Milk Sake

anxiety is not cute, shy girls who get nervous in public sometimes, anxiety is getting to dizzy you can’t walk and then being sent into a spiraling panic attack after a presentation

depression is not “grunge” 18 year olds who occasionally smoke ciggs and listen to sad music depression is constantly feeling numb, and dead and you don’t know why

bipolar disorder is not girls in skirts having short outbursts of anger at people once a week, bipo;ar disorder is someone having so many emotions changing so fast you don’t know what to do and can’t control it however hard you try

psychosis is not pale white girls in boxer braids holding baseball bats psychosis is people with severe issues that cuts them off from external reality.

Mental/psychiatric illnesses are not trendy or grunge. Stop making severe problems your “aesthetic”

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Trigger warning: severe animal cruelty

Exposing New Zealand’s incredibly cruel dairy industry

Regardless of the theme of your blog PLEASE consider boosting this to spread the truth about the level of cruelty that cows are subjected to in New Zealand’s dairy industry.

A video has recently surfaced that shows

  • Cows desperately running after their babies as they are cruelly taken away from them when only a few hours old
  • 4-day-old calves left in crates at the side of the road for up to eight hours, despite the law requiring them to be fed two hours before transportation
  • Drivers roughly throwing calves into the back of trucks
  • Dead calves thrown into piles at farm gates
  • A slaughterman violently kicking and throwing helpless calves before bashing them on the head and slitting their throats.

Few people know what happens to cows and calves in the dairy industry.
Even fewer people have seen it for themselves.

For the sake of milk products, every year the New Zealand dairy industry treats millions of 4-day-old calves as ‘waste products’, tearing them away from their mothers and sending them to the slaughterhouse.


You can donate to the organisation that exposed this cruelty here 

PLEASE BOOST THIS. On Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, wherever, just spread this message.

And I left because who doesn’t have almond milk? It’s 2015 for goddess’ sake!

white woman, in Boulder, drinking an almond milk latte, at The Cup

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How to DIY reusuable lunch box from milk jug

How to DIY reusuable lunch box from milk jug

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For the sake our Mother earth, recycle as much as you can. With just a few snips, you can create a set of cool, eco-friendly, reusable snack and sandwich containers from juice cartons and milk jugs. They’re food-safe, easy to rinse clean, and absolutely free. To make such a box, you’ll need

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Our Rum

Even if Killian warned us:

Nothing prepared me for how despicables the Author an Gold were:

(Goat’s milk for God sake. If in the flask was water or mmm… I don’t know orange juice, I would despite the Author and Rumpelstiltskin less)

(The allergic to alcohol exist, but please drinking rum with Emma is part of Killian happy ending according to Colin, it was beyond cruel)

Why is the Rum gone?

In this moment we all became Emma.

anonymous asked:

Jem/Dim, you've been volunteered to drink the super tiddy milk for the sake of science but mostly by being a test subject, do you drink the milk or nah?

oh lord…

well considering it’s 1. permanent, and 2. leads to more tiddies if not milked properly…

that is a very tough question ;w;

…y’know what sure i’d do it