my top 5 anime of spring 2015, first impressions based on first episodes!

  1. Mikagura School Suite - based off a light novel based off a vocaloid series, mikagura is about a young lesbian entering a really weird high school. the show is fast-paced, funny, adorable, and really really gay. it captured my heart within the first 2 minutes, and i highly recommend it to everyone on earth.
  2. Plastic Memories - do you like robots? do you like crying? then this is the show for you! in the relatively near future, robots with intricate enough programming to give them emotions are a reality. however, they only have a “lifespan” of about 9 years. a branch of the company that makes them handles retrieving robots when their time is up, and the show focuses on a human guy who’s just started working there and a robot girl who fears the day she too will run out of time.
  3. Ore Monogatari!! - a cute romance show about that feel when no gf. all the girls our main character likes fall for his attractive best friend, and the same thing seems to have happened once again. mc decides to try and help set this girl up, but what’s really going on in this love triangle…? i know i haven’t explained this one very well, but if you have a shoujo heart u will enjoy it!
  4. Nisekoi: - nisekoi season 2!!! despite being a super cliche harem romance bullshit anime, nisekoi manages to keep me invested with its ever-deepening mysteries!
  5. Re-Kan! - a comedy about the daily life of a girl who can see ghosts. kinda cute, kinda funny, kinda lesbians. im kinda interested. im actually not sure if i will continue with this one, as i thought it was only ok, but i guess i’ll see where it goes for now!

haha dogakobo (studio that adapted gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun, my fave anime ever) is actually doing both mikagura and plastic memories, theyre Literally The Best