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This Was An Ask...

… But for some reason it broke and the text wouldn’t appear when I answered. The ask was;

‘How would the boys go about waking up their little son or daughter up for training? It would be so cute if you let them have little nicknames and a cute daddy moment with them! Pretty please!’

Let’s see if my answer works here;

Oh, be still my beating heart <3 That’s adorable. A lot of this is personal head canon about what the guys kids would be like, so there we go, but roll with it)

Leo -

Leo would want to get his little one into the habit of waking up as early as he does, given he’s always been a sucker for training. Luckily he’s experienced with getting other people up for this exact thing- Namely Mikey most days and Donnie anytime after he’s been up way to late finishing some experiment. Or maybe watching anime (And Donnie totally watches anime, no one will ever convince me otherwise)

So it comes as second nature to him, venturing into his son’s room to try and stir him from his sleep. He’d be kind enough to leave the lights out as he made his way over to sit on the edge of his bed.

“ Hey, squirt, time to wake up. You’ve got training in half an hour, ” He encouraged him softly, only to be met with tired groans of protest, causing him to chuckle.

“ Ugh, five more minutes dad, ” Kameko grumbled as he buried himself even further into his blankets, causing Leo to sigh.

“ Alright, five more minutes, ” He relented. He didn’t mean to be so easily defeated but he’d do anything for his own son.

Raph -

Raphael however is not quite as… Gentle as a father figure as Leonardo is. He loves his kid just as much, of course, but in typical Raphael style his way of parenting was a lot… Louder.

“ Up and at ‘em, half-pint! ” Raph boomed, door flung open, lights switched on like it was a spotlight. A cushion was thrown his way but bounced harmlessly off of his shoulder. Before his daughter could react further, she’d already had the covers thrown off of her and been hoisted up onto her father’s shoulders.

“ Daaaad, ” Kelly yawned, as she rubbed sleepily at her eyes, already being piggy backed through to the kitchen to get some breakfast before training. “ It’s too early. ”

“ Yeah, you wish it was, ” Raph retorted, dropping her carefully to the tiles of the kitchen floor, like one might handle a China doll. While he might act like a big, tough scary- He was in fact a massive softie. Especially when it came to matters of his family. Especially his daughter, who he adored more than life itself.

“ … Kameko, did you eat all the Cheerios again? ” Kelly complained, looking to her older cousin who was currently halfway through munching said cereal.

“ … No. ”

And suddenly there was milk and half eaten Cheerios everywhere. A spoon went flying. Kelly had vaulted the table and tackled poor Kameko when he was halfway through a mouthful of breakfast.

Raph looked to his side, to see Leo, who could only sigh before the two of them went to go break up their fighting children.

Some things never change.

Donnie -

Don is a pretty fussy sort of helicopter parent… But he isn’t, because he’s read the terrible statistics of what might happen to a child who is coddled too much. He’s read every book on parenting, and is likely trying to discreetly check on his child at ever turn. But only because he loves them!

As such, and because of his terrible sleep pattern as well, Don would probably opt for an extra loud alarm clock to wake -both- of them up. It probably wouldn’t work.

“ Dad, uh, hey dad? ” Tesla asked, shaking his father’s arm slightly. Donnie would peer one eye open to look at his son, scooping him up into his arms to settle him in bed between himself and his mother.

“ What’s the matter, whizz-kid? ” He asked him, speaking quietly as to not wake his sleeping wife.

“ Um it’s just… I think we slept through our alarm again, ” He explains sheepishly.

“ Really? But I just made it louder. What makes you think that, little genius? ” Donnie asked, stretching out slightly.


“ … Grandfather does, ” The kid explained, retreating under the pillows, while Donnie checked the alarm to see- Yep, they’d somehow slept in again.

“ I’ll… I’ll upgrade the speakers again later. Uh, for now let’s… Let’s just hide. ”

(This one is a little sad given how many versions Splinter dies in… Oops, didn’t mean to stir up any feels)

Mikey -

Mikey, even far into his adulthood, is still a child at heart. He understands his kids struggles, he remembered hating waiting for training… Scratch that he still hates waking up for training now… And waking up, in general. So when he does have to wake his precious little one up, he’s more than soft about it.

“ Psst, huggy-buggy, widdle-waddle, my tinker-doodle, ” Mikey whisper-shouted, kneeling beside the bed and resting his elbows on the edge of the mattress.

“ Ugh, dad, that’s so embarrassing, ” Tiara complained sighing, stretching out slightly. “ Do I need to go? ” She asked him, not with her usual air of sleepy defiance as expected from any child who did not want to do something. Rather, genuine sadness.

“ Why? Are you sick? ” He asked, beginning to make a fuss as he ever did when his precious baby was ill.

“ Do I need to go to training if I’m sick? ” She asked him in response, holding her blankets to her chest with a frown.

