a weapon.  i’ve toyed with the idea of a shovel of sorts, but i’m still hesitant
  • her outfit is in the works as well; i think i’m keeping the overalls, but i want to add buttons or something as well as a brown or gold accent so she’s not completely greyscale
  • there’s nothing hidden under her hair.  just another normal eye

(i’m also working with Tanner on his gemsona as well, so expect a Tanzanite in the near future)

nightmarexking asked:

I look up into the night sky

I see a thousand eyes staring back

And all around these golden beacons

I see nothing but black

Sam Sparro-Black and Gold

Jack wasn’t sure why he was humming to himself, but it was a quiet night.  He leaned back on the park bench as he sipped his chocolate milk sake.  ”I should think about heading back,” he muttered.  It was getting late, and his roommate would worry if he didn’t head back to the apartment soon.  It was a nice night though, and it had been such a long, busy day at the shop.  If he wasn’t careful he could fall asleep on the bench.

thehandylover asked:

I’m glad you spoke up and glad that guy got shown up in public. I hate the way people look at me when I haven’t had the energy to shave (I’m a guy!) or take a shower and I have to go pick up some milk. It’s even worse if someone makes a comment and I’m just like "Ugh, fuck you! I’m just picking up some milk for God’s sake.” So if it helps, I know what it’s like too. :/

It fucking sucks. I’ve been crying since I got home, like I’ve already been down about myself and that just made it worse

It Only Takes 2 Ingredients To Make This Delicious Milk Alternative

There’s no doubt that it’s cool to be healthy in 2015. Health food stores have become just as common as Walmarts. Everyone seems to be going gluten-free, dairy-free, totally organic, or just deciding to make healthier choices when it comes to their diet…and with good reason! When you eat well, you feel better, plain and simple.If you’ve given up regular milk for the sake of your health, your weight, or you don’t like the taste of it, you’ve probably tried quite a few milk alternatives. These protein-packed drinks are great for your body, but can cost a pretty penny, too….