Mike Farmer

Though he was officially barred from the case, Millard Farmer struggled to save Bundy from himself, and from Old Sparky. During the sixteen months it took to take the Chi Omega case to trial, Farmer, and his assistant Joe Nursey, kept in touch with Bundy, massaging his ego, calming his nerves, and gently steering him toward his only rational choice - a guilty plea in exchange for his life.

Bundy would plead guilty in exchange for three consecutive life sentences; his earliest possible parole date would be when he was 107 years old. The deal came together in the spring of 1979, as the Chi Omega trial approached.

Millard Farmer carefully maneuvered Bundy to take it,  treating him like a peer. «Ted, » Farmer said gently in his sorrowful drawl, « I don’t like the way the prosecution against you is shaping up. You’re not getting any play. You’re not disturbing their pace. » Farmer never hinted that he believed Bundy was guilty; he knew that would turn Bundy against him, too.

Farmer convinced Louise Bundy and Carole Boone that Bundy should take the guilty plea. One by one, they met with Ted and begged him to plead guilty. Bundy seemed to agree. He said he would take the deal to save his life. But it did not last. On May 31, 1979, Bundy went to court to plead guilty. He carried his confession - as well as angry statement denying his guilt and firing his lawyers. In court that morning, he stood and held a document in each hand, as if weighing the real world against the world of his imagining. He chose his cherished images, blasting his court-appointed lawyers for believing « I’m guilty…. Now, your Honor, if this doesn’t raise itself to the level of ineffectiveness of counsel, I don’t know what does, » he said.

Mike Minerva, Bundy’s appointed public defender said, « The prosecutors waited until he finished. When he had completed his motion attacking us and asking us to be released, then he sort of looked at me and sat down. We had a little whispered discussion - he seemed to want to enter a plea now that he’d gotten this off his chest - and the prosecutors down the table said no deal, it’s off.

After the hearing, Farmer stopped by the killer’s cell and said, « I’ve only got so much time and I’m going to spend it on people who want to live. »

a hanzier concept:

- mike hanlon has a lot more expected from him on the farm as he gets older

- he has to miss out on hanging out with his friends so often and he feels awful when he has to decline or cancel plans last minute but he has no choice

- they’re always talking about what they were doing on the weekend, and mike can’t really join in because he had so much work to do

- one day richie calls him up and asks to hang out and once again he says he’s way too busy

- so richie says he’ll come to the farm

- and mike says no at first because he knows it’s hard work and he doesn’t think richie will enjoy it, but the boy just insists that it will be a good time, and he doesn’t care what he’s doing, he just misses hanging out

- so richie drives out to the farm early the next morning and he’s wearing overalls that he stole from bev and a plaid shirt that he stole from bill because it’s a farm right?? that’s how farmers dress

- mike just about loses it when he sees him because of course richie thought he needed to dress like that, and the whole ensemble just looks so ridiculous and so unlike richie

- he secretly loves it though

- and so mike puts him to work and it is  h a r d, but they both find themselves still having fun because they’re together

- mike’s gran brings them lemonade and sandwiches in the middle of the day and they sit on the porch and catch up,, and his grandparents are just so happy because they know mike works so hard and they’re so grateful that he has friends who would even offer to help him!!

- richie tells all the losers about it during school the next week and that weekend they all show up ready to help and mike has to fight the tears back because holy shit he loves these people so much

losers club as Snapchat’s I’ve recieved

Bill; “Literacy will be my companion for life, I can feel the English coursing through my veins”

Mike; “go eat a tractor you culchie gimp “

Ben;* finds out that I’ve never had a hobnob and sends photo of them crying* “THAT IS DEPRESSION IN ITSELF”

Bev; “ I run a tomato fetish helpline”

Stan; “wtf to comerate the dead you jump on giant sacks of air???

Richie;”I’m a sexy alien with a great butt”

Eddie;*blurred photo of them screaming* “IM GONNA GET MAULED BY A SQUIRREL SHJSSJ”

Summer on the Farm

by mrs momona © 2017

Mike was a pretty popular person at the small Midwestern college he attended. It wasn’t just his brown-haired, blue-eyed good looks—he was a nice guy, always willing to help out a friend.

Freshman year had been a good experience for Mike. He got good grades with a reasonable amount of studying. Although Mike had played basketball at his high school, he decided not to go out for the sport in college. Instead, he visited the weight room once in a while and played on his dorm’s intramural basketball team. He and his roomie went to parties and had an active social life.

By the end of his first year in college, the “freshman 15” had found their way onto Mike in the form of a somewhat softer stomach and a butt with some jiggle to it. At an even 6'0" and a weight of 185, Mike was still able that May to squeeze into the size 31 pants he wore when he weighed 170 the previous August.

Mike went home that summer and worked part-time at the family business. He also volunteered to help coach the local youth basketball league. He got together with his old high school buddies and had a great time.

By the first of September, Mike was ready to start his sophomore year. He checked into the dorm and met his new roommate, a freshman named Charlie. Mike and Charlie hit it off right away. Turns out Charlie had grown up on a farm downstate and was at college to major in Agriculture. They had a lot in common–both were serious students, both liked physical activity (Mike in intramural basketball and Charlie in the weight room), both liked women, and both liked to eat.

Mike noticed right away that Charlie enjoyed the dining hall. The policy was “eat all you want” and Charlie took that policy to heart from the first day. Mike always thought he had a big appetite–he often went for seconds if he liked the main dish—but he noticed right away that Charlie had seconds and thirds of EVERY dish at EVERY meal.

