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I remixed 8#Prince’s song “Kimagure Mercy” using Juby’s English lyrics!! 

(I also drew my own art for it… whoa…)

The Signs As Vocaloid Songs They Should Listen To


Taurus: Portrait Of The Pirate F

Gemini: When I Get Home My Wife Always Pretends To Be Dead

Cancer: hatsune miku english “fuck it” original song

Leo:  Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!

Virgo: The Tale Of A 10 Year Old Vampire Queen

Libra: Judgement of Corruption

Scorpio: Tarantula

Sagittarius: Breaking Things into Pieces

Capricorn: iNSaNiTY

Aquarius: I Don’t Care Who, Somebody Go Out With Me!

Peixes: Deep Sea Girl


【Hatsune Miku 】DISASTER IDOL【Original Song】

anonymous asked:

Fuck Hatsune Miku. Overhyped, overglorified subpar cash cow. I had to suffer back in the early days of Vocaloid 2 when weebs were like "Oh em jee! Miku haz da bessst english!" when she didn't even have an English VB. And weebs were all "Miku izzz the first vocaloid evaaa! kawaii!" They refused to acknowedge that Engloid Sweet Ann had been the first V2 and the first Vocaloid ever was LEON/LOLA. Ppl were all "Miku is the besr Japanese vocaloid." No, her quality is terrible. I speak Japanese...

thank you for this new copypasta I will use this in the future


OFFICIAL video from the Miracle Nikki x Magical Mirai collab!! 

I really hope it’s not a JPN server exclusive, I really want the Miku suits… no luka though qwq;;;



never ender - kz/livetune feat. Hatsune Miku

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