So apparently Alex thought that Miles was too far away from him so he simply pulled him closer by the chin and i’M VERY MUCH DEAD

“Miracle Aligner” just clicked perfectly with the storyline. The videos go:

Bad habits


Everything you’ve come to expect

Miracle Aligner

In Bad habits, a bride throws a bachelor’s party, and hires a musical duo to perform, but leaves them to have “fun” with. However, she is caught by the groom. “Bad habits” refers to “not right” sexuality and cheating.

In Aviation, the groom decides to kill the wife and Miles and Alex. He makes the latter to dig up the grave. Miles kisses the groom to distract him and the guards so the bride can run, because he knows that if she doesn’t, they would all be shot and nobody survives.

In Everything you’ve come to expect, the bride returns because she wants at least one of them, if not two. She first turns to Alex, who declines because he loves someone else. Later, same is for Miles. Thinking “If I can’t have you, then nobody can”, the bride runs away again without digging them up and leaving them to die.

Finally, Miracle Aligner takes place after they got out. This explains the mess Alex’s hair are and their tan. Alex throws rose petals because he wants to talk, that’s why Miles asks him what it is. The whole video is them confessing to each other, and the awkward pair dancing is because they both feel the same way. The ending is self-explanatory.

Boy is that beautiful.

The Pitch For 'Miracle Aligner'
  • Director:So we've teased this intricately plotted narrative with the last two videos, so I'm thinking we finally-
  • Alex:I want to dance.
  • Director:Uh… okay. Maybe. But first-
  • Alex:No. I'll just dance.
  • Director:But-
  • Alex:Dance.
  • Miles:Now, now, Al, let's be realistic… We'll need rose petals first.

find someone who looks at you like alex looks at miles

damn, someone should gifset this