Seeing how much Charlie could pack away at mealtimes, Mike was curious about Charlie’s weight. Charlie was about Mike’s height but hefty all over–just a big guy. The next time Charlie said he was going to the gym for a workout, Mike offered to go along. In the locker room, Mike made a point of weighing himself–189–and Charlie next stepped up to the scale. Mike wasn’t surprised to see the numbers rest at 255.

At Christmas, Mike invited Charlie to visit his family, but Charlie had to go home to help out on the farm. Same thing at spring break. By this time, Mike knew more about Charlie’s family and the farm.

Charlie grew up on a farm owned and run by his grandparents. Charlie’s parents had died in an accident when he was young, and his grandparents raised him. Even though his uncle and aunt owned the next farm over and helped out, Charlie was needed at home during school vacations since his grandfather was getting older.

Mike couldn’t help but notice that after Christmas vacation and spring break, Charlie returned to campus a little heftier, and Mike himself enjoyed the “care packages” of home-baked goodies that Charlie’s grandmother sent to both of them. As she wrote in a note to Mike, “Charlie tells us you’re such a nice boy we already think of you as part of the family.”

At the beginning of May, Charlie offered Mike the chance to spend summer vacation on the farm. The hired man who his grandparents counted on “just up and quit”. In return for room and board, Mike would stay on the farm from mid-May until Labor Day, helping Charlie and his grandfather with the chores and all the projects which had to be completed during the good weather of summer.

Mike thought about it, and quickly agreed. It sounded like a great experience, and he really didn’t have anything special planned for the summer anyway. Mike felt good that he would be able to help out, especially since Charlie’s grandparents had been so nice to him with the “care packages” and everything.
He called his parents and they agreed that it would be a good experience for their 20-year-old son. Apart from a day-long field trip when he was in elementary school, Mike had never even been to a working farm, and the thought of healthy outdoor living looked pretty good to him.

Also, some hard physical work seemed pretty good to Mike too. The last time he and Charlie had gone to the weight room, at the beginning of May, the numbers were up to 200 for Mike and 265 for Charlie. Mike didn’t feel fat or anything–after all, he had been the star player on the dorm intramural basketball team that year–he was just concerned to keep in halfway decent shape.

Mike and Charlie arrived on the farm one sunny Sunday afternoon in mid-May. Charlie’s grandparents took to Mike immediately, and insisted from the first that he call them Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma smothered Mike in a big hug the minute he walked in the door, and Grandpa greeted him with a warm handshake and a pat on the back. Grandma was a stout, rosy-cheeked lady just as wide as she was tall, and Grandpa too, was big–a huge belly strained the front of his work shirt and poured over the belt of his workpants. Mike was shown his bedroom at the back of the house–the spare room, Grandma called it, but it was comfortable and had its own bathroom.

By 10 o'clock that evening, Mike was in bed—Grandma told him that wake up time would be 4:30 a.m. As he snuggled under the covers, he thought back to the events of the day. Charlie and Grandpa had shown him around the farm–a herd of dairy cows, some pigs and chickens, , more than two hundred acres of corn, sorghum, and soybeans, a very large vegetable garden, and some fruit trees. They talked about the projects which needed to be done that summer–installing new fences, putting in a new septic system for the house and a new “environment friendly” system to take care of waste from the animals—lots of digging, then Charlie and Grandpa showed him how to slop the hogs and milk the cows and feed them. They then got cleaned up for dinner.

Mike’s first dinner on the farm was something he would always remember. A heaping platter of two-inch-thick fried pork chops; huge bowls of pork stuffing, mashed potatoes, and buttered corn; and a creamy green bean casserole (the old fashioned kind with french fried onion rings on top.) In addition, a large bowl of steaming hot gravy, two huge loaves of hot fresh bread, and a large bowl of butter crowded the table. After grace, Grandma suddenly mentioned that she had forgotten the salad–Mike thought she’d bring in some kind of chef salad thing–instead, it was a jello mold topped with piles of whipped cream.

Mike couldn’t help but notice that Charlie dug right in and ate like there was no tomorrow, but then, Grandma and Grandpa did too. Mike observed that Charlie helped himself to a huge mound of mashed potatoes, put a large hunk of butter on top, and then poured on the gravy after the butter had melted. The food all smelled so good. Mike didn’t want to make a pig of himself, so he decided to take the lead from Charlie. Mike himself, for the first time in his life, had thirds–not that he took the third helpings himself, but Grandma refilled his plate after he finished his seconds and he didn’t want to hurt her feelings, so he just kept on eating.

Mike noticed that when all the pork chops had been eaten, Charlie made “butter sandwiches”–two thick slices of bread with a quarter-inch-thick layer of butter as filling, and used them to sop up the rich gravy remaining on his plate. Mike decided to do the same and was amazed at how good they tasted. Charlie, with Mike following his lead, finished up the gravy in the bowl by pouring it over a couple more butter sandwiches and shoveling them in. Grandma brought out two pies for dessert–cherry and apple. Mike, by now stuffed, asked for a small piece of each. Grandma cut him a quarter of each pie, and before giving the dish to him added a large scoop of ice cream to the top of the pieces. Charlie, Grandpa, and Grandpa finished off the rest of the pies themselves.

Mike was so stuffed that evening that he had to lie in bed on his back–it was too uncomfortable for him to lie on his stomach or on his side.

The next morning, Charlie awakened Mike. It was 4:30 a.m. and Mike could hear the roosters crowing. Charlie gave Mike a pair of “farmer johns”–bib overalls to wear with a T-shirt. Charlie told Mike that he had outgrown the overalls last year but they should fit Mike “for a while”.

