Miki Honoka


I love how Naoki figured out Kotoko was pregnant even before she did.

After they -uh, you know-, the moonlight breaks through the clouds and shines directly on Kotoko’s belly and he realizes/hopes this means she’s pregnant. :’)
And then later when he keeps asking her if she’s all right, he looked kind of disappointed that she didn’t seem to be showing any signs and then, bam, she faints and behold, they’re going to have a baby.

Excuse me, I’m in a bit of emotional fangirl craze right now. These fictional pregnancies do things to me.


Things I wanna do with my love

  1. Hearing music together.
  2. Piggy back ride.
  3. Hugs that can make me feel ok.
  4. See him while he sleeps.
  5. Rides.
  6. Unexpected hugs.
  7. Eating ice creams.
  8. Forehead kisses.
  9. Dance soft music.
  10. Hear that he loves me.

These are such cursi things but when you love so much somebody, nothing is cursi. (via alykukaita)


Need to capture this moment: the usually aloof Irie Naoki shows rare emotions, jealousy being the most prominent.
Steph thoroughly approves. I mean, there’s not even a slight chance for Kamogari but it’s nice to have Naoki reminded that he’s not the only one interested in Kotoko.


      “I have a feeling that you and the girl will stay together forever.” - Watanabe, Naoki’s forgotten friend from high school.

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