Despicable Democrat Wished the Ebola Virus on Members of the NRA

Despicable Democrat Wished the Ebola Virus on Members of the NRA

The compassion of liberals makes me feel so warm and happy.  This time the warm wishes come from the political lightweight and the candidate for Congress in Virginia, Mike Dickinson. On Sunday night, he took to his Twitter account to rile up the masses by sending out a cheery tweet to members of the NRA, by calling them “terrorists” and wishing that they succumb to the Ebola virus.

Dear god.…

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Cantor Challenger Gives Lesson on What Not to Do When Appearing on Faux 'News'

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Democratic candidate Mike Dickinson, who is challenging House Majority Whip Eric Cantor in Virginia, managed to get the right wing whipped up into a frenzy with a series of Tweets, calling out Fox “news” and Sean Hannity for doing nothing but reporting lies and mistruths.

This Tuesday night, he got a chance to go one on one with Hannity, and while I give him credit for being willing to face Hannity, who he had to know was going to be completely hostile to him after he attacked him on Twitter, he also managed to give every Democrat who is even remotely thinking about appearing on that network, and especially with someone as mean and nasty as Sean Hannity, a lesson on exactly what you should not do if you’re going to go on there.

First of all, you have a list of bullet points you want to make and expect to get interrupted. And after you get interrupted, make the points you want to make anyway, because it might be the only chance you get because Hannity is going to cut you off and interrupt you and change the subject at every turn.

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