I feel that Cheddar Beer soup qualifies as a “sometimes food,” but I sense this is discriminatory somehow. I’d drink a beer everyday; I have been known to have a bit of cheese daily; why does the delicious union of the two seem somehow more of a sin to me?

Also, how completely awesome is it that they found that the Champagne of Beers is the perfect beer for this recipe? In ATK we trust.

(via Shaping Up Wisconsin Cheddar Beer Soup | The Feed)

i have a lot of unapologetic midwest pride 

like i’ve met a lot of people from the east coast who say things like “all those squares states in the middle? yeah they’re all the same” and “careful, don’t hike your overalls up too far, you corn farmer”

calm down though friends because chicago is the third largest city and like a fucking huge contributor to this country and news flash new york is not the center of the us let alone the world

but i love where i’m from and it’s really beautiful and lake michigan is amazing and fuck east coast superiority is basically what this post was meant to say


This is what’s left of my home. Thankfully, my family no longer lives in Joplin, and we are all safe. Many friends lost everything, and several others are missing. Please keep this incredible, caring, resilient community in your thoughts and prayers. Donate to supply drives. Love on all those affected, both directly and indirectly. We need all the help we can get.

I miss home so much, I am even starting to crave foods I haven’t had since turning vegetarian.

I miss goulash, tuna shit (tuna and cream of mushroom),  leftover steak and potatoes whipped up in a skillet, Midwest mash (Corn, potatoes, and some sort of meat), spaghetti bake, and beef stew all with an ice cold pop. I even fucking miss Paczki day!

All that, to me, is good old fashioned down home cooking. Not this deep fried EVERYTHING. Not tea. Not iced tea. Not spicy EVERYTHING. Not Bojangles (like WTF is that shit?). Not Chick-fil-A.

If I somehow end up finding the love of my life and stay down here in the south, all southern foods are banned from my home. We will eat northern foods like the civilized people we are!

Midwestern Roots

“I am deeply, deeply Midwestern.

I often forget how much of an Ohioan I am until, of course, I leave Ohio. Then, wherever I go, it becomes painfully obvious that I am, indeed, from the Midwest, the Rust Belt, the Corn Belt. Not everyone knows what this implies, but as with any stereotype, the word comes with a myriad of associated traits… ”


Photo by Young and Lo

First night in Milwaukee, this was the welcoming committee: John McGuire.

I’ve known John since 1999. He is without question, one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. He’s also an amazing artist, has good taste in music and is a lifelong skateboarder. In other words, my kind of person.

John has done graphics and illustrations for a ton of skate companies that you can check out here. And if you want to see something truly amazing, check out his Kramer impersonation on a skateboard.

Smarties- Taichung, Taoyuan, and Columbus!

The Intelligent Community Forum has released the top 7 competitors for the Intelligent Community of the Year. TWO communities from Taiwan have made the cut, AND the location of our conference, good ole’ Columbus-town. 

The seven finalists – Columbus, Ohio; Oulu, Finland; Stratford, Canada; Taichung City, Taiwan; Tallinn, Estonia; Taoyuan County, Taiwan; and Toronto, Canada – “provide a model of 21st Century economic and social development, using information and communications technology to power growth, address social challenges and preserve and promote culture,” said an ICF statement. 

We’d just like to take this time to show some Midwest pride! Columbus is more awesome than you might think :)

Zacharilla says the perception of Columbus, Ohio, and the new reality are very different. “The perception is Ohio is in the industrial rust belt, largely irrelevant, not really doing much, living on old foundry fumes. That’s not at all the case,” he said. “It is a very hip city, and their incubator, TechColumbus, is literally putting out all kinds of new businesses.” In addition, said Zacharilla, the city has effectively reversed “brain drain,” so highly trained and intelligent people stay in the area versus move elsewhere.

So come and see this city that’s a relic of the industrial age while simultaneously fostering all kinds of cutting-edge art and tech!