Recent Additions:

The newest version of the Vinyl case is available in The Store. This is a much more refined version and still fits perfectly into a wallet or shoe. It can even help with a small cache in locations around the home, office or hotel should the need arise.

Other up and coming additions include the mini screwdriver, we will of course be ordering more of the 14mm SERE compass with Lanyard, in stock is the Microcord in 2mm, as well as the multi purpose Tubing, and a host of other new items we will be adding very soon. 

The Firesteels we now offer with our packages have continued to receive positive feedback and as such we will be offering them as standard. We still strive to monitor our products and where possible find one to exceed our current range. This careful attention to detail allows us to offer you the best products at all times.

For these items and more you may have not yet seen please browse the Law Industries Store.

My take on the regular Team Rocket thug. I never got the ‘threatening terrorist’ vibe from them even thought that’s what they were supposed to be. I always pictured them as more of a paramilitary group that pulled off bigger jobs than stealing a Pikachu, like bombing Pokemon centers or robbing highly guarded facilities full of rare or man-made pokemon (like where mewtwo was created). They certainly don’t seem to be short of funding that would enable them to do so. 

Beautiful examples of French and British swords from the Revolutionary War.The one on the left is the French sword and is engraved with the words “Ex Dono Regis” (Given by the King). The one on the right is a British sword and has a hallmark of the London maker Joseph Clare. It also has an inscription on it’s blade “Ne me tire pas sans raison, Ne me remette point sans honneur” (draw me not without reason, sheath me not without honor)

The key to the Bastille. Given to Washington by the Marquis de Lafayette in 1790.

"Give me leave, my dear General to present you with a picture of the Bastille, just as it looked a few days after I had ordered its demolition—with the main key of the fortress of despotism. It is a tribute, which I owe, as a son to my adoptive father, as an Aide-de-Camp to my General, as a Missionary of liberty to its Patriarch."

Marquis de Lafayette to George Washington, March 17, 1790

B-52 Stratofortress Crosswind Landing

The B-52 was built with the capability to swiveling landing gear, enabling the massive bomber to come in for a landing crabbed into the wind, with wings level. Due to the sheer length of the bomber’s wings, rolling the aircraft during approach risks a wingtip hitting the ground.

The pilot dials in the heading of the runway, aligning the gear to that heading, despite the aircraft swiveling to the left or right. B-52’s have been known to make such extreme crosswind approaches that pilots have reported looking out the side windows in order to view the oncoming runway.

via Foxtrot Alpha.