When Mike came in to breakfast, Grandma told him that he looked like a real farmer. Even though the overalls were loose on him, he came to appreciate their comfort during the day as he worked–and work he did. That day’s task, and the task for the next couple of weeks, was digging post holes for a new fence, and by the end of the day, Mike was sore all over. As a matter of fact, he used muscles he didn’t even know he had.

By dinner, Mike was starving, despite an enormous breakfast (eggs, bacon, sausage, fried bread, homemade cinnamon rolls, and a big bowl of oatmeal served with a lump of butter on top and sugar and heavy cream, all this washed down with a large glass of whole milk) and an equally large lunch (stacks of sandwiches–pot roast, ham, or cheese, oozing butter and mayonnaise, with big bowls of german potato salad and coleslaw on the side, and pie for dessert–again with glasses of cold whole milk). There were also mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks (ice tea and cold milk, accompanied by hot-from-the-oven home baked cookies in the morning and PBJ sandwiches in the afternoon).

Dinner was a repeat of the night before, except this time the main dish was fried chicken accompanied by a large casserole of cheesy au gratin potatoes. Mike was so tired from his hard work, he had to fight to stay awake during dinner–the only thing that kept him awake was his hunger. He had never worked so hard in his life, and even third helpings weren’t enough to fully satisfy him.

Knowing that he had more post hole digging ahead of him the next day, and barely able to stay awake, Mike excused himself early to go to bed. Just as he was ready to hop between the covers, he heard a knock on the door. It was Grandma, carrying a tray. “Mike”, she said, “we always have a bedtime snack and I made these specially for you. I saw on a TV show once that these were Elvis’s favorite sandwiches, and they’re just so good we love them. I know you’ll like them too.”

Grandma set the tray down, and Mike saw that there was a plate holding two fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, soaked with butter from the frying pan and still hot. A glass of cold milk was on the tray too. Mike didn’t want to hurt Grandma’s feelings after all the trouble she had gone to, so he ate the sandwiches and drank the milk while Grandma stood by smiling.

“What do you think, Mike?” asked Grandma.

“Grandma”, Mike truthfully replied, “those are the best sandwiches I EVER ate.” Mike couldn’t help but belch as he spoke–he tried to stifle it, but Grandma just smiled. And so, for the rest of the summer, fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and cold milk before bedtime became a nightly ritual for Mike.

As Mike finally drifted off to sleep, topped off by the sandwiches and milk, he considered that he must have burned up 10,000 calories that day–a much better workout than he could ever get at the gym back at college. Of course, if Mike had stayed awake a while longer, he may have realized that at the same time he was burning off all those calories, he was consuming at least 13,000 calories of good country cooking. But who was counting?

That first day of hard work and big eating became the norm for the rest of the summer for Mike. By the first weekend, Mike felt like he had been heavy lifting in the gym every day. He could feel that his arms and pecs, even his delts, lats, quads, and glutes, were pumped up and swollen from his hard work.

At the same time, he noticed some growth in other areas, too. On Saturday night, Mike, along with Grandma, Grandpa, and Charlie, were invited to a family get-together to celebrate the graduation from high school of Charlie’s cousin Sue. Charlie told Mike that a polo shirt, dockers, and dress shoes would be good enough to wear. The problem came with the shirt–the size L polo Mike brought with him was way too tight, so he borrowed one of Charlie’s old XL shirts.
Same thing with the pants—Mike had to struggle to fasten the 34" waist of the dockers he had brought with him, and when he finally did fasten the button, he discovered he just couldn’t pull up the zipper, no matter how hard he tried. Charlie came to the rescue with a pair of dockers he had outgrown a couple of years before (“Grandma doesn’t believe in throwing anything away”, said Charlie). Mike checked the label: 38 waist/33 length and thought they’d be too big.

To his surprise he found they just fit over his hips and thighs. After he buckled his belt, he noticed that the pants sagged a little in front, under a small mound of flesh on his stomach he hadn’t noticed before. Charlie then came in to check how the pants fit–he was carrying a bigger size, just in case. He noticed Mike’s little beginner belly and patted it, commenting, “Starting to build a table muscle, huh?”. Mike laughed and swatted at Charlie’s thick midsection.

The party was held in the social hall of the Lutheran church in the nearby small town, and Mike met all of Charlie’s large extended family.

They all greeted him like he was a long-lost relative. Charlie could see the family resemblance in most of them–not in hair color or anything, but in size. It seemed that no one there was thin–the men ranged from hefty to fat, the women from plump to stout, and the kids from chubby to husky. Every so often, Mike was introduced to a relative who was hugely obese. During the week, Grandpa had been teaching Mike about the need for a farmer to observe everything around him in the natural environment, and so Mike was fascinated by all the fat people he met, and as Grandpa would have said, how they “wear their weight”.

He had never before seen so many overweight and fat people together at the same time–guys like Charlie, who just seemed to be big all over; some middle-age guys who were well proportioned in their fat–big chest, big belly, big rump; and some guys of all ages with big upper bodies and big sagging bellies with relatively thin legs and no butts at all. The women and teenage girls were the same. Even the teenage guys, while obviously showing off how buff they were, sported chubby cheeks, the start of double chins, and budding lovehandles as indicators of the heft to come.

All Charlie’s relatives impressed Mike with their sincere friendliness to him. Also, the spread of food was something to behold–every woman there had prepared her specialties, and tables running down the whole side of the hall groaned under the load of platters, casseroles, pie plates and cake servers. It seemed like every ten minutes, an aunt, cousin, or other relative approached Mike with a plate filled with goodies. Mike didn’t want to hurt the feelings of any of these nice people, so he just dug in with a smile on his face.

