Street Fighter 2 Ryu team up illustration between myself and my younger brother, Bryce. (He’s also on Tumblr, known as mango08.) Just for fun. And because we, like just about everyone else, LOVED to play the original and continue to play its other incarnations.

8″x10″ prints will be available at ECCC Booth 1415 this March 27th-29th as well as available at WonderCon Small Press Booth 025 on April 3rd-5th.

Prints are also available at my Etsy store!

13 March 2015

Happy Friday the 13th, folks! Artist and all around cool dude Mike Collins asked if I wanted to team up and do an EC Comics homage to The Thrilling Adventure Hour’s Beyond Belief. We based it on some of our favorite character’s and episodes. We had a blast and it was really fun to collaborate with Mike.

Cover of Doctor Who The Cruel Sea Released

The cover of the new Ninth Doctor DWM collected comics was recently released. The book contains all stories published by Doctor Who Magazine during Christopher Eccleston’s short reign as The Doctor.

After I designed the Buffy poster previously posted, I wanted to play around with making faux paperback novel covers like my Iron Giant show piece. So I used the Buffy assets and came up with this Hush novel cover.

I will have a limited number of archival 6x8 prints on watercolor paper at the Conventions I exhibit at. So look for me at ECCC Booth 1415 next weekend in Seattle, WA and WonderCon Small Press Booth O-25 Easter weekend in Anaheim, CA

JUST ADDED: Prints are also available at my Etsy store!


Gambit first appeared in the Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 1 # 266. Andy Kubert penciled and inked the cover artwork, Pat Brousseau lettered this entire issue, Brad Vancata colored the book, and the interior pencils are by Mike Collins with interior inks by Josef Rubinstein. Chris Claremont scripted this issue. Gambit was co-created by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee.