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Glad you're not meme spewing political garbage like all the other tank blogs on here.

I like said political garbage, but I understand people come to this place mostly for military themes and pictures, so out of respect I avoid posting it as much as possible.

I don’t condem anyone who postes it though, but I agree some blogs seem to have become completely political.

(Talking about unrelated themes, cartoon posting is something inherently mine, so sometimes I can’t help myself from talking about it ehuehue).


Piedalu gas masks worn by French soldiers at Verdun, c.1915

Manufactured at around 20000 units in 1915, it had the texture of a bath towel and was treated with hyposulfite, with celluloid lenses and two elastic strap. One of the early designs to protect both the eyes and the airways, it did not fit the face very well and was subsequently retired from service. Note the horizon blue Képi Mle 1914, the Adrian helmet would only be issued to the majority of frontline troops by the end of the year.