Mike’s attention, though, was soon focused on Charlie’s cousin Sue, the girl who the party was in honor of. Mike had dated a number of girls in high school and during his two years in college, but, to put it bluntly, he had never before met a girl built like Sue. She had to be 42DD! There was more to her, of course–a cute face with rosy chubby cheeks, long blond hair, a waist relatively thin (compared to her chest, anyway) and hips that sexily flared outward. Sue seemed to be equally attracted to Mike. She invited him to Sunday dinner with her family the next day after church (she and her parents lived on the next farm over from Grandma and Grandpa).

Actually, the whole family–Grandma, Grandpa, Charlie, and Mike–went to dinner the next day. It went well, Mike thought. Sue’s father commented that he had heard that Mike was “a real hard worker–for a city boy”. Mike blushed and said he was trying–which seemed to be the right answer. As Sue’s mom called them in to dinner, she said that she heard that Mike had “a real healthy appetite–for a city boy”, and everyone laughed when Mike replied “I’m trying to improve that, too”.

Sue’s mom had a spread on the table that was equal to one of Grandma’s feasts, and everyone dug in. Sue sat to the right of Mike, and made sure that she refilled his plate as soon as he seemed about to clean it. While they were eating, Sue’s left hand found Mike’s right leg under the table–and she checked out Mike’s bulging quads and his package. Mike enjoyed every minute of it, but kept shoveling in the food since he didn’t want anyone to notice what Sue was doing.

The main dish was roast loin of pork. Sue’s father, who was carving, served Mike two huge slabs. Mike poured the rich pork gravy onto the meat and soon polished it off–it was so good. Sue’s father served him more slices of the succulent roast–again, Mike demolished it all. Mike again followed Charlie’s lead by using butter sandwiches–this time made from dinner rolls—to sop up all the gravy and melted butter from his plate when there was no other food left on the table.

Sue’s father said, “Mike, I’m impressed. You’ve got a real country appetite. Why, you even ate all the fat on the pork–I didn’t think city people did that!”
Everyone at the table laughed. Mike blushed but felt proud as he realized how much he had eaten. Sue’s mom added, “It’s a real complement to the cook when a guest eats big, Mike. Thanks!”

Mike had a big smile on his face.

After dinner, the men went into the living room to watch ESPN and “let dinner settle” while the women cleaned up. Mike noticed that Grandpa, Sue’s dad, and Charlie all unbuckled their belts and undid the waist buttons of their pants, accompanied by sighs of relief as their stuffed bellies found some room to expand. Mike wasn’t sure if he should do this or not, but the pressure of his overstuffed belly got to be too much and Mike unbuckled his belt and opened the waist of his dockers. Relief!

Mike didn’t think that anyone had seen him, but then he heard Grandpa and Sue’s dad chuckle. As Mike blushed and reached to button up, Sue’s dad said, “Mike, don’t be embarrassed to let your belly out. Eating big is one of the pleasures of life. A pot belly is proof that you’re living good and that you have a good woman to take care of you.”

A few minutes later, Sue appeared and invited Mike to go for a walk around the farm. Although still full from dinner, Mike didn’t want to pass up this chance. They ended up sitting under a tree on top of a hill which overlooked the whole area. Sue talked about her plans—she was going to attend State U in the fall and major in Home Economics—,and Mike shared his. One thing led to another, and Mike discovered to his pleasure that Sue loved caressing his body as much as he loved exploring hers. Sue stopped things by murmuring “not on the first time” as Mike unbuttoned his pants and unzipped, all set to enter her. After a while, they returned to Sue’s house–just in time for Mike to go home with Grandma and Grandpa and Charlie (“the cows don’t wait for anyone”, Grandma said).

By the end of June, life had taken on a rhythm for Mike. Hard physical work six days a week, with chores on Sunday. After the fence was completed, the new septic system needed to be dug in–in addition to all the regular chores. Huge home cooked meals with mid-morning, mid-afternoon, and before bedtime snacks (by now, every night Grandma was making Mike three fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches, which Mike was wolfing down with ease). He learned a lot from Grandma and Grandpa about nature–observing the weather, caring for the animals, and the simple pleasures of life.

Mike and Sue got together four or five times a week, and Mike discovered that there are plenty of places on a farm for some privacy. Sue was the hottest girl he had ever known, and he was attracted to her sweet personality in addition to her awesome body. He was pleased too that Sue was so attracted to him and his body–pleased, and aroused. He had never before been with a girl who was so aroused, and so aroused him, by the ways she used her fingers and tongue.

By the end of June, Mike had to ask Charlie if he had a bigger pair of overalls he could use–Mike just couldn’t button the side buttons any longer and they were super tight in the seat. Same thing with pants. Mike and Sue and Charlie and his new girlfriend always went out on Saturday night, usually to the mall at the county seat to go bowling or to the movies, followed by a stop at the big deal in the county–a pizzeria. Mike was now filling out a pair of size 40 dockers, and he had had to borrow some XXL button-front shirts from Charlie–the XL shirts which fit the month before were now too tight for comfort.

July continued the same way. By the end of the month, Mike’s latest pair of borrowed overalls were so tight around the hips that the front zipper actually blew out (“First time I ever saw that happen on a pair of farmer johns”, was Grandma’s comment as she brought Mike his four fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and glass of milk that evening before bed.)

The next morning bright and early, Mike and Grandma went into town to go to Sears–after all, Mike did need to have some comfortable work clothes since he was going to be on the farm for another month, and the overalls which had given up the fight the day before were a pair of the same size Charlie wore every day, so Mike obviously needed a bigger size.

