miscellaneous azarath headcanons cause y not

- i’ve been told Hebrew was possibly a large influence on azarath’s language, so because of this i figured many of the original azarathians were most likely from places like Israel and some other mideastern countries

- most of azarath’s architecture (in the show at least) is definitely asian-inspired, although i’m having difficulty pinpointing a specific country it reflects (if there is one). regardless though i still feel it’s ok to assume many of the original azarathians were also asian if ya’ll could help me out with this one that’d be nice ;v ;

- the more metropolitan aspects of azarath probably came later in it’s development. maybe idk man. it’s possible they also already had the advanced technology on azarath to make it look so advanced and futuristic early on but who knows? not me. i’m just guessing on this one

-  azarath is actually probably not that old. i’d put it’s origins somewhere around the 19th century. this is bc of the previous headcanon in that hebrew wasn’t renewed as a modern language until the 19th century. bc it’s such an influence on azarath’s language it doesn’t make much sense to make it older then that

- there’s maybe a 1,000 people on azarath. when ur stuck on a v small floating island the population kinda has to be p low (i’ll be honest i’m not entirely certain if this is canon already but).

- honestly azarath is probably one of the few examples of a monarchy that actually works. this is probably because azarath is controlled and strict as hell but like. not in a bad way? they’re pacifists so. but it’s also because it’s always been like that. azarath has probably hardly changed in the 200ish years it’s been around. 

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If ur not actually mideastern and shiite it's kinda weird like zog can do it because he's lebanarian or whatever

Then its kinda weird. And if you were wondering, @zog-agent​ is LebanAryan.

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@ white people :) if you don't like people posting stereotypes about your entire race online think about how all the black people you call thugs or mideastern people you call terrorists feel :)

all this blogs purpose for is to open eyes :) but well said anon