BRANDON HAS EVERY RIGHT TO BE UPSET THAT HIS FATHER IS FOSTERING A KID: 1. WITHOUT REALLY ASKING HIM IF IT WAS OKAY  2. WHEN HE’S BARELY EVEN THERE FOR BRANDON  … PART TIME. It’s shown in Mike’s guilt. It’s shown through Brandon lashing out at him. Is Mike the best father on The Fosters? Yes. But that doesn’t make him father of the year, when he lives near his son and works with his mother and b’ still doesn’t feel like he has him.

I don’t want to hear Brandon is being selfish when he has NEVER cared about his mothers fostering and adopting more kids … because he feels like theres enough of his mothers love to go around … his father on the other hand? There isn’t enough to go around cause he hasn’t gotten much of it. This on top of the drinking … they’re cute sometimes but they got issues.

And this cop sees a bright, talented, decent young man. This cop’s not going to let you live down to anyone’s expectation. Do you understand me? All you need is someone who believes in you. Someone you can count on and i`m going to be that person. Do you know why? Cause i have to believe in a world where a kid like you gets a real chance. That’s why i`m doing this, AJ.
—  Mike Foster

It’s not where you come from
It’s where you belong
Nothin’ I would trade
I wouldn’t have it any other way
You’re surrounded
By love and you’re wanted
So never feel alone
You are home with me
Right where you belong