At the work clothes section of Sears, Mike went straight to the fitting room. Grandma had given him a safety pin to keep the fly of the overalls closed, but Mike didn’t want to risk another zipper failure in public, so he waited while Grandma and the salesman (who seemed to be an old acquaintance of Grandma’s–but then everyone in town was) went searching for some overalls for Mike to try on.

Mike was waiting in the stall of the fitting room with the door closed. He could hear Grandma and the elderly salesman engaged in conversation as they came close.

“I hope one of these pair fits, Mae (Grandma’s first name). I’ve never seen a man so young with such huge hindquarters, and the big belly he’s carrying is going to make it even harder to fit. You know, they don’t make full cut overalls, so we’re just going to have to keep on having him try on different brands and different sizes until we find something that will do…”

Gradnma cut him off with the remark, “Well, he’s just a growing boy and he’s been a big, big help to us this summer. We’ll find something.”

Mike tried on the overalls which Grandma gave him and finally did find a pair that was comfortable. He passed them out the door to Grandma. At the cash register, Mike noticed that Grandma was buying two pairs of overalls. When Mike said he only really needed one pair, Grandma said, “the extra pair is the next size up, just in case you need some growing room.”

Mike went back into the fitting room and put on the new overalls. He didn’t even think to look at the size label–he was just thinking that he needed to get back to the farm as soon as possible. Charlie and he were supposed to bail hay that day and the job had to be completed before the weather turned rainy.

As Mike and Grandma walked out of the store, Grandma spoke briefly to every sales person–it seemed like the way to the exit was lined with people. Grandma, kind soul that she was, had a word for everyone and introduced Mike. Mike kinda wondered why so many salespeople were in that area of the store at 9:00 on a Tuesday morning, but instead just concentrated on being polite so he could just get out of there and get back to his job on the farm. What he didn’t know was that word had spread and the staff all wanted to get a look at “the amazing young man with the huge hindquarters and big belly”.

A week later, Mike, Sue, Charlie, and Charlie’s girlfriend were on their way home after their usual Saturday night date, having eaten in the pizzeria after an evening of bowling. After dropping off Charlie’s girlfriend and then Sue, Mike went to get back into the car when he burst the rear seam of the size 42 dockers he had borrowed from Charlie that he was wearing. Mike had noticed all evening that the pants were uncomfortably tight. When Charlie realized what happened, he started laughing and said “from now on Mike, you’re on your own. I can still get my big butt into size 42’s–you’re gonna have to get size 44’s.”

The next day, Mike and Sue went to Sears after church. Some of the salespeople recognized him from his visit with Grandma the week before and greeted him with big smiles. Sue took charge of the shopping and quickly found a pair of size 44 full cut dockers. She actually went into the fitting room with Mike. They found that the pants were a little loose in the waist–they fastened below Mike’s “table muscle” but were tight in the seat. Sue said that was OK, she could let them out at home. While she was saying that, she was busy massaging Mike’s butt cheeks. Mike was not really listening to what Sue was saying–he just wanted to get out of the store so he and Sue could have some “private time”.

Mike and Sue really enjoyed their “private times”. Sue couldn’t get enough of caressing and admiring Mike’s huge pecs and growing glutes. The big dome of flab that now sat on Mike’s stomach specially seemed to fascinate Sue as she tongued and caressed the cavern Mike’s bellybutton had sunken into. Sue especially loved fingering the complex pattern of stretchmarks which adorned Mike’s bloated physique. Mike too had come to know every curve, roll, and crevice on Sue’s amazing body. Sex with Sue had become the best part of the summer for Mike, even better than Grandma’s awesome cooking.

By the end of August, a visitor to the farm would not have been able to tell that Mike was really a “city boy”. His bulging muscular arms, pecs, hips, and thighs were proof of his capacity for a hard days work. The thick layer of lard which covered Mike’s torso was proof that he could really eat  like a country boy, too. He had really developed a preference for anything fried, preferably in lots of butter, and he loved good country cooking, everything swimming in butter and gravy, with every meal finished with homemade pie or cake, topped with rich homemade ice cream.

Mike had always considered his mom to be a good cook–and she was. Broiled fish and meat, steamed vegetables and deserts based on fresh fruit were her specialties. Mike always thought his mom’s food was delicious–but by the end of the summer on the farm, Mike had developed a new definition for delicious. He would have been hard pressed to pick any favorite dishes from the many which grandma made, but he did have some favorites.

Even a simple thing like meatloaf was awesome the way Grandma made it. Grandma always made six meatloaves at a time–Mike particularly liked it the next day, when Grandma sliced the leftover meatloaves and fried the slices in butter. She always accompanied this with “home fries”–slices of potato and onions fried in butter until piping hot and tender, just perfect with the tomato/cream sauce which he poured over the meatloaf. Grandma’s desserts were awesome, too. She specialized in pies—all kinds of fruit pies, rich custard pies, chocolate cream pie smothered in whipped cream–and the list went on. Mike loved it all.

The day after Labor Day, Mike and Charlie had to pack up the car to return to the dorm. Mike and Grandma and Grandpa exchanged a tearful farewell, and Mike, of course, promised to keep in touch. After all, he was “part of the family” now.

Mike and Sue had said their farewells the night before after the hottest lovemaking session they ever had. State U was quite a distance from Mike’s college, but they promised to see each other as often as they could. Mike returned home after the farewell with Sue, and demolished his final bedtime snack–five fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches and two glasses of milk.
Grandma had packed a lunch for Charlie and Mike to eat on the trip back to college. They took turns driving and eating the dozen pieces of cold fried chicken, dozen cold fried pork chops, two dozen butter sandwiches, and two dozen large chocolate chip cookies in the package. It was Charlie’s turn to drive first while Mike tore into the food–finally, Charlie had to say to Mike, “Hey, save some for me!” Mike just smiled and let out a long, satisfied belch.

