a yugioh x revolutionary girl utena AU focusing on the female characters competing as a different kind of duelist. whitemistrose and i had a lot of fun retooling the designs of the original girls and weaving in references to their YGO counterparts – hope you can spot all of them!

Apparently This School has Rules (and Evil Teachers)

It’s now that the manga introduces us to the villain of the week (the anime introduces her at the start of the episode instead), Chouno, a teacher at Yuugi and co’s school who can be best described as a younger, prettier, Japanese muggle version of Dolores Umbridge. Especially in the anime version.

In the manga, she’s introduced walking down the hallways of the school, with random students staring and remarking on her beauty and copious use of makeup, as well as her habit of expelling students.

In the anime, she’s introduced (at the beginning of the episode) walking outside of the school while passerby, both students and teachers, eagerly greet her, with her responding “good morning” in kind. Rather than random students commenting on her, we have Miho and Anzu discussing Chouno. Miho comments on Chouno’s beauty, while Anzu is dismissive, saying that it’s irrelevant and that Chouno is very strict with rules, as Chouno herself confronts a student with a keychain, claiming it’s against school rules and yanks it off of the student’s bag. Miho says that’s what teachers have to do, and Anzu tells her that Chouno is trying to make the rules stricter, making lots of new rules proposals. It’s at this point that Mayumi approaches the pair.

After that brief exchange with Mayumi, we then cut to Chouno inside of the school, tossing the confiscated keychain into the trash. She approaches the vice principal, asking about her proposal to completely ban students from having personal items at school and increase penalties for rule-breaking. The vice principal stumbles over answering that it hasn’t gone anywhere yet, which prompts Chouno to interrupt by announcing that his tie is twisted, leaning over to “fix” it – or more accurately, get up into his face as a…persuasion tactic. She says that they need to increase penalties and be more strict. The vice principal, caught off guard, agrees and suggests that they bring it up at the next meeting.

The vice principal then asks about her going to a marriage interview. Which seems like a rather personal thing to ask about but I guess she must have shared that info previously. Chouno attributes it to her mother’s insistence, and walks off. The vice principal, once alone, comments on how he’d want her to have a marriage interview with him (trust me dude no you don’t), and the scene ends there.

Also only in the anime, we later (after the scene at the game shop) get to see Chouno’s marriage interview. The man exclaims over her beauty, which outwardly she modestly turns aside to, but inwardly is unimpressed with, demanding he come up with better praise. While the two talk together in the garden, a child playing accidentally runs into Chouno, which causes her to lose her composure and snap angrily at the child. The boy begins to cry at her harshness, and the man comments that Chouno is different from what he expected and says that it’s too bad. This rejection causes Chouno’s eye to twitch angrily and the scene cuts off there.

After the scene where Mayumi puts the puzzle in the desk, we cut again to Chouno, who greets the vice principal. The vice principal states that the rules proposal is going well, and asks about Chouno’s marriage interview. In the manga, Chouno comes across the vice principal in the hallway, where he also asks about her marriage interview. In both versions, she says the man wasn’t good enough and laughs before walking away. In the anime, she takes off rather suddenly, and in the manga, she’s more composed, and the vice principal makes his statement about wishing he had that opportunity, as he did in the anime previously. His appearance between manga and anime is different (he looks older in the anime, having grey instead of black hair).

I must say I prefer the anime in this case. It builds up our villain more, and shows us her behavior rather than only telling us at this point. On the other hand, the manga focuses more on Honda and his introduction to the group through this, with the villain being a minor point, whereas the anime chose to focus on Anzu’s conflict with the villain, with the love note being a minor plot point. But even so, I think Chouno makes for a better villain in the anime due to having that extra build-up – the rules proposal isn’t in the manga, and makes her even more villainous in the anime…again, definite Umbridge vibes. Only instead of using the power of the Ministry to enforce her authoritarian grip over the students, she uses her sexual power.

The manga also suffers, I think, from previous chapters giving the impression that the school was very much a free-for-all, with the older students basically running things with little consequence from the administration for their misbehavior. Ushio, for instance, and especially Inogashira and co. got in no trouble with the school for assaulting fellow classmates. So it’s very hard for me to believe that this teacher can just expel people left and right and is so terribly strict with the rules that this school does, apparently, have. The anime doesn’t have this problem as much since the Inogashira stuff never was adapted.

The one thing I think is odd in both is the vice principal asking about the marriage interview, as it seems rather personal and, while fairly innocent, the kind of thing that could get you in serious trouble, even fired. But I suppose that may be a cultural difference, or even a generational difference (since this manga is as old as I am), where inquiring about your coworkers’ personal lives wasn’t taboo back then/in Japan.


Miho is a character that doesn’t really do very much in the series other than hang around and be the girly girl to Anzu’s tomboyishness, but I actually thought she was pretty cool in this episode.

Basically this guy Warashibe has a really creepy crush on her and he gave Anzu, Jounouchi, and Honda untreated water to drink to get them out of the way by sending them to the infirmary. This pisses Miho off so she demands that Yugi take her to where Warashibe is. I just like how she doesn’t back down from the situation and isn’t afraid to confront him. She even accepts playing Capsule Monsters with him even though she doesn’t really know much of anything about the game.

Of course, she doesn’t win because Warashibe is a cheating jerk but still I like that she had the guts to go through with it in the first place.