Budget Build #8 -- Toshiro Umezawa

Toshiro Umezawa is by no means a common Commander. He’s very awkward to play, given that he has a combat trick and creates a “flashback” effect when creatures die. Since the “flashback” effect only hits instants, the list has a very heavy focus on utilizing different instants and sorceries–some of which are so underplayed they don’t seem real! This is mono-black midrange, people. It doesn’t have to make sense.

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What a strange Commander. How would you have built this deck?


For Trans Men, Reproductive Health Is Yet Another Obstacle to Overcome | Broadly
The stigma against trans men's health, coupled with misinformation, makes attaining adequate care incredibly difficult. We talked to trans guys and leading health experts to unpack the status of this under-researched issue.

“Fortunately, providers are becoming much more aware of the diversity of sexual behaviors and identities of transmasculine people,” Radix explained, citing “important research” being put out by Dr. Sari Reisner of Boston’s leading transgender health provider, Fenway Health, and the work of Dr. Juno Obedin-Maliver of the University California San Francisco. These researchers are “highlighting that trans men have specific reproductive health and education needs, especially those who identify as gay.”

Deck Tech: Golgari +1/+1 Abuse


  • 4x Nighthowler
  • 4x Erebo’s Emissary
  • 2x Varolz, the Scar-Striped
  • 4x Lotleth Troll
  • 2x Corpesjack Menace
  • 2x Dreg Mangler
  • 4x Elvish Mystic
  • 4x Experiment One


  • 2x Jarad’s Orders
  • 4x Abrupt Decay
  • 4x Putrefy
  • 4x Hero’s Downfall


  • 4x Overgrown Tomb
  • 4x Golgari Guildgate
  • 6x Swamp
  • 6x Forest


  • 2x Pithing Needle
  • 2x Ratchet Bomb
  • 2x Doom Blade
  • 2x Dark Betrayal
  • 2x Scavenging Ooze
  • 4x Mistcutter Hydra

This deck revolves around getting creature in the graveyard (yours or otherwise) and using that to pump up the guys in the field,

Leave some input and especially some sideboard suggestions 

Dubai investor expects ‘fast growth’ in Africa’s mid-market hotels

A Dubai-based investor is betting on Africa’s growing inter-regional trade and movement to build a new brand of mid-market hotels. Jameel Verjee, founder of CityBlue Hotels, is optimistic that the less than US$150 a night room is the low hanging fruit in Africa’s hospitality industry.

A corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur, Verjee is the founder of Diar Capital, an investment company focused on the creation of growth businesses. Diar Capital launched three hotels in Kigali, Rwanda earlier this year and is keen on expanding across the region.

“We are in a number of sectors but we believe that this is one of the fast growth sectors to focus on: mid-market hotels. Africa’s economies are growing with a lot of inter-regional trade [and] inter-regional movement,” said Verjee.

“The average business person can only afford a certain price point and we feel that this is the right market to scale.”

Diar Capital has made investments in various sectors including retail, fast-moving consumer goods and real estate in sub-Saharan Africa and Dubai.


Just shook the dust off of the old 70’s Sunn 8028 and was happy to find that both speakers were stock and are operable after some internal reconnecting. The 18" has definitely seen better days as it’s about half as loud as the 12" and has almost no bass capability… but the 12"–minor damages aside–sounds like it might not need replacing at all.

Both took some serious warmup exercises out of my Bugera 333XL, but testing both by biapming individually eventually warmed them up. I can’t even imagine how long it’s been since these monsters saw use.

If Sunn weren’t long since out of business, I’d love to have to compared mine with one that came right off the line back in Tualtin so I can hear what it’s supposed to sound like.

Can anyone offer some insight as to where I might find these two stock Sunn speakers (SPL 912e & SPL 918r) in brand/like new condition?