Mike attracted a lot of puzzled attention as he walked into the dorm. A number of his old dorm mates appeared stunned as he walked down the hall, greeting everyone. Who was this big fat stranger who seemed to know everyone? Finally Mike was identfied when people recognized his voice. After settling into their room, Mike and Charlie went down to dinner at the cafeteria. Mike attracted even more attention with his stupendous appetite. He was putting away his fifth serving of the main dish (chicken parm) when the caf closed (Charlie was only working on his third helping).

After returning to their room, Mike quickly fell asleep. It had been a long day.

Very early the next morning, before the cafeteria opened for breakfast, Mike and Charlie headed to the gym to reactivate their activity cards (classes didn’t begin for another two days). Mike wore a T-shirt he had worn during the summer and was now kind of tight, but  he had to search to find some pants or shorts to wear. He couldn’t very well wear his farmer johns on campus (he had grown into the bigger size that Grandma had bought him that day at Sears), and his latest pair of size 46 full cut dockers needed to be washed–and were already kinda snug in the seat, anyway. Charlie finally lent Mike a pair of sweatpants that Charlie said were too big for him. To Mike’s surprise, and Charlie’s amusement, they fit Mike like spandex. Off to the gym!

Bob, the student aide working at the gym, was an old friend of Mike’s. Charlie went over to say hello to some of his buddies, giving Mike and Bob a chance to talk. Bob seemed confused at first when Mike came up to him. Who was this guy who seemed to know him? Bob quickly realized who this big fat dude was Mike when he recognized his old friend’s voice.

“Hey Mike, what the hell happened to you this summer?” asked Bob.

“Whaddya mean?” was Mike’s response.

“You’re fuckin’ huge, buddy”, exclaimed Bob.

Mike flexed his biceps and made the thick layer of fat covering his pecs jump and jiggle his pecs jump as he replied proudly, “Yeah, I was working on Charlie’s family’s farm all summer and I got a better workout than anything at the gym”.

Bob then asked, “Have you got on the scale lately? Yeah, your chest and arms and even your quads are a lot bigger, but I gotta tell ya, Mike, it looks like you have a beach ball stuck onto your stomach and two beach balls glued onto your rear end. You’re right that your muscles are a lot bigger, but you don’t have any definition at all. Looks like ya got a pretty thick layer of flab on top of all that new muscle. You’re fuckin’ enormous.”

Mike smiled and replied, “Yeah, I guess I have filled out”. What else could he say? Bob was his friend and just being honest. Mike suddenly felt so proud of his new heft that he flexed his right arm while flexing his “table muscle” at the same time, forcing his big pot belly to jiggle as it stuck out even further.

Bob grinned, patted Mike’s belly, and said, “Way to go, Mike!”

At this point, Charlie reappeared and he and Mike headed to the locker room where the scale was located. Charlie stepped on first, and smiled when the scale read 275. Mike hopped on next, and was kinda surprised as the scale shuddered in response. When the number 319 appeared, Mike was so surprised he stepped off the scale, then stepped back on again, thinking the first reading was wrong. The scale again read 319.

Charlie grinned and said, “You’re a real farm buy now, Mike” as he swatted Mike’s big bulky butt. Mike smiled proudly.

Charlie said he had to use the restroom, and Mike ambled out to Bob’s desk to wait for him.

“So what’s the news?” Bob asked.

Mike smiled, again flexed, and proudly replied, “319”. Knowing the Bob was a phys ed major, Mike continued, “I put on almost 120 pounds of muscle this summer. Ever hear of anyone else bulking up that fast?”

“Fuckin’ amazing”, Bob replied. “You must have been doing some serious eating in addition to all that hard work.”

Mike just grinned and got a faraway look in eyes. His mouth started to water…
Just then Charlie rejoined Mike. Mike turned to him and said, “Let’s see if the snack bar is open. I don’t think the caf opens for another hour yet, and I’m starving–I need something to hold me until breakfast.” Mike turned to Bob and said, “See ya soon–I’ll be at the gym at lot more this year, making sure I keep this new muscle.”

“See ya, guys”, replied Bob.

Bob’s attention was riveted on Mike and Charlie as they turned and walked across the gym toward the door. There was a gap between the bottom of Mike’s tight T-shirt and the top of his overstretched sweatpants, enough for Bob to get a good view of Mike’s huge soft lovehandles, newly widened hips and enormous butt-cheeks, including a good six inches of the top of Mike’s butt-crack. As Bob stared, the thought came to his mind that it looked like there were two bear cubs fighting inside Mike’s excruciatingly overstretched sweatpants as he waddled along.

Junior year went by quickly for Mike. Because of his experience on the farm, he decided to major in agricultural economics and liked his classes. He was able to go to the weight room a lot more, and was able to keep some of the muscle size he had developed during the summer. He went out for intramural basketball again, and although his huge butt warmed the bench mostly all of the season, he concentrated on helping the newer guys on the team with technique.

His appetite did decrease somewhat–from stupendous to merely huge. He was content with thirds in the cafeteria, he guessed because he wasn’t working as hard as he had during the summer. Besides, the caf food just didn’t taste like farm cooking. Even the butter tasted different–it was crap compared to the sweet home-churned butter Mike was used to from the farm. Even the fast food places around campus didn’t really satisfy Mike anymore–he just missed Grandma’s good country cooking.

