Lactose free dairy milk makes me so fucking mad. You aren’t supposed to consume dairy milk if your not a calf especially if your not a baby. Why can’t you just drink plant based milks? Your body has told you that you shouldn’t consume dairy. Take that as a godamn sign and drink something natural rather than continuing to fight nature and bend it to your will while continuing to exploit cows and supporting the veal industry.

No one cares about my opinion, but here it is anyway.

Fan fiction is awesome.  Fan fiction is art.  Fan fiction is a great way of feeling out characters you are already so emotionally invested in.  Fan fiction is beautiful.  Fan fiction is FAN fiction.  It’s OURS.

Don’t break the third wall and force them into that world.  It isn’t theirs. They don’t belong here.

I’m seriously so disgusted and disappointed with fans using my work to harass band members.  I hope you all know that you suck.  Hard.