Compilations of photos from Shoutan’s Tokyo Live 02/12

That photo does NOT do his Prince Outfit any justice!!! He looked a million times more kakkoi and dashing!!

Quartet Night also sent a Flower Stand for Shoutan!!

Do NOT repost* This is my own photo and was such a battle to get one!!


Mightyト Tokiya
Aura瑛二 Eiji
Justice翔 Syo
Impulse大 Yamato
Lasting真 Masato
Oneness綺 Kira
Visibleセ Cecil
Elfsシ Shion
Lovelyレ Ren
Eyesヴ Van
Grown那 Natsuki
Empathyナ Nagi
Next音 Otoya
Door瑛一 Eiichi
Spirit嶺 Reiji
Trust蘭 Ranmaru
Active藍 Ai
Risingカ Camus

Initial of each song name spelling out “Maji Love Legend Star” and connecting to their characters 


*Do not repost*

Uta No Prince-sama X Karaoke No Tetsujin Collab Quartet Night Room

Went with @moirica on 16/12/26!

The room was so beautiful *______* We didn’t want to leave!
They also had a Starish and Heavens room~

I ordered QN’s and Ai-chan’s drink~

QN’s drink was a little on the plain side, kinda tasted like soda water, but the jelly stars was really nice!
Ai-chan’s was sweeter and really tasty! It was blueberry flavor

Edit: Ai-chan’s drink was sweet, just like Ai-chan~ 💜

Karaoke is never complete without Shoutan XD