Emperor Zombie: I’m merely expressing gratitude!

Screw-On Head: Perhaps you might express in apology?

Emperor Zombie: Oh no, he didn’t! Apologize to you? Pardon me if I say poppycock!

Screw-On Head: Then say it!

Emperor Zombie: Poppycock!

-”The Amazing Screw-On Head”


Abandoned first version of HELLBOY: THE ISLAND
Story and art by Mike Mignola
Colors by Dave Stewart

“In the spirit of the old William Hope Hodgson stories. Hellboy is called up out of the sea by witches and finds himself on a spooky island surrounded by fog and wrecked ships. He finds the remains of a sailor who’s killed himself to avoid the fate of his shipmates. His diary tells the tale — despair, madness, and men turned to fungus. And, of course, that night the fungus men attack.“
— Mike Mignola

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