'Playboy' Model Sentenced Over Body-Shaming Woman At Gym

“The issues that surround body shaming can be devastating,” Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer said after Dani Mathers pleaded no contest to a charge of invasion of privacy.

Glad she got some punishment for what she did. I wasnt expecting something hard for her.. but its better than nothing.  

- Mod Dom 

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Mike Danis - Myanmar (Nuera Remix)


Stef confronts Dani about Mike in this sneak peek clip at Monday’s episode of The Fosters!

On Brallie- Season 2

A few tiny spoilers ahead, but not really. Mostly just my opinion.

I’ll start off with a basic statement: I don’t think Brandon and Callie will get back together this season. I think they’ll make us wait until season 3. Here’s why:

I think the whole Robert Quinn thing is gonna take a while to resolve- my guess is at least all of 2A but probably most of 2B as well, so I doubt the possibility of Callie getting adopted will be an issue. 

What Callie and Brandon have to do right now is work on themselves. Before you can successfully be a couple, you have to be in a good place individually. Right now both Callie and Brandon have a million things to deal with- Robert Quinn, Child Protective Services, Mike, Dani, Ana, Brandon’s hand and future as a pianist, plus college isn’t far off for either of them so they have the additional pressure of figuring out what and where their next step is. 

I think this season will follow the usual formula for television dramas: season one is spent introducing the characters and the plots, and then messing it all up. Season two is spent rebuilding after the damage, and season three is a fresh start and trying to move on.

For season two I think Brandon and Callie will spend a lot of time together trying to become really close in a platonic way. They can’t just be cordial- even without the romantic side of things they both connect on a deep level and I think they’ll explore that a lot. I also think we’ll see quite a bit of Wyatt and Callie as well as Lou and Brandon. And I think those relationships will turn out pretty well. Brandon and Callie will be happy with their new partners. But there will be occasional things that will cause them to pause.

Ultimately I think Brandon and Callie have to find out that a platonic relationship between them (not as siblings, because I don’t think they’ll ever see each other as brother and sister, but as friends) is possible. It’s possible for them to date other people and be happy and still be in each other’s lives. BUT I think ultimately they’ll realize that while they’re happy with other people, they’re happiest with each other and as good as Lou or Wyatt or whoever makes them feel, it’ll never compare to what they feel for each other. And I think that’ll be a cliffie going into season 3. 

It’s a very classic storyline that most love stories follow (granted the family aspect is a bit different, but still, the formula applies): two people meet under unusual circumstances, want to be together but can’t, try it anyway and realize it really can’t work out at the moment. They try to move on and find it difficult but eventually it gets easier and they’re able to find other people that make them happy, and ultimately have to choose whether to settle for something easy and comfortable and safe, or take the leap that’s ten times more difficult and scary as hell but, if successful, achieves the happiness their heart has always longed for. 

Personally, I don’t have anything against Wyatt (and I doubt I’ll have anything against Lou when she shows up). I think he’s a good guy, respectable and honorable and good for Callie. And I think he can make her really happy. But he can’t compare to Brandon because at the end of the day, no matter how good of a person someone is, you can’t change fate. You don’t get to pick the person you’re destined to be with. You can hate it and fight it and even ignore it, but that doesn’t change the fact that things are what they are.

I believe Brandon and Callie are meant for each other. And I think it’ll be a hellish, long, bumpy ride, but I do honestly believe they’ll wind up together. We just have to be patient and have a little faith.

end speech.