So I guess since there are people who don’t seem to grasp this, but if you want to keep with game lore, there is a limit to the aesthetic and lifestyles you can give your characters in FFxiv. Many people take inspiration from real world things which would tie in well with their characters. There are several characters in the community who are dancers, pirates, Garleans, Ishgardian knights, fitgirls, femme fatales, Raen ninjas, fortune tellers, pastry chefs, devoted moms, performers, black+gold aesthetic, light flowy fairy aesthetic, Mideastern or Desi aesthetic- and I could probably think of way more if I wanted to. These are popular traits because they’re good traits. They’re cool and fun and people really enjoy playing and seeing them. Often times when people actively TRY to be 100% original it ends up over the top and ridiculous. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with ridiculous character concepts, but would you want to RP in a community where everyone is climbing over everyone else going out of their way to be completely original and different? Because then we’re just gonna have 2000s Gaia and I am not fond of this idea.

Having similar key traits does NOT mean anyone is copying from anyone else. Even if someone’s character did take inspiration from another, so what?

Personally I didn’t become active in this community until Nov-Dec of last year, but have had character concepts from the first year of ARR which, when I joined this community, I found other people had similar concepts. One of my main 3 characters has a similar backstory to a friend’s character and he and I didn’t even know each other until a good year and a half after I coined that character’s story.

We’ve had people in this community who have maliciously, deliberately copied characters trait-for-trait. Those cases are very rare, but very obvious, and not even close to just a minor, harmless case of characters having some common ground.

Personally, when I see a character with similar traits, it makes me really happy because it means someone else enjoys those traits and hey, maybe our characters could get along really well because just like in real life they have some kind of common grounds with which they can initiate a dialogue… You know, just like real life.

Now, I started typing the above post this morning after someone got a couple Anons accusing someone else’s character of being a clone. Tonight, after another person got an Anon accusing them of being a clone, a friend of mine made a post which is vaguely similar in some ways to the above. I mention this because it… really fucking emphasizes my point: total originality is a joke, and people often have similar ideas. That’s just how things work.

the asian-american community

racism is such a prominent issue. it’s everywhere. do you think it’s only the u.s. that has an issue with racism? no. i’m telling you, it’s everywhere. 


yes, black lives do matter. but can we bring up the asian-american community in the u.s.? because we get bashed for our weak, introverted, smart-ass stereotype and yet, we don’t say much about it. well, that’s not the case for everyone, but for a majority.

one thing i absolutely dislike about white people in usa is their ignorance. i’m not against all of you nor am i pointing at all you who fit under this category and respect cultures, but most who are indeed racist are (middle-aged/old &) very ignorant. do you think that the only asian culture out there is chinese? if you watch the news every day, wouldn’t you know the asian countries that are presented on the screen? seriously, watch your fucking mouth. 

i bet if some distinctly skin-toned person arrives in your super white-washed state, you’ll start giving them looks. okay, you can glance one time, but staring?? no, that is very disrespectful and very much unsettling to the other party. 

so in order to educate these ignorant folks, here’s a list of stereotypes that do not associate with every single one of us and that i have cleared up:

  • we don’t have a language called ching-chong
  • you only hear ching-chong? listen closely, you nut brains
  • “asians are good at math.” i’m telling you that not all of us is good at math. don’t go to some random asian classmate for your personal math help.
  • we are not all nerdy. study, study, study? that’s not the case for everyone. it’s what you would find in a typical, traditional asian family.
  • oh, so we don’t have social lives if we study all the time? we do. fuck off.
  • we all don’t listen to kpop. is that the only genre meant for us? no!
  • “asian women are portrayed as weak, especially in social media.” puh-lease. we are not all like that.
  • “if chinese is not the only asian culture, there’s also korean & japanese culture!!” honey, consider the brown asians too, especially from southeast asia and mideastern asia. also mongolians, and vietnamese people are other types of yellow asians. there’s filipinos, who are on islands far away, as well.
  • “i like asian women/men.” oh now, you’re being biased? who knows if you’ll get laid with them when you’re goddamn obsessed with their culture. they’ll see you as weird and disrespectful.
  • “all asians are so skinny.” no, they all aren’t. you want proof? google it. now, shut up.
  • “all asians have small eyes.” another hell no, there are a lot with big eyes.
  • “well, doesn’t that mean they had plastic surgery?” NO, THAT DOES NOT APPLY TO ALL OF US EITHER.
  • “omg i want to be asian, look at this kpop/anime!!!” not a stereotype, but this applies to a majority of younger white people who find japanese and korean cultures appealing. STOP IT. JUST ACCEPT YOUR RACE. DON’T TRY TO BE ANOTHER ETHNICITY BECAUSE YOU LIKE THEIR CULTURE. ITS RUDE.

what you can do:

  • if you want to know a person’s ethnicity, ask politely where are they from or what ethnicity they are, instead of “what sort of asian are you?” or “are you chinese?”
  • [note on “are you chinese?”— the MOST annoying question anyone can get. especially if you are a yellow asian who is not chinese. don’t assume ethnicities.]
  • simple respect is enough!!! if you start pointing stereotypes at asians, they lose their respect for you. just don’t.
  • treat us like normal human beings, thanks.

— sincerely, an asian american

And like, through all this, I do give props to people who pull off the “desert catte” (or whichever race) without engaging in blatant cultural insensitivity or who are actually cautious and use broader imagery like dunes, non-religious architecture, flowy clothing, and non-cultural gold jewelry. A+, ur doin fine sweeties.

