In 1907 the artist Lorado Taft proposed creating a waterway on the Midway Plaisance, connecting the bodies of water in Jackson Park to those in Washington Park.

This water canal would be traversed by three bridges, the Bridge of the Arts, the Bridge of Sciences and the Bridge of Religions.

On the east end of the Midway would be a scultpture called the Fountain of Creation and on the west end one called the Fountain of Time.

Of course, the latter would be the only one realized which stands today at the western edge of Midway Plaisance Park and the eastern edge of Washington Park.

Name: Fountain of Time
Location: Midway Plaisance (In between 59th and 60th on Cottage Grove)

Officially installed in 1920 (dedicated in 1922), the Fountain of Time is a monument honoring the first 100 of years of peace between the US and England. The monument depicts a bunch of people walking in front of Father Time, who stares at them blankly and unimpressed, as fathers are oft to do. What, we didn’t do enough? Can’t you just be happy that we’re happy? I’m sorry that I didn’t want to go into the family timekeeping business, but oblique academia is where I belong!

Anyways… where were we? Ah yes, the Fountain of Time. It is gorgeous. Go there, have fun.