1. Orga Itsuka from MS Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans (with a bit of Mika)

About theme: Wow! After all these years finally a goog Gundam! At least it started great, but went downhill somewhere during Brewers ark. Still, probably the only decent anime of those recent ones I saw.

About execution/critique: I liked to work with this palette, because in this picture it allowed me to make brown color look white, pink color look like brown, and purple color look like black. But picture came out too dark, and I chose ugly texture for background. Lineart is passable but boring. 7/10.


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▪️last movie I watched: Good question. Sometimes we watch movies on TV, but not quite the big names, and even then its been a while since we watched one. The last one I know to have watched is Deadpool, but it was months ago (a friend and I watched it at the cinema). These days, I watch a lot more animes, and sometimes TV shows (Charmed is being shown again during the week).

▪️last song I listened to: I’m listening to it right now, and it’s a fan extended version of Nohr’s version of Azura’s song in japenese. I really love it and I’m half tempted to add it to Mika’s theme tag.

▪️last book I read: That isn’t a fanfic? It’s been way too long to remember.

▪️last thing I ate: Homemade swandich with ham and cheese, and a yogurt. We didn’t want to cook.

▪️where would you want to time travel to?: Medieval times, maybe prehistoric times too.

▪️fictional character I would hang out with for a day: Ohhhhh, er, Merlin from BBC Merlin I think. Or maybe Kilgharrah, because, dragon. Although seeing it, I think spending a day around Dorian would also be great. If I can pick my own fictional character though… Mika. No contest.

▪️If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be? I’ll say being able to fast travel to at least three different person.

▪️Current fandom obsession? DA has a tight grip on me~ Although, I have to admit it’s Inquisition that it keeping me hooked. As it is, I’ve also fallen back in FE Path of Radiance (and Ike/Soren).

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You said that scapegoat was Mika theme music then X.U. would be the Yuu music? (btw I love X.U. and every time I listen to remember your blog)

Yep. I said “pretty much” because it is hinted (not subtly at all) but people might argue lol. For one, look at the covers.

Yeah, the instrumental version of XU is clearly named after Yuu “Hyakuya Y” while the instrumental version of ScaPEGoat is called “Hyakuya M”.
I don’t know if anyone has ever argued against the obvious but *shrugs* ons fandom.
Let’s just not talk about “Two souls toward the truth” because it is obvious as well but then again… people don’t usually acknowledge it, I guess.

Orarion is the only one I am like “eh?”. Guren’s, maybe? No one’s, for a change? Mahiru’s? I don’t really understand the lyrics but

I was going to ask “why does it remind you of my blog?” until I looked at my username and felt stupid.

Ahead of the holidays, here’s a little compilation of all Christmas-themed Mika videos :)      (add more if I missed some to spread some holiday cheer)

‘Let It Snow’ acoustic 2009

′Vive Le Vent’ (Jingle Bells in French) 

‘Happy Christmas (War is Over)’ live in London 2012

Christmas mash-up from Paul De Leeuw’s show 2012

Mika’s Christmas video diary 2008

Mika’s Christmas message to fans 2012


The Walking Dead’s Lizzie And Mika Wrote Their Own Theme Song