Just that I’ve been in this community since late summer 2014- save for some hiatus’, and have seen a shocking degree of just… very very blatant mixing of Mideastern/South Asian sacred cultural things, the use of Desi matrimonial symbols by people I know aren’t South Asian, blatant eroticization of belly dance (a nuanced topic- not every belly dancer in the community falls under this), or using images of things that are part of Islam or Ramadan (including niqab) which is especially icky when used by the sex worker characters (for those who don’t know me, I’m very pro sex positivity but this is about linking sacred things to sex-my religion is not part of your fetishization of “exotic” culture).

One of my very first experiences in this community involved a call-out post of a non-Tumbl person in Ul’dah, for something entirely unrelated, and people just kinda… shrugged off the fact that he was playing a “shady sheikh” trope Dunesfolk while also saying that Muslims are filthy and should be wiped out.

Three years, at least, I have witnessed this stuff go unchecked and not called out. Yet, I have also witnessed people get Anon hate and be labeled “racist” over things that- speaking as a PoC myself- might be upsetting but aren’t worth the effort. People get upset over a parody of “my culture is not a costume” but where’s the same outrage over years and years of blatant orientalism and religious appropriation- aka people actually using cultures as a “costume”? Even well-known people in the community somehow have managed to avoid being held accountable like… it’s gross how deeply ingrained orientalism is in the west that people seemingly don’t even see these things and their real-world impact.

Yo girl is tired of myself and other Mideastern and N.African and South Asian women being treated like an “exotic fetish” for their race, tired of seeing the western eroticization of Raks dance cause Egyptian performers to be censored and lose work, tired of seeing Arab men get portrayed as shady and scheming and greedy, tired of seeing South Asians and minorities get lumped in with their oppressors, tired of seeing religious or ceremonial things get pulled out of their context and used in manners which are quite frankly highly insulting and discomforting, tired of our lands being portrayed as a haven of wonder and mystery for white people to just waltz right in and take our history to stick in their own museums. 

Your orientalism does have impact, it’s not “no big deal” just because you’re used to seeing it in multiple fantasy settings.

I’m Tia, a 17 y/o high school sophomore (yeah i messed up lol, don’t be like me, kids. stay focused.) I figured that I needed to improve my study game and stop procrastinating and develop better study habits, so I chose to make a studyblr.

About me:

- i live in the mideastern u.s

- I am an esfp

- co’20 (19 if lucky lmao)

- i’m obsessed with astrology, SAGITTARIUS POWER!

- I’ll be 18 on November 30th, how lit?

- I attended summer school for the first time EVER on July 5th until August 4th for Algebra 1 (10 credits) and Physics 9 (5 credits) it was embarrassing because I’d never had to go to summer school before, ever.

Things I Like:

- K-pop (EXO, Pristin, Monsta X, NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U, BTS, Cosmic Girls, Girls’ Generation, Miss A, Boyfriend, SEVENTEEN, NU’EST, Boys Republic, Gugudan, VIXX, Wonder Girls, and more.) I’ve been a k-pop fan for years and honestly, it’s been the best two years ever, man.

- LEARNING LANGUAGES. I’m in the process of learning Spanish and Korean. I grew up speaking Spanish pretty well, but I guess I grew out of it? And I’ve been *trying* to learn Korean, but each time IN THE PAST 2 YEARS, I become a language hoe and begin learning a different language- I need to stop.

- K-dramas. Yeah… My free time went into these. They are to blame for why my gpa is terrible, imo.

- Stationery. I love buying stationery, but I’m a little messy(?) and clumsy so I end up losing it or never getting it back from someone loaned something to. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. I always buy so much stationery every year only for teachers to say “oh you don’t need this” or “this isn’t necessary” or even the classic “why’d you buy that? didn’t the school send a list home?”

- BUBBLE TEA, FROZEN YOGURT… all i can say is yes. Buy me a Red Velvet bubble tea and I’ll love you forever. Froyo is just everything, yes. You can’t not like froyo.

- Art. I like reading, writing poems/short stories, essays, and all that. I want to take photography this year, graphic design or even intro to psychology (ok maybe Early Childhood Education too. I don’t even think I can switch that many classes)

Full Year Classes

- Geometry (5 credits)

- English 10 (5 credits)

- Chemistry (5 credits)

- U.S History 1 (5 credits)

- Spanish 1 (5 credits)

1st Semester Electives

- Physical Education 10 (2.5 credits)

- Theatre 2 (2.5 credits)

- Financial Literacy (Switching to Photography 1 or Graphic Design 1 if available) (2.5 credits)

2nd Semester Electives

- Health 10/Driver’s Education (2.5 credits)

- Criminal Justice (Switching to Psychology if available) (2.5 credits)

- Clothing 1 (2.5 credits)

Why ‘Soju-Studies’?

I honestly have no idea. I thought it sounded very cute, so I picked it… creativity was not flowing well, ok? Don’t come for me, it was a brain-fart!

Studyblrs I love a lot:

@studyblr @studyign @stuydies @studying-jedi @studying-hard @my-little-studyblr @hobifulstudies @mildlineurs @studydiaryofamedstudent @studyskylar @studywithinspo @tbhstudying @elkstudies @emmastudies @stillstudies @studywithinspo

anonymous asked:

@ white people :) if you don't like people posting stereotypes about your entire race online think about how all the black people you call thugs or mideastern people you call terrorists feel :)

all this blogs purpose for is to open eyes :) but well said anon