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Prompt 18 please!

Aghhh thanks! I’m hoping you wanted milex? (Based loosely on the beginning of dream synopsis ;) hehe)

18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”


“Well what do you even expect me to say to that?” Alex asks, brow furrowed as he stares down at the cigarette between his fingers. Miles grins at him excitedly.

“Yes?” He prompts, coming closer, raising an eyebrow and flashing a crooked smile. “Come on Al, we never do anything fun anymore, we’re getting old!” He complains although it’s clear that he’s joking. Alex takes a moment to look up at him, sees his hopeful gaze and his daring smile. He sighs heavily, mostly for the drama of it and much as he wants to concede, much as he secretly loves the idea of ditching their own party in favour of running off together to be alone. Much as it makes him feel like a rebellious teen even to be having this conversation. Much as sneaking off beyond the kitchen where the drinks have been flowing for the last hour comes with an endless appeal, he does want to whine a little more first, to bother Miles with more questions and tease him with the vague possibility that he might actually refuse.

“What if we get caught, hm?” Miles snorts at him, knows him so well that he probably saw right through the questioning. They both knew the answer to that one.

“We won’t, obviously… but seriously what are they gonna do, slap us on the wrist? You worry too much,” he concludes and his last sentence is the most serious he’s said in at least an hour. Something Alex feels a desperate need to oppose just by nature.

“Not true,” he grumbles, aware it’s a weak statement and he stubs out the cigarette like he’s trying to make it all the more emphatic.

“Al…” Miles’ tone has gone softer to fit with how he’s gotten closer. “Kiss me,” he whispers, probably slightly more question in it than he’d like. Alex gets the impression it’s supposed to be a demand but the way his gaze flits, however briefly, to the balcony door is telling enough. As if to rattle their nerves more Miles’ next step closer comes accompanied by some raucous applause from downstairs that has them both wincing. Alex’s heart races for a moment, certain they’ve been caught like that, alone together with barely an inch between them. Time slows and his movements are stilted, mind on the closed doors that suddenly seem all that much thinner but gaze still fixed on the lips he wants to kiss.

“Miles…” Alex whispers, an echo of the tone he’d just heard. He shuts his eyes and let’s the small amount of alcohol in his bloodstream pepper up his thoughts. He can feel Miles getting closer, feel warmth radiating from Miles forearm as he brings a hand up to trail fingers over his jaw. They break apart pretty rapidly, little more than just another stolen kiss. Alex’s mind is much too focussed on his stubbed out cigarette, the reminder of his now useless excuse.

“C'mon love, what d'you say?” Miles’ enthusiasm has dwindled in the last five minutes, from childish giggly excitement to something remarkably akin to desperation.

“I- erm… this party is for us you realise, they’ll notice if we’re not around…” Alex mumbles another token protest but Miles is getting his confidence back, pulls him in again and brushes their lips together in a delicate kiss.

“We’re already not around,” he points out, a certain sexiness leaking into his tone that Alex can see echoed in the smirk on his face. For a moment he feels reckless, decision made, consequences far off in the distance just like the thought of their manager is now far off at the back of his mind.

“W-well… this is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.“ He seals the statement with a kiss and feels Miles drag him closer, smiling against his lips. Miles leaves the room first and Alex waits, waits until he can safely leave before he’s off, heart thumping and for a moment he imagines it’s beating like that not because he’s nervous but simply because it’s eager to fall back into rhythm with Miles’ again.

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Hello!! This is my first Milex comic and it is pretty dumb but I hope you enjoy it anyways haha!! Ooh and a quick thanks to @sorethpid, @coloureddays and @florakinesis for the encouragement hehe!!