“ No. ”

“ Then I’m sick, ” She insisted, a few tears dripping from her eyes. Mikey instantly went to scoop her up, pulling her down from the bed to side on his lap, tugging the duvet with her.

“ Hey, little princess, what’s the matter? ” He asked her, rocking her gently.

“ I… Everyone else is better than me, ” This comment left Mikey gobsmacked.

“ What? ”

“ W-Well, my cousins are all… Better. Kameko is really good at getting everyone to work together, Kelly is sooo much better than me and fighting and Tesla is like, super smart, ” Tiara explained. “ … And then there’s me, ” Mikey’s heart sank. Not just because his daughter was feeling so low but because… He’d felt like that growing up too. He’d always felt his brothers were better than him.

“ Well, maybe, pfft~ So? Can they cheer everyone up? Are they sneaky enough to steal the last cookie from the jar without Grandpa noticing? Do they have the high score on pinball? ” He asked her, before proceeding to launch a tickle assault on her, causing her to burst into a fit of giggles.

“ N-No! ” She squealed.

“ Then who does!? ” He asked, pinning her as his fingers found their way to her armpits, causing her to roar even louder in hysterical laughter.

“ Me! I d-do! ” Tiara squealed.

“ That’s it! So you get in there and you show em your stuff, Waddles! ” He encouraged.

“ Daaaaad! ”

(And there you have it. Just as a little explanation as to why I picked the names / nicknames I did.

Leo - So I picked Kameko because it’s Japanese and Leo is a sucker for all that. Plus, it means 'son of the tortoise’ and y'know, haha. Close enough to turtle right? Squirt was something in the same sort of punny, eh, squirt ad in squirtle… The Pokemon?… Just me?

Raph - Kelly means warrior, think that’s pretty self explanatory. I feel he’d also want a short name with a lot of meaning for his kid. And 'half-pint’ I just feel Raph would be one to obsess over, omg look how small his kid is. Short-stack / shorty are also totally viable options.

Donnie - Tesla, as in, the scientist Nikola Tesla. I thought it was cute as well. Whizz-kid and little genius are just part of that. Einstein maybe from time to time. Plus, those are also somewhat compliments? And I feel Don would be one to smother his kid in praise.

Mikey - Mikey would definitely want a 'celeb’ name for his baby. It’d have to be unique and a bit odd, but not so strange the kid would hate it. Something that was cute and nice. So Tiara, since y'know, connotations of royalty and princesses. Plus, I actually have met someone with this name! ^.^ As a middle name know, but still. I figure as with nicknames, Mikey would go overboard. He’d have a million and one embarrassing nicknames on the go at all times, with no reason or rhyme to them. )


Kind of been working on these for the past week or so, never really got the chance to upload these sketches >w<; 

Eve and Raph doodles y’all! Don’t mess with Eve, she’s a fiesty one. hehe! (OvO)/ 

Aaaaand Mikey giving Raph a hard time because he got his butt kicked by Leo, haha! xD

costume design/character description thoughts for unholyverse:


  • in the grand scheme of things looks like 2007 pro rev frank by way of tattoos and general body type, for the most part. 
  • in the beginning of the first book his hair is that early black parade era long bangs thing that’s short everywhere else but like. not quite the revenge mohawk thing. 
  • perky. holds himself loosely, doesn’t really put a lot of thought into his movements, if that makes sense. he’s more comfortable. sick a lot, sure, but very open with his physical presence. 
  • t-shirts, t-shirts with bands and weird prints he finds at thrift stores, mostly, the same 2 hoodies and one jacket on rotation, and the same 3 pairs of jeans. (one blue, (covered in holes and paint and gunk) one black, (also has holes in various places) and another black (the one pair he tries to keep as decent looking as possible.)) 
  • been wearing the same pair of “red” converse for the past 3 years. they’re barely red anymore and mikey doodled on the toes with sharpie awhile back and the rubber is basically gray now
  • doesn’t hold onto trinkets, at least not on his person. no jewelry beyond piercings, nothing extra in his pockets or anything like that. 
  • by the end of the first book/beginning of the second he’s more or less run down. it’s more of a subtle change, mostly in that the perkiness has turned more into “im hyperactive bc adhd but also i’m just tired of everything.” 
  • his hair has gotten much longer. it’s sort of a security blanket so he doesn’t cut it.
  • dark circles, veins more prominent in his hands, and his scars are still juuust a little pink.
  • twitchy. he’s very aware of when people come in and out of the room, and finds himself cataloging where people are in the room, or where they’re sitting in the van. touch starved as hell and has no idea how to deal with it, ends up looking weird and shifty in situations that would involve friendly-or-slightly-more-than-friendly touch.
  • by the end of book two/beginning of book three he looks like literal hell. lost a lot of weight, stands very heavily. his posture is turned in like he doesn’t want people to see him. hands in pockets, feet turned in/close together, hunchy shoulders. sitting with his knees pulled up when he can. his face is drawn and he’s lazy as hell about shaving. 
  • he’s wearing more layers by this point, sweatshirts and flannels and things items of clothing that belonged to ray? or maybe mikey? he doesn’t know anymore but they’re comfy and nobody’s bugged him about it, so he wears em. 
  • rosary. tbh of the top of my head i cant remember when he starts carrying around gerard’s rosary but i believe its at the end of book two? either way he’s started that and he’s very possessive of it (obviously). it looks like it’s a lifeline, like he’s clinging to it more than really healthy. it’s usually in his pocket or around his neck tucked into his shirt.
  • by the end of book three/epilogues, by the time gerard comes back and they actually get together etc etc he gets a fucking haircut. it’s shortish, think august 2014. he’s put on weight again, and he looks much healthier than he did. 
  • he’s still set in bad posture habits that are evident but it’s clear he’s fighting it a little, like he knows he Should sit up straight so he tries, but it’s sort of forced and awkward. 
  • the seemingly permanent dark circles are evening out a bit, his scars are fading, he’s remembering to fucking shave. 
  • he’s adjusted faaaar more than he was. he’s got his weird snarky personality back more or less, is less of a downer. (though he had every right to be before)
  • still wears a lot of layers, though it’s less desperate now. finally got new shoes.


