If Mike marries Ana, Brandon, Jesus and Mariana will be adoptive siblings through Stef and Lena as well as step siblings through their biological parents marriage.

If AJ gets legally adopted by Mike, his name will be AJ Hensdale Foster. Which means, his girlfriend Callie Foster and him will have the same last name. They will also share Brandon Foster as a sibling. 

loneliness is the disease. friendship is the cure. its crazy to think how you, YES YOU, are the solution to so much pain in the world. your life. your presence. your kind words. your quick phone call. you actually caring. you giving a hug. your smile. your short little text to say, “i’m thinking about you.” what a privilege and responsibility to hold such power. doesnt it feel amazing to know that you possess a cure for one of the greatest epidemics of our generation. the disease of feeling lonely.
—  Mike Foster

April 26th, 2016 - May 29th, 2016

one year ago the spectacular journey of this show drew to a close. let us never forget this beautiful piece of theatre that showed us what it meant to really live.