It’s all about respect, respect for our teammates, respect for our fans, and respect for our game. No matter your race, religion, or whether you’re straight, gay, bisexual, or transgender; if you can play, you can play. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from, on this team… we’re family.

Some hockey players are smiley:

Some are short:

Some are tall:

Some are inked and tatted:

Sometimes they can be aggressive:

Sometimes they get injured:

But they can be really silly:

Some are amused by Cabbie:

Some really like food….:

Sometimes we are just left to wonder about them….:

But there’s a lot of emotion in all of them no matter what team:

And it’s kinda nice.

happy birthday connor mcdavid !!
  • baby: c-
  • mom: honey i think she's trying to
  • say something
  • baby: c-c
  • dad: i knew her first word would be coffee...
  • mom: *smacks his arm*
  • baby: c-connor mcdavid was born on january 13, 1997; he would become one of the league's youngest captains and the lord and saviour of the edmonton oilers

The Oilers have some mighty generous players in that locker room, as we see in this Q&A from Sportsnet Canada. 

I’d probably get Milan Lucic a stress ball too.

Edmonton Oilers memes
  • The Idea that McDavid was only drafted to protect Lucic
  • “Always recycle you never know when Ference is watching” going off of that Leon Draisaitl is a spy for Andrew Ference. You can never trust him.
  • The Gretzky Curse 
  • “You can’t say that Pat!” right as pat maroon opens his mouth but before he has the chance to say anything.
  • *someone mentions the gap in Eberle’s teeth* “yet another unrealistic expectation for men.” 
  • going off of the last one, the team acts like the gap is the hottest thing and when one of them loses a tooth the others accuse him of trying to be Ebs.
  • They fight over who loves Connor McDavid more and it usually ends with Lucic threatening to beat everyone up because he loves Connor the most. 
  • Just calling Klefbom sexbomb all the time.
  • “I remember the day Hallsy died like it was yesterday.”
  • “Hey nuge can you chill” when Nuge is doing nothing.
  • “Who’s faster McDavid or the crushing realization of mortality?” actual debates arise
  • “What would the 2011 boston bruins do?”
  • Calling Caggiula, Caligula 
  • Telling Cam Talbot whatever he’s wearing is so not his color.



i love everything about this i don’t even know where to begin

  • connor mcdavid: yeah lucic, he's a good kid
  • milan lucic: connor...
  • connor mcdavid: i like to think my veteran presence is helping his game
  • milan lucic: connor pls
  • connor mcdavid: i explained to him sometimes it's hard to balance playing pro hockey and not having your parents around to do your laudnry for you ha ha ha
  • milan lucic: connor i have two children stop