Eric Harris, who was unarmed, died an hour later after what Tulsa, Oklahoma police officials called a “mistake.” According to several news sources, On April 2nd, the victim had reportedly tried to sell a gun to undercover cops and fled on foot as they attempted to arrest him. A video camera captured him, wearing dark shorts and a t-shirt, running up a sidewalk. Harris was quickly caught and subdued. That’s when a 73-year-old volunteer patrolman, Robert Bates, “allegedly” reached for his Taser, but grabbed “accidentally” grabbed his gun instead. According to Tulsa World, Bates, who has donated thousands of dollars worth of items to the Sheriff’s Office since becoming a reserve deputy in 2008, is a Tulsa insurance company executive. He was working undercover as a member of the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office Violent Crimes Task Force. The World reported that “Bates is classified as an ‘advanced reserve,’ which means he ‘can do anything a full-time deputy can do.’” 

Rather than immediately render aid, the officers held Harris down by his neck as a deputy screamed, “Fuck You! You shouldn’t have f*cking ran!”

As Eric Harris lay mortally wounded, face down on the pavement, he begged for his life. “He shot me!” Harris shouted. “He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath.” 

“F*ck your breath!” the officer yelled.

Capt. Billy McKelvey said the officers were not aware the suspect had been shot, despite the unmistakable sound of the gunshot noise. Bates “made an inadvertent mistake,” he said.

The New York Daily News reported that no further investigation is planned, unless requested by the sheriff’s office.

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I’m just here to remind you that everything that is happening in Ferguson right now is because of the residents and activists in Ferguson that have spent 215 days protesting. I’m also here to remind you that Black people have led this movement. And for this reason, we will never allow anyone to force a white savior narrative on us. We are perfectly capable of freeing ourselves and speaking to our own experiences, we don’t need anyone doing that for us. We are capable. We WILL get free. “Ain’t no power like the power of the people cause the power of the people don’t stop!”



According to a new interview with Eric Garners stepdad, Benjamin Carr, which we have on videoCarr tells us that police didn’t show up that day because Garner broke up a fight or sold cigarettes; they were there because police had a history of harassing Garner. It was also confirmed with a member of Garner’s family that Eric Garner was frequently harassed by these officers, and it goes much deeper than money. Garner had actually been sexually assaulted by the NYPD, on multiple occasions. In fact, in the choking video Eric clearly says

“Every time you see me, you want to mess with me. I’m tired of it. It stops today. I’m minding my business please just leave me alone,”

Carr even says in the interview that the cops told Garner that the real reason they were confronting him was “a personal matter.” (you can see this clearly in the choking video)

Wait. It gets worse.

officer Daniel Pantaleo, the man who was responsible for Garner’s death, has been sued three times for violating the constitutional rights of other black males in the area, by performing humiliating strip searches and fondling the genitalia of his victims, some of them in public view, including:

  • A lawsuit that was just filed in November and comes from Kenneth Collins, who says in the lawsuit that he “was subjected to a degrading search of his private parts and genitals by the defendants.”
  • An incident where The NYPD paid out a settlement last year to two men who sued the city because Pantaleo forced them to strip naked in public as he “touched and searched their genital areas, or stood by while this was done in their presence.”

So to sum things up:

  1. The NYPD (especially Daniel Pantaleo) have been following/frisking/stopping Eric Garner for years (So a bunch of grown men have been stalking this man for no reason)
  2. Eric Garner stated on several occasions to families and friends that he has been sexually harassed by the very police officer whos has had THREE other sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him.
  3. about a month before his death, Garner stated he was sick of being bullied by these police so he filed a complaint to the NYPD for an incident where they “shook him down for money ” and “sexual harassed” him (again).
  4. After multiple tries to confirm this complaint against the NYPD by reaching out to their Staten Island precinct, and their police department they were put on hold for excessive amount of hours, hung up on, and eventually ignored all together. 
  5. Several family members and close friends of Garner say that the police were already at the scene before Eric even arrived, ready to cause trouble, and think they were there “to jump him.” because of the complaint he filed.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a detective to figure out what happened here. This wasn’t just an accident this was a plan. 


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US Department of Justice found “Constitutional rights violations”, a history of “racial violence”, and “excessive force” in Ferguson, MO by the Ferguson police department. Either a settlement will be reached or the PD will be sued for the constitutional violations. 

I’m just here sipping my tea for everyone who said the cops aren’t racist and everything that happened in Ferguson is completely justified


On this weeks episode of What Did Those Racists Do?, A noose was found hanging from a tree near the student union at Duke University. The week before, UGA’s Phi Deltas threw a “What would you would be like without a degree” party and proceeded to dress like what they think “thugs” look like.

Welcome to America. 


HAPPENING NOW (1/28/15): A hearing set to discuss police oversight and a citizen review board in St Louis erupted into conflict Wednesday night. Jeff Roorda, the head of the police union and an avid Darren Wilson supporter, assaulted a black woman. Livestreamer bassemmasri found himself under attack by a racist resident. Ferguson is still happening and police and racist vigilantes continue to harass/assault/terrorize those demanding justice. If you’ve turned away, turn back now. This fight is far from over. #staywoke