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To all the people that just assume people with tattoos and/or piercings are tough scary criminals…

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What did you say about them being criminals? Would a rampaging murderer really hug a puppy?
I think not

YES. went to the aero theater screening in santa monica. SO encouraging. saw directors: mike mccoy, scott waugh, and writer: kurt johnstad (also wrote 300) speak about it in a Q&A session afterwards. didn’t know this was an independent film! & definitely didn’t think it was shot on the Canon 5D (except for 1 scene haha)

dude. this movie just made me realize how doable this whole film thing is. LOVED seeing that scott waugh was also getting producer/editor credits. mostly, because i think that’s probably what i’d love to end up doing as well. haha.

basically, a movie that makes america look like the BOMB country to live in just because our guys consistently get headshots when everyone else is spraying metal aimlessly. did a REALLY good job at NOT just using our stereotypical arab villains. #props … they really distinguished extremist jihadis as the bad guys, not necessarily muslim people.

if you’re into war movies, there are some AWESOME, realistic fight scenes in this one. so definitely go out and support. if you’re into supporting the veterans, DEFFFinitely go out and see this film because these are the real navy seals. (they’re like .. real life G.I. Joes, so you’ll love it) if you’re into independent films, this is one to see. (they intercut Canon 5D footage with 35mm footage && you can’t tell the difference. … that’s inSANE.)

September 10, 2013  Umpqua River, Oregon

A native rainbow about to come to hand having fell for the Sound Advice fly tied by Mike McCoy.  This fly was originally tied for bass but has proven to work on a number of different species in a variety of applications.  We fish this fly all year in Puget Sound and will be selling these online within a few weeks.

photo Mike McCoy


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