Mike visited his family during Thanksgiving. They didn’t have any comments about his increase in size–after all, although they had been born in the city, both his parents were descended from farm people themselves. Mike and Sue managed to see each other twice a month, and at Christmas, Mike spent one week with his folks and one week with Grandma and Grandpa–and of course, Sue and her family. Mike was in heaven for that week as Grandma made all his favorites.

During Spring break, Mike and Sue announced their engagement. They planned to marry after Mike got his degree the following year. Grandma and Sue both continued to send Mike care packages—rich homemade cookies and other goodies arrived regularly to remind Mike of that good farm cooking. By mid-May, when Mike and Charlie went to the gym for their ritual of hopping on the scale, Charlie was at 285 at Mike at 333.

That summer, Mike had an internship at college and so stayed on campus. He was able to spend a week at home and a week on the farm, and Sue visited him every weekend.

Senior year, Mike had a job as resident assistant at the dorm. That meant he had his own apartment at the dorm, complete with kitchenette, in addition to meal privileges in the caf. Mike made good use of the kitchenette and got back into the habit of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches with cold milk as a bedtime snack. He also called Grandma often for advice about how to fix some of his favorites, like home fries. They turned out pretty good–Charlie thought so, too–but they still didn’t taste like Grandma’s cooking.

Mike was well-liked by the underclassmen in the dorm–they all called him “Big Mike”, and although he didn’t know it, he became somewhat of a legend among them as the “basketball dude” who had gone beyond doubling his weight since he was a freshman. His senior classmates verified to the awestruck freshmen that Mike had indeed weighed 170 at the start of his freshman year, and Charlie confirmed that Mike weighed 344 when the dorm opened on September 1st.
All the dorm residents watched in amazement as Mike went around the dorm while on duty. You couldn’t say he walked around the dorm–rather he gracefully moved in a combination of proud strut and waddle, preceded by his big bouncing belly and followed by his big round bouncing balloon butt. He made frequent stops at his apartment to pick up a snack while on duty, and it was a usual sight to see Mike nibbling on some butter sandwiches, or a dozen or so homemade cookies while he “made his rounds”.

Because of his popularity, Mike was chosen player-manager for the dorm intramural basketball team that year. He put himself in at least once every game, sometimes even scoring some points. The opposing team, not to mention the spectators and Mike’s own teammates, were awestruck at the sight of “Big Mike” bounding down the court, big fat pecs flopping, big pot belly bouncing, and huge round balloon buns bobbing, wobbling and jiggling.

Mike was actually able to run up and down the court a few times before getting winded. Mike’s run was more like a fast waddle, but action on the court slowed down as the other players watched Mike hustle his fat ass. He always got a big hand from the spectators as he returned to the bench. At the final intramural game, Mike’s tight 5XL basketball shorts split up the back as he went back to the bench to sit down. Mike laughed and tucked a towel into the back waistband of his shorts for the rest of the game. Mike didn’t want just anyone to have a view of his big round buns–that was a privilege reserved for Sue.

Mike didn’t know it, but the freshmen in the dorm, after observing Mike’s eating habits in the caf and his never-ending supply of snacks from his kitchenette, organized a pool to see how much weight “Big Mike” would put on before graduation. The highest guess was that Mike would weigh 349, and it turned out that freshman who picked that weight was the winner, although he came nowhere near the actual number. Charlie confirmed one day in the middle of May that Mike had weighed in at an even 370 that morning–exactly a 200 lb gain compared to that weigh in in August almost four years before.

Mike was a sight to behold as he proudly waddled across the stage at the graduation ceremony with elephantine grace, his graduation robes stretched to cover his big round pot belly in the front and his enormous round ballooning ass in the rear. Mike’s whole family–his parents, Grandma, Grandpa, and Sue and her parents sat proudly in the audience. Grandma had tears in her eyes and said softly, “that’s our boy” as Mike shook hands with the college president and received his diploma.

Mike and Sue got married that summer. Charlie was the best man. The ceremony was held at the Lutheran church, and the reception took place in the church social hall where Mike and Sue first met three years before. The whole town had been invited, and all the women lined up with plates in hand so Mike could sample all of the home made goodies they each had lovingly prepared for the reception.

After the reception, Mike and Sue moved to the town where State U was located. Sue continued her studies at State and Mike had a teaching assistant job while he studied for his masters degree.

It’s now been five years since Mike and Sue were married. Mike got his masters and has a good job as an agronomist and Sue enjoys teaching Home Ec at the local high school. At 28 years old, Mike’s weight gain has stabilized somewhat to around 5 or 6 pounds a year. He’s somewhere on the far side of 400, but who’s counting? Just last week, Mike found buried in a drawer the last pair of “farmer john” bib overalls he wore the summer he spent on the farm. He took them out and went to try them on, thinking he could still get some use from them. He smiled, surprised, when he discovered that he couldn’t even pull them up over his thighs.

Mike is noticing that Sue is starting to fill out a little and she’s developing that “farm wife” look that her mother and Grandma are such good examples of. Mike and Sue visit the farm often–Charlie (now a 338-pounder) and his wife run it since Grandma and Grandpa have “retired”. Sue is as good a cook as her mother and Grandma, but she and Mike still look forward to the care packages that arrive from Grandma a couple of times a month.

And yes, Mike and Sue’s lovemaking is just as hot as ever!

The Princess

The Princess part 2

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4


Pairing: Losers Club x Reader, Eddie x Princess!Reader

Summary: Reader is a princess that travels to Derry over the summer. She becomes friends with the losers but doesn’t tell them she’s a princess.

A/N: I’m so happy with this story. I’m glad you all like it. I’m working really hard on it.