  • initial Look: think that one trenchcoat photoshoot from 2010, with the longish dark hair. that’s yr baseline. i always picture him in this as even taller than frank than he actually is so make of that what you will.
  • in the beginning of the first book. spry! he’s chipper in a different way than frank is, he talks too much but is generally a contained physical presence. 
  • wrings his hands a lot, touches his hair and his face especially in situations that are unfamiliar or not super comfortable.
  • when i say unfamiliar i don’t necessarily mean the people he’s talking to but the subject they’re talking about. talking about scripture comes so naturally to him at this point that his nervous habits and tics tend to be less prominent, whereas talking to frank about mattresses and shit makes him sort of odd. 
  • wears the same damn thing every day. black black black collar scarves leather jacket
  • his pants are jeans though they’re not dress pants pretty much ever so there’s that.
  • shoes are scuffed but generally nice, something you’d wear to a nice dinner maybe. black boots.
  • by the end of book one/beginning of book two his appearance doesn’t change too much, though he and frank share the dark circles and tired posture. his posture was already pretty poor though so. not a ton of change.
  • over the course of book two i think he starts to look more and more run down, he’s very patient and it doesn’t show a ton in his interactions but he’s so tired and it’s evident in the lines on his face. 
  • his shoes are steadily declining and his jacket looks a fucking mess there are holes in the elbows and it’s Bad
  • by the beginning of book three he’s a fucking mess tbh. when he’s very much in his own head, he’s twitchy as hell, he touches his face and his hands pretty much constantly. 
  • his eyes look sorta buggy? like he looks like he’s a deer in the headlights a lot of the time. 
  • the lines on his face are very pronounced, and he looks much older than he really is. he speaks oddly softly, probably because he’s fighting with something in his head for the better part of the book. 
  • those parts when xaphan is sorta in charge? when he’s saying things he doesn’t really mean but is still sort of himself, he’s oddly still. he still looks startled and hyperaware of his surroundings, but he’s not moving quite so much, and is almost a little bit spacey.
  • xaphan is a fucker and gerard doesn’t look like any of this when he’s in charge. he’s weirdly smooth and uncomfortably gentle and has the weird pro rev bravado about him and is just. very specifically Wrong.
  • by the end of book three he looks like he’s been hit by a truck like six times.
  • the scar on his neck is grotesquely obvious, it’s blackish and obvious over his collar. he’s cut his hair a little more, and it’s even more obvious.
  • he doesn’t look spacey or twitchy, really, mostly just resigned and tired. he wants to do so much good and it’s so hard at this point, that he’s just exhausted. everything about him screams it.
  • new shoes. they’re shiny and out of place with his run down everything else. he needs a shave, his eyes look softened and not really in a good way, and he stands very heavily.
  • by the epilogues/turning point there is marked improvement. the scar on his neck is fading, and it’s not gone, but it’s definitely not as obvious and uncomfortable as it was. he’s more or less back to his sorta-nervous-talking-too-much self, but he’s as a whole less anxious about it because he knows frank doesn’t care.
  • he wears a lot of t-shirts. he’s had a lot of t shirts for awhile while he was a priest, but he didn’t wear them much, so they just sorta sat in his drawer. he’s breaking em out by this point, and is also following frank’s lead with the “3 pairs of jeans one pair of shoes” thing. 
  • gets very attached to clothes, will wear one item until it dies and then eventually go find something new to latch onto.
  • frank will wear the current jacket/sweater of the week when he’s home and gerard isn’t wearing it. very comforting. gerard things it’s cute.

my hand hurts so bad but there you go i probably missed a bunch of stuff but