Mika Brzezinski


Melania Trump—who is supposedly a spokesperson against cyber bullying—DEFENDED her husband’s misogynistic Twitter tirade that targeted Mika Brzezinski. Please remember that the next time you’re tempted to treat Melania like she’s an innocent hostage of Donald Trump.

Melania and Ivanka are not innocent bystanders to Trump’s dangerous agenda. They’re very active accomplices, who repeatedly cosign or excuse Trump’s behavior. Hold them accountable like any other Trump supporter or cabinet member. Don’t give them a hall pass. Make them own that shit.

GOP hypocrisy: “After the president’s tweet, I must withdraw my support for everything but his agenda.

I am shocked and appalled by his behavior. And I am not afraid to say so. At a fundraiser. For him. Before asking for more donations.

Everything else the president has done is fine — the continued attacks on the media’s legitimacy, the carelessness toward history and diplomacy, the harmful rhetoric about Muslims, the — well, it is all fine. But this is too much, though, and I am putting my foot down, here, on my way to vote against icebergs.”

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There is something about the way [Trump] strikes back at women who anger him that seems to resonate for some men — and which, at least so far, has not cost him the support of the women who backed him. The uncomfortable larger question is whether this president’s behavior is encouraging and unmasking resentments about women’s place in society.

| Susan Chira , Who Likes Trump’s Tweets and Why

Chira asks the most difficult question, which is not ‘why does Trump act this way?’, but instead ‘why do his supporters believe his behavior, and the underlying motivations for it, are warranted?’.