Miles Matheson’s character explained via Revolution Revealed in S 1 

I had a dream last night that Miles was going to go face off with General Monroe on his own when Monroe showed up in the woods alone after I guess finding out where they were.

So it’s this intense scene where Bass is just standing there in full uniform completely still as he waits for Miles to slowly walk over and the suspense is building up and then Miles stops right in front of him, closer than is necessary because he’s clearly trying to be intimidating.

But then they both look down and they’re blatantly wearing two different boots each and it goes immediately from intense and suspenseful of is Miles going to turn himself in or kill Monroe or get himself killed or both to them bickering over who stole whose shoe. And like clearly they’ve both just been wandering around in mismatched boots since Miles left the militia (I don’t know, maybe he got dressed drunk and in the dark and in a rush that day?). And with Miles I could see not having an opportunity to find a different, matching pair of boots while on the run, especially ones that would fit better and not just bother his feet that have at least adjusted to walking all day in the mismatched ones (and now I’m picturing Miles yanking the boots off of every guy they kill along the way trying to get Danny back and then when they don’t fit being like dammit, why can’t he send someone with reasonably sized feet after me?). But I cannot get over the fact that President fucking Monroe couldn’t find another fucking pair of shoes in all that time. Clearly the dude was holding onto Miles by keeping his boot with him at all times (and maybe as a potential hostage like hey Miles, you can have your boot back if you come back and be a general again).

So anyways they both realize where there other boot has been and start bickering about who took whose boot, etc. Then they come to an agreement like okay, fine. We’ll both just take the shoe that isn’t ours off and trade and this is Bass at his prime negotiating skills as leader of the entire freaking republic. So Miles agrees and they both take the other’s boot off and Bass hands Miles his back. Miles pretends like he’s handing Bass’s over and at the last second pulls it back again and then throws it super far into a swamp. He just fucking launches it into the swamp and even if Bass can somehow get to exactly where it is, the boot is still going to be stuck deep in the mud at the bottom and Bass would just get himself stuck so there’s no way he is actually getting his shoe back. So then Miles puts his own boot back on while Bass just stands there, one foot in a boot and one foot bootless, staring out at the swamp.

And I cannot get over how this dream was simultaneously super stupid and yet so in character.