If you like fall out boy you probably like my chemical romance, panic! at the disco, and twenty øne piløts. Also dan and phil. its a magic circle that no ones getting out of

Kinda scared for 2019 because theres gonna be a bunch of emos sitting in their rooms with brightly dyed hair and nerf guns eating refried beans out of a can while checking there phones every 5 seconds for a mcr reunion thats not gonna happen

Not to be Emo, but we all know that the killjoy universe takes places in 2019, and we all talk about how we wanna do somethin’ for that year that involves the Danger Days era. Perhaps, that means making next year all about fucking fighting? Not to be cheesy, but the entirety of Danger Days is living life in color, after years of being angry, it’s about letting go, it’s about survival. Like, okay, the whole premise and motto of the killjoys that lived in the zones, was to fuck shit up, despite things being shitty. If you REALLY wanna celebrate that whole concept next year, then just make the entirety of 2019 about fighting back. Wear bright colors, stay shiney, bite back when your demons try to take you alive, and always, always, always, keep running.