Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Kiehl’s, to me, is a luxury. I have heard so many magical things about their products, and friends who swear by their skincare, but haven’t taken the dive until now. Out of all of their products, their Midnight Recovery Concentrate is what lured me in, seemingly every beauty blogger’s favourite. At £49 (50ml), it’s the most I have ever spent on my skin. Although a possible investment, I have always been afraid of trying new things due to how sensitive and acne-prone my skin is. I did a lot of umm’ing and ahh’ing before being brave enough to head to my local Kiehl’s store and bag myself the supposed miracle oil. 

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate & Daily Reviving Concentrate Review

Kiehl’s has always been one of my most trusted skincare brands, I use the Ultra Facial Moisturiser daily as the moisturiser itself is quite emollient so my makeup tends to layer beautifully on top without creasing or sliding. The day and midnight facial oils have completely transformed my skin, using the two elixirs together have made a difference to my skin’s texture and tone.

Kiehl’s new Daily Reviving Concentrate is designed to be worn by day while the Midnight Recovery Concentrate is worn at night as you sleep. I tend to include facial oils in my day and night time skincare routine as they work wonders for my combination/sensitive skin.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate

The midnight night concentrate is a facial oil designed to help repair your skin as you sleep and deliver hydration throughout the night to help balance the skin. The product aims to replenish and restore your skin overnight, helping it to recover radiance by morning. Packed with ingredients such as primrose oil, squalane (oil extracted from olives), omega-6 fatty acids and essential oils. It has a beautiful lavender scent to it so it’s very relaxing, almost like a mini spa treatment every night for the face.

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Sorry it’s been such a long time since I have posted guys, I’ve recently just finished my last year at university, so I have been spending a lot of time revising and focusing on work. 

My skin has been trouble since I was in my early teens, with frequent breakouts and scarring from previous blemishes, oily patches, and just general redness, I found it so hard to get hold of products which actually work for my skin. However, I think this combination has definitely produced the best results! 

I was very reluctant to use the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, as it is basically a blend of essential oils which you apply to your skin using a pipette. Oil based products on oily skin = disaster, however my oiliness has been reduced, my skin feels brighter, softer, and the overall look of my skin has completely changed since I’ve started using this every night. Paired with the Midnight Recovery Eye cream by the same company, this pair is a power couple of the skin world. I often suffered from dark under eye circles, and no matter how much sleep I got the  night before, I would always wake up looking tired and run-down. But no more! The eye cream not only helps reduce fine lines, it reduces my dark circles, and replenishes the skin around my eyes. My eyes are visibly brighter by morning, and I could not wish for a better eye cream. 

Price wise, the pair can be bought from the Kiehl’s website, with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate at £36.00 and the Midnight Recovery Eye for £24.50. 

The products are slightly on the expensive side, however I always think it’s better to splurge on skin care, to know you are getting the best possible care for your skin. 

The holy-grail company of skin care at the moment is La Roche Posay, a french skin care company which can be found in Boots, Murray’s Pharmacy, and most online beauty stores. I originally had the Effaclar Duo +, and found small results. I decided after reading that the Effaclar K can help with uneven skin tone, uneven skin texture, blemishes and blocked pores, I decided this was better suited to my needs…and boy was I right!

I have been using this product since March of this year, and I have noticed such a difference in my skin. My red patches have been minimized, It has significantly reduced the length and severity of breakouts, and it has given me an overall clear complexion. I honestly could not recommend this product more if I tried. 

The RRP for this product is around £15.00, and you get 30ml.