Might & Magic Heroes VII


VKG - MMH7 Set (19 objects)


Set include:

  • armature
  • Books (01-05 = 5 items) *non-recolorable*
  • Box (close and open)
  • carpet
  • chair
  • Chandelier (small and big)
  • Chest
  • EbonSpider (2 version) *non-recolorable*
  • potion
  • Scultpure
  • Ship (small) *non-recolorable*
  • teapot

NOTICE: Some of the objects have high poly count and high resolution textures!!!

*use granthes_OMSP for placed anywhere and OMSP Resizer for change size*

Credits: “Might & Magic Heroes VII” by Ubisoft.

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Might & Magic: Heroes VII

War is ravaging our lands, brothers fighting against brothers. I need to stop this madness but i cannot do it alone. Who will join me ? Darkness to confuse our enemies, strength and steel to break their resolve. Magic to sway the battles tides, light to keep us true. Harsh times require an extraordinary council like none the world has ever seen. United in purpose. We shall end this war!


Тизер новой Might & Magic Heroes VII. Русские сабы

Story time~!

I’ve bought Heroes VII Digital Deluxe Edition from my local retailer. On Tuesday they’ve sent a mail “we haven’t received DD Edition codes, so we can either give you a refund or send a physical copy of the Collector’s Edition“. Ok, physical copy then please!

I’m a total braindead dumbass, it didn’t occur to me they’re gonna send the biggest box available, with 30$ Ivan figure inside…

PS. Figure looks so neat, I have no clue HOW u did it Ubisoft, since Assassin’s Creed figures were ugly as shit, but please continue with figures like this one!


Might & Magic Heroes VII


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Might & Magic Heroes VII - Gamescom 2014 Announcement Trailer (PC)


Might & Magic Heroes VII - Beta & Pre-order Trailer (PC)