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Sam! The texan dude in the New York City episode of Donut Showdown is a doppelganger for Chris Evans 😂😂. Have you seen it? Thought of a Bearded!Cap entering this contest and lost it 😄.

LOL, he totally does have the look! 

Foodieverse Steve is very averse to food tv, because he had such weird experiences with it in the past, but he’d do it for charity! 

I’m thinking of doing a short where he’s the “cheap” option and Tony is the “pricey” option on Worth It, where a couple of guys from Buzzfeed eat cheap, midrange, and high-priced meals and decide which one they like best. If you all haven’t seen it, it’s AWESOME. The sound guy is my favorite.

“They have chicken sandwiches here too, right?” 

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The only reason I want Gideon to die is because I KNOW that's the only way to stop getting broken Midrange Value Planeswalker-cards for white-based aggro. Jura was bad and Ally of Zendikar is just as bad. Because you have to play them if you play white. That's too much.

But the other two Gideons were unplayable in standard. We’ve had two busted Gids and two bad Gids. I think they’ll hit the sweet spot soon.

the secret to rollers is they’re basically a melee weapon and you should treat them as such - most good roller splats come from sneaking up and flicking the roller to one-shot and catch people offguard, since just rolling in with it leaves you exposed. it’s also not great for covering turf despite appearances - in the right hands and when used aggressively, a roller is a devastating ambush weapon that everyone should fear

in splatoon 2, the new vertical flick makes it really easy to cover ground quickly - just vertical flick to make a narrow path for yourself, swim to the end, and repeat. it also works great to hit people out of melee range, and can still one-shot people at midrange

also i splatted someone with a vertical flick while they were activating splashdown and it saved my life

i love rollers, everybody

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I'm actually interested in your view on this. How is a deck being almost 40% of the entire meta a good thing for the format? Let alone a deck that is essentially a midrange goodstuff?

Mainboard Release the gremlins and laugh at them. 
my friend did that at the tourney and they went 5-0-1.

Problem with UW flash and Marvel before was that there was no clean answers to neither of them. Hell there are no clean answers to Marvel now either except for counterspells.

Artifacts are strong, but brittle as hell against sideboards. 

I mean sure it’s kinda eh that the field is currently jammed with Vehicles, but a major weakness among all artifact-leaning decks ever, from commander to modern to standard is that they suck at drawing cards, so if you two-for-one them once, they will struggle to get back.

I for example found that Chandra’s Pyrhohelix  is insane against them.
Consulate crackdown is p good too.

Hell, FNM decks are still diverse, but it’s the GP and MTGO-ones these numbers refer to. MTGO is kinda meh to base it on and GP’s are solely the competitive field so idk why one would bring a blue-green clues with kiora in it and expect high standing. 

In conclusion, I don’t honestly think its “good”, but fair reminder that each time there’s been a new set there’s always been one or two competitive decks popping up, eating the previous ones, and Amonkhet’s like a month to go so I rather wait til’ that time before saying standard is anywhere near ‘ruined’.

That being said, maybe artifact-blocks aren’t a good idea seeing how every time theres been one in standard there’s been bannings. Colorless is a bit powerful. 

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what hearthstone deck(s) do you run?

I have all my deck slots used because I like fun and wish we could have infinite decks. That said, my main deck for standard is a midrange shaman based off of @imaginedsoldier’s and Brian Kibler’s lists. I also occasionally run Reno Mage and Buff Puddle Paladin (I call it Muscle Fish).

For wild, I jam Patron Warrior and for lots of fun I play 27 Legends Druid. It runs 1 wild growth, 1 innervate, 1 naturalize, Malchezar and then a bunch of other legends including Reno. I had attempted a 2x innervate build but landing Reno is actually super important so I cut it.

The next Moto phones could have a dual-camera setup
Photo: Jerry Yin / Google+A new, dual-camera Moto phone may be in the works from Motorola / Lenovo, according to some leaked images posted on Google+, as uncovered by Phandroid.The post claims that the pictures are of a new 2017 Moto X model, but given the relatively weak specifications listed in the image of the boot loader — 3GB RAM, 32GB of storage, and a Snapdragon 625 processor — I’m a little skeptical that this is actually a new Motorola flagship device. (For reference, those are virtually identical specs to the company’s midrange Moto G5 Plus. … Read more

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I want to know how that Carnassa design meeting went. "Rush is too strong and people are complaining about 1-dropsx what should we do?" "What about giving Hunters an 8/8 on turn 5 for playing 1-drops?" "PERFECT!"

That’s so far out of context though lmao. Hunter is the weakest class in standard right now, and aggro based solely around 1-drops (as opposed to decks like Shaman and Warrior aggro) loses to midrange pretty consistently.

New midrange Nokia devices with untainted Android are coming to the US
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Two copies of Finishers is an immediate 8 off of Unite the Murlocks. Midrange Murlock Shaman? Side note: I can't wait for the highlight vid of someone playing this in Wild and getting ten Murk-Eyes. Or ten Tinyfins.

Why play Midrange? With Megafin you can play aggro and never run out of gas again. Although murlocs become a lot weaker in standard after rotation, we still have Wild for them.

Corsair releases its deceptively thin gaming PC
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