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  Miku was invited to participate in a tribute album honoring one of the main composers of Vocaloid, Doriko. The album “doriko 10th anniversary tribute” will be released on August 30, 2017. On the album, Miku re-recorded the song “文学者の恋文” (Bungakumono no Koibumi)

The original version has the song has the voice of the famous vocaloid Hatsune Miku.


NEWS: Miku (AN CAFE) Visual-kei Oyaji (ClubZy)
Live broadcast on NICO NICO.

REC BY: AN CAFE Polish Street Team

They talked about the upcoming performances of the band: Takuya’s birthday show, 15th anniversary tour, Blu-Billion tour and Crazy Monsters events.

Hoshiko-san asked Miku how the word “NYAPPY” came up, replied that it was when he worked at the Sunkus (Convenience Store Network), Hoshiko-san also asked in which area Miku worked; but there was no response.

He was also asked about the title of the birthday tour, Miku replied that it was because from the beginning there were many miracles in the band and also that they had received many emails from people abroad asking for An Cafe. They did not believe it was true at first, but eventually they realized it was true.

They showed the CIVARIZE BOOK.

They also talked about Miku’s birthday show that took place on January 6th in Shinjuku ReNY. Hoshiko-san asked about his family. In the broadcast comments, some fans would say, “Your father is handsome,” and things like that.

They were going to call someone, but then the free broadcast ended.