Y/N walked around town while eating her ice cream. She saw a parade going on and decided to stop and watch. She sat on a bench and saw the marching band. She saw one of the boys from earlier. He was messing with one of the tubas from the marching band. The guy took it back and he got mad, but walked back over to his group. She was curious about them, and started slowly going over there.

“No Richie, she probably doesn’t want to be friends with us.” She heard someone say. “Well Stanly you never know that. She did, in fact, reply to me.” Hey, that was the same voice from earlier. The one who shouted that he didn’t know they have the chocolate and vanilla swirl. “Well I say if we see her again we ask. It never hurts to try.” She heard someone else say. She decided to make herself known, by walking in front of the alley they were in.

“HEY!” She heard someone shout. She turned around and there they were. She smiled and walked over to them. “Yes can I help you?” “You actually c-can. We remember you s-sa-saying you’re new in town and thought t-tha-that you’d need someone to help p-pro-protect you.” The boy who has the navy shirt on said. “Well how thoughtful of you all. I’ll take you up on that offer.” She said with a big grin, “But, first I have to know your names.”

“Well, I’m B-Be-Bill,” he pointed to the farmer, “that’s Mike,” he moved on to the one with glasses, “t-tha-that’s Richie,” the one with the fannypack, “Eddie,” the one dressed nicer, “Stan,” the girl, “Beverly but she p-per-prefers Bev,” and finally the bigger boy, “that’s Ben. They c-ca-call us the losers cl-club. So as long as y-yo-you are fine with b-be-being called a loser, you’re w-we-welc-welcome to hang out w-wi-with us.” “Well losers club, I’m Y/N. I would love to hang out with you all.” She smiled so big. This was it. This was why she went away every summer.

Y/N spent the rest of the day with them. They showed her around town. All the trees, the buildings, the houses, and the best places to eat. She was told some of their stories but the one that really broke her heart was Eddie’s. How his mom was so overbearing. She related to it. Being a princess, she’s watched over 24/7. Especially by her mother.


“Y/N! Why are you not awake yet?! It is 6:30! Princess should be up before the sun!” “But Mother! The sun isn’t up yet!” “But it is sunrise, right?” “Yes but-” “No buts Y/N! Be down stairs within 20 minutes or else!”


Yeah. The life of a princess is so fun. “Y/N!” She hears someone say beside her. She looked and saw Eddie. “Hey Eddie!” “I’ve been talking to you the last minute.” “Oh. I’m sorry. I wasn’t trying to ignore you! I was spaced out.” She tried to cover herself. He accepted with a laugh. “Hey, remember the Quarry we showed you?” he asked her. “Yeah.” “Well we are all going for a swim there tomorrow. Care to join us?” “Of course Edward.” She said. He blushed at the nickname. “HEY! I’VE KNOWN YOU FOR YEARS AND I CANT EVEN CALL YOU A NICKNAME!” “BEEP BEEP RICHIE!”

After the day was over, she went back to her motel room. Steve was there in bed reading. When he saw her come in he put his book down and asked about her day. “It was good. I saw a parade, I got ice cream, I made some friends who showed me around, and I’m going swimming with them tomorrow.” She replied with a smile. “Okay. Just make sure they are trust worthy,” he got up and walked forward pinching her cheeks, “can’t have our little princess go missing!” he talked to her as if she was a baby. “Shut up Steve!” she said with a laugh and shoved him off of her lightly. “I am serious though. Make sure they don’t seem off.” “They don’t. They seem, sweet. Especially one.” she said blushing.

“Y/N! YOU HAVE A CRUSH?! WHO?!” Steve says running over and sitting in front of the girl. She laughs but tells him anyways. “His name is Eddie. He’s kinda like me. Super over protectived, sweet, cares for his friends, I don’t know Steve. I’ve known him for a day.” She said laughing at the end. “Well still. Remember Y/N. We aren’t here for long.”


A/N: so this is a continuation of the day in part 1. Im working on Part 3 now. I’m so upset. I didn’t mean to post this yet but you can’t take it back once you post it unless you completely delete it


w/ The Losers HeadCanons

August 25th: Hot/Cold/Seasons/Holidays

(Headcanons) @itfandomweek

So this year the losers decided to throw a generic Halloween party at Bill’s place.

They agreed no elaborate costumes to dress in simple overused costumes since they knew Beverly and Eddie were having a rough year; money wise.

Mike dressed like a farmer, getting a disappointed look from stan who complained it didn’t count because he already almost always dressed like a farmer.

Mike then came back at Stan, who was wearing a skeleton costume, that his didn’t count either since he had a skeleton inside him everyday.

After a bit of arguing they agreed to disagree and stan grabbed some “blood” punch for mike.

Ben came dressed as a zombie. He was painted green and fake blood running down his head from an axe that was shoved in his hair. All of the losers agreed that his costume was their favorite only because Ben only painted his face. He thought the bottle was bigger.

Beverly was a ghost. She admitted that she forgot to start her vampire costume and was already running late so she decided to yank her sheets off the bed and cut holes into them. She ran into at least four polls on her way to Bills house.

Eddie came dressed like a doctor and Richie and Beverly faked getting hurt all night and begged for “medical attention” from doctor kasperak.

Richie was a “sexy” bunny. None of the losers understood what was sexy about it. He just had bunny ears on with the brightest white and pink Hawaiian shirt he had. Some whiskers poorly drawn on his face. Richie argued his presence was sexy enough but he was more than willing to show some skin to prove his point.

Bill was wearing a T-shirt that said costume but none of the losers complained since he was paying for the pizza.

They spent the entire night watching scary movies, dancing, and eating all the candy Richie and Beverly stole from the store.