breathing underwater

sequel to the surface of breathing 

Levi never wanted to fall asleep. He had lived too long without knowing her to close his eyes and miss her. His dreams were pitch black and winding. Mikasa breathed evenly against him. Her arms wrapped around him, her fingers leaving traces in his skin. He wanted to turn on the lights and make a memory of her body next to his. In the morning she would be a faint impression in his bed. His desk was already a slaughtered mess, his thoughts sprawled aimlessly in his sketchpads. “This is what you have Hanji for..” Erwin would say, his voice coming more gently every time as if he was afraid Levi would break if he pushed him. “Hanji has ideas.” Levi stared at him, his eyes burning holes through him like paper until he closed the door silently behind him. Levi kissed her twice, on her shoulder, above her bony angel wings, and in his mind–everywhere, everywhere. He curled his fingers around hers and buried his face into the darkness of her hair. It wasn’t that it was silky or smelled of expensive shampoos or was the darkest ravens black it was simply hers.

They were both awake in that dark room.  

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  • Eren:*in a crowd and can't find Mikasa* This calls for drastic measures
  • Eren:*uses hands as a microphone* EREN JAEGER SUCKS
  • Mikasa:*across the street* tHE FUCK--
  • Armin:*across a different street* DID YOU--
  • Levi:*somewhere nearby in the crowd* JUST SAY???
  • Eren:... I guess that worked a bit too well