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have you thought about doing meta on feminism in tog vs acotar? I find all your meta really interesting and I'd love to see what you think

That is a great idea! I think that was going to be a topic for the @sjmpodcast but uh… we kinda stopped doing those.

I think I’ll get this started, but it might be a while, mostly because the minute you sent this I started thinking about how “feminism” is actually quite a broad idea that encompasses a lot of issues and so I think… I might make it into a series of posts? Like f/f friendships, roles in the family, sexuality, the mating bond, class, race, the magic system/priestesses, etc. (Plus I have 7 creepy fic requests and I am #hyped to write those. And the feysand body-switching thing I started.)

Anyway, if anyone would like to be tagged in those posts once I get them started, let me know.