Artist(s): DJ Shadow feat. Gift of Gab
Track: Midnight In a Perfect World (Gift of Gab mix)

Peep through the door

It seems as though the grass was much greener before

The dead life has been washed upon the sea shore

Money and greed deluded what is truly pure

And yet our flesh keeps screeching out for more

Now you’re trapped

A hole in the ozone about to make the world collapse

Pollution fills the air and minds with bullet twisted facts

Midnight is now upon us people righteous laws are coming back

Don’t turn your head away cause you can’t get away

Your mind is lost because your spirit has been led astray

Don’t ever say you gave it all if you ain’t gave it all

Just fade it in the hazy purple twilight

No more time I tried to warn you all it’s now approaching MIDNIGHT

Panic’s in the air

Some jumping out of buildings others on their knees in prayer

Some cry out to the sky and yell they aren’t quite prepared

You looked god in the face and said forgive me all he did was stare.

Now you can run,

But where you gonna hide from all the power of the sun?

The cosmic reprecussions of what human kind has done

No understanding of the fullness everything is simply one

Soon to be none again so that new life can come again

Illusions rule the mind your soul is never gonna end

So don’t pretend you gave it all if you ain’t gave it all

Just fade it in the hazy purple twilight

No more time I tried to warn you all it’s now approaching MIDNIGHT

So I bid farewell.

No more good times or bad times, no more heaven no more hell.

Now brace yourself for impact it’s a half hour to twelve

Complete in total darkness empty space is where you’re left to dwell.

And all you had to do was live today for your tomorrow

But now it’s over and you’re drowning deep inside your sorrow

You could’ve led but instead you confirmed and chose to follow

So once again I bid farewell

There’s only seconds left you’d like to second guess

But through your foolish ways you’ve literally beckoned death

So just don’t say you gave it all if you ain’t gave it all

Just fade it in the hazy purple twilight

No more time I tried to warn you all it’s now approaching MIDNIGHT!


DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World

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1. Disturbed - Fear
2. Gorillaz - White Light
3. DevilDriver - Oath of the Abyss
4. Ayria - Headhunter
5. Black Light Burns - Coward
6. WAVVES - Mickey Mouse
7. Dj Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World
8. Elena Siegman - 115
9. Otep - Ghost Flowers
10. Massive Attack - Teardrop

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Night is the best time to keep secrets. The best time to share the most vulnerable parts of yourself. And it was also a time when you had your back pressed against the cold wall and Draco Malfoy’s lips attached to yours. 

His hands were on your waist gripping tightly your shirt as he tried to envelop you whole in his arms while your fingers made their way to his hair pulling slightly, something that earned you groan from young Malfoy. 

It’d been so long since the last time you had kissed him like this and now that you finally got a chance to do you didn’t plan to waste it.

And after you heard Draco’s breathy moan you knew that neither he. 

There was a reason why you could be together only under the starry night. It name was Lucius Malfoy. To put it in nice words Draco’s father wasn’t didn’t like people like you. He detested you and if he would find out who his son is dating then…you prefered not to think about it. Still sneaking out like this and breaking so many rules felt exciting. 

You pulled away for a while when the need for breath was too overwhelming looked in Draco’s eyes. His eyes always made you weak in your knees. They contained so many emotions that Draco was ready to show everyone who wanted to see. There weren’t many of them. Draco put one of his hands on your cheek and stroke it, small smile curving his lips. ‘I love you’ he whispered and connected his lips with yours once again the moment you said the same words his hand wandering into your hair.  

Your father would be furious’ you breathed between kisses your hands now went down touching his chest and stomach until you reached his waist and pulled him closer.

Screw my father’ Draco responded quickly before biting your lower lip. Your kisses started getting more heated and faster, hands everywhere and breathy confessions  of your love for one another filled the chilly air.

This kind of secret relationship wasn’t easy. All you had was the Astronomy Tower which almost every midnight turned into your perfect world. And that was enough.

I didn’t mention why Lucius doesn’t like you. It could be everything from different house to blood status. Choose whatever you like :)

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